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The Centre of South Asian Studies archives contain rare materials covering a period of over 200 years, which include 600 written collections, 900 maps, 100,000 photographs, and 80 collections of cinéfilms. They comprise a unique collection covering all aspects of life in South Asia, painting a rich and textured picture of the British Raj and the early decades of post-colonial South Asia.

Mary Thatcher laid the foundation of the archive between 1968 and 1981. Her task was to create an archive of the British in South Asia, and she was specifically asked not to collect the papers of ‘anyone famous’ (these went to the British Library). As a result of her work, we gained approximately 500 collections of papers detailing the life and work of lesser-known figures, and this focus gives our collection a particular intimate sense of  lives lived during the Raj, and of the workings of the lower echelons of the colonial state and state-supported commercial enterprises.  Her successors, Dr Lionel Carter and Dr Kevin Greenbank, have since added over 100 further collections to the archives.

The archive attracts distinguished scholars from the world over, who often participate in the Centre’s research seminar and the intellectual life of the University. They represent a significant, and singular, asset to the Centre and the University, and the the community of scholars interested in the region, in Cambridge and beyond. Our archival expertise is now being deployed to build links, transfer skills and partner with emerging archives in India and Pakistan.

The archives are available whenever the Centre is open.

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A-Z Index

  • Abraham

    Papers of Major-General Sir William Ernest Victor Abraham. Served in Middle East, Burma, Tunisia; Comptroller-General of Military Economy, India 1945. Microfilm, 1939-45.
  • Alexander, E.B.

    Papers of Edward Bruce Alexander, Ceylon Civil Service. Acted as Governor 1925; Representative of Government of Ceylon on International Rubber Regulation Committee 1934-44.
  • Alexander, R.D.T.

  • Allan

    Papers of Mrs Jemmima Allan, wife of Alexander Allan (proprietor of Glenmore and Pillor Coffee Estates, Coonoor, South India). 1 Box, 1879-84, Xerox.
  • Allanson (3)

    Papers of H.L.L. Allanson, I.C.S. Magistrate and Settlement Officer, Bengal 1900-10; judicial positions in Bihar and Orissa 1912-28. 3 Boxes, 1900-1938.
  • Allgrove Papers (12)

    Papers of J.W. Allgrove. Rubber planter in Malaya from 1920; joined Thomas Barlow and Bros. 1931; imprisoned by the Japanese in Changi Gaol 1941; worked on Siam- Burma railway 1942-5; resumed working for Barlows 1946
  • Allsop

    Papers of Fred Allsop, Indian Forest Service. Deputy Conservator, Burma 1925; Professor of Forestry, University College, Rangoon 1933; Principal Forest Officer, Shan States 1946. 1 File, 1934-45.
  • Allum

    Papers relating to the life of Mrs Sarah Gostling; articles about hydro-electric power and the Great Ghat hydro-electric scheme. 1 file, 1889-1935.
  • Alpin

    Miscellaneous collection of books and engravings. India general, 1895 One book, two engravings, one painting
  • Anderson, D.M.

    Letter of appointment to peace negotiating role. Maratta, 1781
  • Anderson, F.G.H.

    Papers, photographs and glass slides of Mr F.G.H. Anderson (I.C.S.), Accountant General to the Maharajah of Ladakh, 1904-1907. Seven photograph albums, loose photographs, 1 file of papers, 1904-1937
  • Anderson, G.

    Sir George Anderson. Joined Indian Educational Service 1909 as Professor, Elphinstone College, Bombay; Director of Public Instruction, Punjab 1920-31; later Educational Commissioner with the Government of India. Draft memoirs. Microfilm, papers and photographs.
  • Anderson, G.H.

    Gordon Hay Anderson. Joined Indian Political Service 1902; held a variety of posts in Indian States; Special Assistant to Resident, Kashmir 1919; Resident, Jaipur 1924; retired 1928. Memoir: Pukhtuns and Princes. 22pp.
  • Anderson, J

    Served in Punjab as Assistant Commissioner, Settlement Officer, Deputy Commissioner, Sessions Judge, Legal Remembrancer, and Commissioner. Financial Commissioner, Punjab, 1941-1946. 1 box, 1918-1935. Also photographs
  • Anderson, J. and M.E.

    Papers of Joseph and Mary E. Anderson, Simla. Papers relate to the estate of Joseph Anderson and the financial, business and property affairs of his widow. Simla, 1848-1860. 1 box
  • Anderson, J.D.

    Papers relating to the death of J.D. Anderson, lecturer in Bengali 1 file, 1920-21
  • Anderson, Lady Jean

    Xerox copies of letters written home to her mother from India by Lady Anderson when touring with her husband who was Settlement Officer for Muzaffargarh District, Punjab. 1 file, 1921-23
  • Anglican Missions in India

    Responses to questionnaires about life in India submitted by Anglican nuns 1 file
  • Anonymous 1

    Extract from The Pioneer Mail and Indian Weekly News, 5 August 1910.
  • Anonymous 2

    Notes on Frontier Corps of Scouts and the Zhob Militia Microfilm, 1933-1968
  • Anonymous 3

    Aitchison College, Lahore. Prospectus 1967 (Air Mail Edition). 1 file, 1967
  • Anonymous 4

    Sundry World Bank papers on Bangladesh 1 file, 1981-1986
  • Anonymous 5

    Notes, papers and lists relating to the Royal Engineers 1 file, 1904-1939
  • Ansorge

    Papers of Sir Eric Cecil Ansorge, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Bengal 1911. Transferred to Bihar and Orissa 1912; Revenue Commissioner, Orissa 1938-42. 1 File, 1940-45.
  • Appleby

    Papers of William Appleby, soldier in Second Burma War, 1852, Two letters sent home from Prome during the war 1 file, 1852
  • Arbuthnot

    Major P.C. Arbuthnot, tea estate manager, Darjeeling 1920-1953. Also served in Indian Army in the Middle East, 1941-1945 Two memoirs, 1920-1953
  • Armitage

    Papers relating to Mr John Armitage, an administrator in Colombo until 1849. Letter berating the state of the civil service in Ceylon. 1 file, 1849
  • Arthur

    Papers of Allan James Vincent Arthur, I.C.S. Punjab 1937-47; Deputy Commissioner 1944. 4 Files, 1937-47. Also Memoir of a District Officer in the Punjab - 1938-47. 34pp.
  • Ashe

    Papers relating to the murder of Mr R.W.D'E. Ashe, Acting Collector and District Magistrate of Tinnevelly, 1911 1 box, 1911
  • Atkinson, W.B.

    William B. Atkinson. Arrived in Ceylon early 1930s as a tea planter; after 1945 was assistant in a mercantile agency; then successively manager of a shipping agency, a transport concern, and a bank; left Ceylon 1958. Memoir: 25 Years in Ceylon: Memories of Three Decades. 89pp.
  • Augier

    Papers of D.E. Augier, I.C.S Opium Department. Assorted TS publications, books and films. 1 box, 1857-1934. Also films and books

    Papers donated to the Centre by the British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA). Memoirs and accounts of the evacuation of Burma ahead of the Japanese invasion of 1942.
  • Bagnall

    Ruth Bagnall. Wife of a rubber planter in Sri Lanka 1946-49. Memoir: Serendipity or Three Happy Years in Ceylon by Ruth Randall (pseud.). 277p.
  • Baker

    Papers of Ernest Brian Hindley Baker, I.C.S. Bengal 1927-47; Joint Magistrate and Deputy Collector; Additional District Judge 1946. Microfilm.
  • Ballard

    Newspaper cutting from the Times of India; obituary note.
  • Banks

    Papers of R.A. Banks (formerly of I.C.I. Ltd). Toured Punjab, Bihar and Orissa 1929- 33 investigating manufacturing and investment possibilities. 2 microfilms, 1929-33.
  • Barbour

    Pamphlet explaining British policy in Afghanistan, 1880 1 file, 1880
  • Barclay

    Maps, photographs and 1 book N.W.F.P., 1919-1920
  • Barkeley-Smith

    Rupert Barkeley Smith. Joined I.C.S. 1908 and held posts in the United Provinces until 1916; with Indian Army in France 1917-18; returned to U.P. 1918-22 ending as District Magistrate, Agra. Memoir: Indians Told Me. 90pp, microfilm.
  • Barker

    Robert Barker. District Superintendent of Police, Yamethin, 1935; later A.C. Police Rangoon and D.G. Prisons, Burma. 1 file, 1935-1947
  • Barlow Family (104)

    Papers of Thomas Barlow and Bros., together with those of associated companies and correspondence of senior directors. Barlows were involved in the Malayan rubber industry. 106 Files, 1930-82, Restricted.
  • Barlow, H.A.N. (4)

    Papers of (Henry) Arthur Northey Barlow, I.C.S. Indian Political Service; Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner, United Provinces 1931; Political Agent and Deputy Commissioner, Quetta-Pishin 1946. 6 Boxes, 1929-1947.
  • Barnes, J.A.

    Mr J.A. Barnes. TS copies of lectures and working papers on economics, nutrition and agricultural labour and wages. 1 file, 1974-75.
  • Barnes, W.A. (9)

    Papers of William Alfred Barnes. Punjab Educational Service; Central Training College for Teachers, Lahore 1930-33; Inspector for Schools, Rawalpindi, Ambala and Jullundur 1933-36; Principal, Dharmsala Government College 1936-39; Government College, Lyallpur 1945-47. 10 Boxes, 1930-47.
  • Barrett

    Account of a Christmas stay as guests of H.H. the Nawab of Jaora, 1933. 1 file, 1933-34
  • Barry

    Papers of C.H. Barry. Mr Barry joined the Punjab Educational Service in 1932 and was Principal of Aitchison College, Lahore between 1933 and 1946. 1 Box, 1932-46.
  • Barton

    Mrs Ruth Barton. She was the wife of Brigadier V.G.J. Barton of the Rajputana Rifles; postings took them to Rajputana, Burma and Central India. Memoir: Random Recollections of a Memsahib in the Days of the British Raj in India. 84pp.
  • Barton, R.G.

    Papers collected and donated by Mr Richard (Dick) Barton for presentation on the website of the Jokai Tea Association, managed by Mr Barton. Documents relating to the history of the tea industry and the personalities working in it. 1 file, 1872-1955.
  • Battye

    Mrs Evelyn Desire Battye (née Hartford). Went to India 1939 and became Personal Assistant to Sir Denholme Fraser, Resident Kashmir; later married an Army Officer posted to Quetta and Roorkee; returned to U.K. 1944. Memoir: Miss-Sahib. 225pp.
  • Bayley, V.

    Mrs Viola Bayly. Wife of Vernon Thomas Bayley, an Indian Police Officer in the Frontier Constabulary 1934; Intelligence Bureau, New Delhi from 1937; Superintendent, Punjab CID 1942-46. Memoir: One Woman's Raj. 134pp, microfilm.
  • Bayly

    Professor Sir Christopher Bayly, Director of the Centre of South Asian Studies (2006-2012). Copy of a discussion about the constitution of Portugal, with reference to Portuguese territories in South Asia. 1 file, 1832
  • Baynes

    Dr B.M. Baynes. Assorted papers. One letter from agra under siege in 1857. Various publications 1941-1947.
  • Bell Family (2)

    Papers descriptive of family life and offical duties of forest officials in the Central Provinces, the Himalayas, the Maldive Islands and Ceylon [Sri Lanka]; academic and research papers. 2 boxes, 1916-1937
  • Bell, F.O.

    Frank Owen Bell, I.C.S. Joined service 1930 and held posts in Bengal; District Magistrate, Midnapore 1943 and Dacca 1944-47. Memoir: Record of Life in the Indian Civil Service 1930-47. 51pp.
  • Bell, J.M.G.

    Papers of John Michael Geoffrey Bell, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Bengal 1938; 1944 Magistrate and Collector. 4 Files, 1940-1958. Also: Autobiographical novel: Dragons in the Fairway with appendix on the Bengal Famine. 39pp 1 box, 1 microfilm, 1938-58.
  • Benthall (36)

    Papers of Sir Edward Charles Benthall. Governor, Imperial Bank of India 1928-30; Member, Bengal Legislative Assembly 1934-35; Governor-General's Executive Council, War Transport and Railways 1942-46. Also memoir: Reminiscences. 6pp. 36 Boxes, 1925-56.
  • Berners

    Donated by Lady Berners. Letters of Mrs Frances Janet Wells, the wife of an Army Surgeon, to her father Dr. Francis Ker Fox, describing the voyage to and from India and life in Barrackpore, Allahabad and Lucknow, 1853-1858. Microfilm
  • Betts, E.A.

    Mrs Esther Anne Betts. She was the daughter of Richardson Nicholson, Sub-Deputy Opium Agent, Suleempore, Gorruckpore District where she was present during events of 1857. Memoir: Reminiscences of the Indian Mutiny 1857. 9pp.
  • Betts, U.V.G. (3)

    Papers of Mrs Ursula V.G. Betts (Ursula Graham Bower). Anthropological material, diaries, notebooks etc. Assam 1938-48. Microfilm and 2 Boxes.
  • Bevan, K.W.

    Kenneth William Bevan. Went to Calcutta 1931, newly qualified, to work for firm of Chartered Accountants; returned to U.K. 1937. Memoirs: India and Work in India. 33pp.
  • Bevan, S.

    This collection has been moved to the Rice Papers, Box 3
  • Biden

    Papers of Mrs Harriott Biden, wife of Captain Christopher Biden, Marine Storekeeper, Madras 1839-1858. Microfilm, 1839-1858.
  • Biggie

    Papers of Patrick Biggie, Indian Police serving in the United Provinces 1941-44. 1 Box, 1941-44.
  • Bird (11)

    Papers of Mr Alan Bird. Collection of reports and official documents relating to flood alleviation and planning in Bangladesh, 1990s.
  • Birdwood

    Sir WIlliam R. Birdwood, Commander-in-Chief in India. Album of news cuttings taken on his retirement, 1930.
  • Birkmyre

    Sir Henry and Lady Birkmyre. Notes and scrapbooks relating to military action in late 19th century N.W.F.P.. Pictorial record of Hastings Air Base, Headquarters U.S.A.A.F. during World War II
  • Bishop

    Assorted journals, maps and magazines, 1887-1916. 16 photographs.
  • Blackton

    Seminar paper presented at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London, January 13 1976.
  • Blackwell

    Miss Leila Blackwell (Mrs L. Phillips). Visited friends at Gilgit 1929-30; trekked to Hunza and Nagar in April 1930. Memoir: A Year in the Gilgit Agency. 130pp.
  • Blackwood, G.F. (3)

    Papers of Major G.F. Blackwood who served in India 1857-1880. Cashmere, Looshai Hills and Afghanistan. 3 Boxes, 1835-1880.
  • Blood

    Lady Alison Blood. Commonplace book describing her life in Ceylon and the Windward Islands as the wife of a senior civil servant. Ceylon [Sri Lanka]. 1918-1931
  • Bogle

    Mrs Evelyn Dagmar Bogle. She was the wife of James M.L. Bogle, Chief Engineer of the Lucknow Improvement Trust 1920-28. Memoir: India in the 1920s. 10pp.
  • Boileau

    Papers of various members of the Boileau family who served with the army in India 1747-1857. 1 file, 1763-1857.
  • Bolt

    Donated by S.F. Bolt. TS copy of journal entry for 3.7.1945 regarding the feeding of whale flesh to Indian Troops. Memoir: 'Pseudo sahib'. Detailing his army career in India during the Second World War, and his membership of the Communist Party.
  • Bor

    Dr N.L. Bor, Director of Relief measures in Assam, 1944.
  • Borron (3)

    Papers of John Arthur Borron, MBE. Details of work in rubber and tea industries pre-1939; Second World War service; papers relating to work as British Information Officer in the High Commission in Madras [Chennai]; various writings on social and cultural phenomena. 3 boxes, 1927-1960.
  • Bose (2)

    Papers of Irene Mott Bose, wife of Vivian Bose, High Court Judge, Nagpur 1936. Also memoirs: Unwoven Carpet of Hindustan (c1926-74). 211pp. You Ask how my Life in India Began? 13pp. 2 Boxes, 1926-75.
  • Bourne/Broadbent (12)

    Papers of 1) Sir A.G. Bourne, Professor of Biology, Presidency College, Madras; 2) J.M. Bourne, a railway engineer in Madras Province 1903-1918. 3) H.M. Bourne, wife of J.M. Bourne. 4) M.W. Broadbent, daughter of the above.
  • Bowlby

    H.S. Bowlby. Successively: Office Assistant; Agent; Manager, Burma Fields; and General Manager, Burma of the Burmah Oil Co. Memoir: Random Reminiscences. B.O.C. 1919-40. 45pp.
  • Boyes

    Mrs Diana Boyes. Her father, G.H. Rothera, was in India between c1910 and 1939 and was a partner in Martin & Co., Calcutta. Memoir of her own and her parents' life in India. 3pp.
  • Brackenbury

    Paper on rural economics in India delivered by Sir C. Brackenbury, Oxford, 1940. 20pp.
  • Bradfield

    Lieutenant-General Sir Ernest William Charles Bradfield. Joined Indian Medical Service 1903; Professor of Surgery, Medical College, Madras 1924; officiating Surgeon-General, Bombay 1935; Director-General, I.M.S. 1937-39. Memoir: Unimportant Story. 90, xx pp.
  • Bradshaw

    Papers of A.F. Bradshaw, Assistant Surgeon, 2nd Battalion, Rifle Brigade 1857-59; served in Bengal, United Provinces, Punjab; later Staff-Surgeon to Commander-in- Chief, India. And of F.E. Bradshaw (his son). Served with Rifle Brigade in 1890s. Also on Punjab Commission. 1 file, 1857-59, 1890s.
  • Brander

    Papers of Laurence Brander. Worked in United Provinces during 1930s; served as B.B.C. Liaison Officer in Delhi in 1942; acted as General Manager of the Oxford University Press in Bombay in the first part of 1946. 1 Box, 1929-46.
  • Brayne

    Papers of Charles Valentine Brayne, Ceylon Civil Service. Agent E. Province 1920; Controller of Revenue 1927; Commissioner of Lands 1931-35. 1 Box, 1927-35.
  • Bremner

    Diaries of C.E.U. Bremner and papers embracing personal and official matters, Chitral and Waziristan. 1914-1927. Also two Pali palm leaf prayer books.
  • Brendon

    Patrick Brendon, I.C.S. Joined service 1937 and held posts in Punjab; Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon 1945-47. Memoir: Disaster in Gurgaon. 64pp.
  • Brown Family (9)

    A collection of letters and documents relating to the Brown family of Tiverton, Devon, most come from when the children were spread around the British Empire, and regularly wrote home with news and details of their lives. The four 'boys' also served in the First World War. UK, India general, Australia. 11 boxes, 1874-1939.
  • Browning

    Lt. Col. R.G. Browning. Responses to a questionnaire for Indian Army Officers.
  • Brownlie (5)

    Mr T.A.M. Brownlie, agricultural engineer and educator. Papers relating to agricultural inventions and patents; Punjab Agricultural College; Punjab Engineering Congress. 5 boxes, Punjab 1898-1936.
  • Bruno

    Diary from brief holiday trip to camp in Ledo, 1916. Now listed as Hawkins, A. Papers 16pp.
  • Burton

    Notes on Sir Geoffrey Burton's career in India

    Papers of the Cambridge University Project on Agrarian Change in Sri Lanka. Contains raw data sheets, data collection sheets, computer printouts of datasets, administrative papers of the project. 15 boxes, 1972-1980.
  • Cadell

    Letters about the suppression of uprisings in Cannanore and Seringapatam in 1837. Book outlining the history of the George Smith Bounty (Fordyce Academy).
  • Caldwell

    Papers of Dr K.S. Caldwell, relating to the Shabad riots of October 1917 and a murder trial at Patna High Court in 1930. 1 box, 1917-1930.
  • Cambridge Mission to Delhi

    Minute book of the Cambridge Mission to Delhi, 1930-42, historical brochure. 6pp.
  • Cameron

    Journal and letters of Robert Binning during a trip to Bombay, Calcutta and Moulmein made in 1842. Includes commentary on places visited and observation on people encountered.
  • Campbell/Metcalfe (10)

    Correspondence mostly between Georgina Campbell (née Metcalfe) and her fiancé, later husband, Edward Campbell. Also letters From Georgina Campbell to various family members. Delhi, 1848-1861. 2,339pp.
  • Canning

    Reports and books about the work of the Indian Forestry Service, Ranikhet, Uttar Pradesh. Also photographs. 1919-1962.
  • Cardew

    Diary extract about the Japanese invasion of Burma and the evacuation of refugees into India, 1942. Received by BACSA.
  • Carleston

    Papers of Hadden Hamilton Carleston, I.C.S. Collector and District Magistrate, Bangalore 1939. 1 File, 1931-47.
  • Carpenter

    TS: 'India my appointed place' by Norman Sargant. A biographiy of Mary Carpenter (1807-1877), who worked as an educational, prison and factory reformer. India general. 163pp.
  • Carter, M.O

    Malcolm Ogilvy Carter, I.C.S. Held posts in Bengal from 1921; Civil representative of Govt of Bengal with Eastern Army 1942-43. Memoir on political situation in war-time Bengal, the 1943 Famine and social life of Europeans. Bengal, 52pp.
  • Carter, W.H.

    Captain and Adjutant, 3rd Assam Rifles, Imphal. Reports of trial Emperor v. Saheruddi, 1922, Bengal. Letter home, 1919. Also books and ephemera. Bengal, Manipur, 1919-1922.
  • Cartwright

    Mrs P. Cartwright (nee Hutcheson). Her father was an officer of 3rd Brahmins and between 1910 and 1919 she lived in a number of homes in N. India and N.W. Frontier; returned to the Frontier 1928-32. Notes on Life in India. 10pp.
  • Cathcart

    Reports on East India Company exports, 1763-1771. Report for the Earl of Mornington about commerce in Burma, 1798.
  • Champion

    Papers of Lady Champion, wife of Sir Harry George Champion, Indian Forest Service 1925-29. 1 Box, 1925-39.
  • Chandavarkar (12)

    Papers of Dr Rajnarayan (Raj) S. Chandavarkar, Director of the Centre of South Asian Studies, 2001-2006. Papers relating to teaching in Cambridge and to research on mills, labour activism and police in Bombay [Mumbai], 1920s and 1930s. [Catalogued by Clio Greenbank]
  • Chapman, J.A. (8)

    Papers of John Alexander Chapman, Librarian, Imperial Library, Calcutta 1911-30. Includes memoir: A Poet in India. 172pp. Microfilm and 7 Boxes, 1905-56.
  • Chapman, Lady J.

    Lady Chapman's father (Captain H. Allcard) was employed as a Public Works engineer in Sind, Quetta and Meerut 1913-15; Lady Chapman visited her sister in W. India 1931-33. Memoir: British India Recollected. 45pp.
  • Chorley

    Papers of Baron Chorley of Kendal. Member of the Parliamentary Delegation to India 1946. 1 File, 1946.
  • Christison

    Papers of Alexander and Annie Christison. He joined the East India Company Medical Service 1849; Burmese War 1852; 1885 retired as Surgeon-General to become Principal of Agra Medical College. Microfilm, 1857.
  • Churcher

    Papers of Mrs Madeleine Amy Churcher. Wife of Captain Douglas Wilfred Churcher, 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers; 1902 Deputy Assistant Adjutant General at Colombo; 1904 visit to Naini Tal. 3 Volumes of Travel Diaries, 1904-05.
  • Clarke

    Edward Henry Scamander Clarke. Accompanied Afghan Boundary Commission to Herat frontier 1884-86; Assistant Secretary, Kabul Mission 1893; Foreign Department, Govt. of India 1894-1912. 1 Box, 1879-1912.
  • Close

    H.M. Close. Schoolmaster; posted to battalion of Bhopal Infantry 1941; fought in Cyprus, Middle East and Aegean; final phase on North West Frontier. Memoir: A Pathan Company. 190pp.
  • Clough

    Mrs Monica Clough. Her father (Eric Francis) was a tea planter from 1910 on the estates of James Finlay & Co. at High Range, Travancore. Memoir: A Childhood in Travancore 1922-31. 107pp.
  • Clow (4)

    Papers of Sir Andrew Clow, I.C.S. Posts in United Provinces 1914-19; Member, Viceroy's Executive Council 1939; Governor of Assam 1942-47. 3 Boxes, 1 Microfilm.
  • Cochrane (2)

    Papers of Mr Richard Cochrane detailing his time working for Macneill and Barry Ltd, Calcutta. The papers cover his early days in employment and living in Calcutta, straight out of university in the UK. Largely personal, there are also some business letters and documents regarding his work.  2 boxes, 1953-1958.
  • Coffey

    Various Acts of Government relating to forestry and wildlife. 1 file, 1879-1963
  • Coghill

    Papers of Major Kendal Coghill, 19th Hussars. Arrived in India 1851; served in Burma 1853-55; present at siege and capture of Delhi 1857. 1 Box, 1857-1861.
  • Collier

    Pamphlets relating to Sikhs and Kashmir in 1948. 1 file, 1948.
  • Collins, J.W.

    Papers of J.W. Collins, Manager of Jamirah Tea Estate, a division of the Jokai (Assam) Tea Co. Ltd. 2 Boxes, 1947-58.
  • Collins, T.C.

    Papers of Thomas Collins (1735-1830) consisting of extracts from letters received from people going to, or in, India. Typescript copies.
  • Cooper (4)

    Research by Randolph Cooper looking into the military, architecture and other topics in South-East Asia.
  • Corbett, J.

    J. Corbett, I.F.S. papers and memoir of life in India as an engineer and forestry officer. Includes family histories, descriptions of hunting and natural history. 1 file, 1850s-1955.
  • Corbett, S.

    Papers of Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart Corbett, 25th Regiment, Native Infantry, Bengal. Joined Army 1818; served in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, Penang. Divisional Commander, Benares 1862. 1 Box, 1820-25.
  • Corfield

    Sir Conrad Laurence Corfield, I.C.S. Joined service 1920; transferred to Indian Political Service 1925; Political Adviser to Crown Representative 1945-47. Memoir: The Princely India I Knew. 185pp.
  • Cowham

    A history of Christchurch, Kasauli (Punjab). I file, 1844-1944.
  • Cowley

    William Cowley, I.C.S. Joined service 1938, posted to the Punjab; Assistant Organiser, National War Front 1942. Memoir: Peacocks Calling: One Man's Experience of India 1939-1947. 180pp.
  • Cra'ster

    Colonel William R. Cra'ster. An officer of the Royal Artillery stationed in Meerut in 1857. Memoir: A Reminiscence of the Sepoy Mutiny Written 8 Years Afterwards. 12pp.
  • Cracknell

    Papers of Frederick Graham Cracknell, I.C.S. Magistrate and Collector, United Provinces 1932-44; Deputy Secretary, Government of India (Home) September 1944. 1 Box, 1932-39.
  • Crawford

    Papers of M. Crawford, Government Veterinary Surgeon, Ceylon 1931-33. 1 Box, 1900-52.
  • Crichton

    Colonel Walter Hugh Crichton, I.M.S. Joined in December 1924; Agency Surgeon, Siestan, 1930; Agency Surgeon, Kurram, 1933; Health Officer, Simla, 1934; Delhi 1936; Director of Public Health, Bihar 1945-47. 1 Box, 1929-84.
  • Crofton

    Lady Olive Crofton. Memoir detailing welfare work in Simla, Nagpur, Central India, Hyderabad, Bahawalpur. Speech by her husband about Swaraj. Notes on Opium Department. 1 file, 1 microfilm, 1925
  • Cromartie

    Letters, regimental orders etc. mostly relating to Major James Mackenzie and Lord Macleod, both of the 73rd Foot. 1 box, 1780-81.
  • Crombie, J.H.F.

    Letters from Frederick Forties, M.A., M.D., mainly to his sister and brother-in-law, during his journey from India to England 1837 and return by the overland route 1841. 1 file, 1837-1841
  • Crombie, P.

    TS copy of letter describing a voyage to Cochin, 1580; notes on inspection of Laccadives, Ameni and Minicoy islands, 1941. 1 box, 1580, 1941.
  • Crosfield

    Yoma Crosfield Ullman and Margaret Eileen Crosfield. Memoirs of the wife and daughter of a Burmah Oil Company executive. Memoir, 'A memoir of a childhood in India', 79pp. Memoir, Reminiscences of Margaret Eileen Crosfield', 75pp. 1 box, 1918-1949.
  • Cruikshank

    TS articles about travelling around India. Account of an inspection of a jail. Also description of a personal meeting with Gandhi. 1 box, 1928-1932.
  • Cumming

    Papers of Sir John Ghest Cumming, I.C.S. Member of Governor's Executive Council, Bengal 1918. 1 Box, 1897-1928.
  • Cummins

    Patrick Henry Cummins, I.M.S. Summary of service, reports and diaries of P.H. Cummins during service in N.W.F.P., Assam, Burma and Bengal. 1 box, 1925-1945
  • Currie, M.M.

    Collection of memoirs of families working for the IFS; social life, domestic scenes, forestry work and political situation described throughout. Chapters written by Mary Currie, Diana Currie, Cyril Hewetson, Archibald Hyndman Stein, Robin Drummond, Olivia Hammon, Arthur Hammond.
  • Curry (4)

    Papers of John Court Curry. Indian Police Service 1907-33; Deputy Commissioner, Bombay. Includes Memoirs of an Indian Policeman. 2 vols. 4 Boxes, 1907-33.
  • Dale

    Thomas Dale, superintendent of H.E.I.C warehouse, Madras. Letters home to his brother describing conditions in the town and disturbances. 1 file, 1807-1822.
  • Dalziel

    Report on the revision settlement of Orissa and an account of the District of Manbhum (Bihar). 1 box, 1922-1934
  • Danby

    E.C. Danby. Worked on an indigo estate in Bihar from 1898 until 1930s. Memoir: Life on an Indigo Estate in North Bihar. 3pp.
  • Darling, G.

    Dr George Darling (?1782-1862); physician; visited India before settling down in practice in London; married (1841) the sister of the chairman of the East India Company (George Lyall). 1 Box, 1808-48.
  • Darling, M.L. (70)

    Papers of Sir Malcolm Lyall Darling, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Punjab 1904; Tutor and Guardian to His Highness the Raja of Dewas 1907; Financial Commissioner, Punjab 1936. 67 Boxes, 1887-1960.
  • Dash (3)

    Sir Arthur Dash, I.C.S. Various posts in Bengal, 1910-1942; Chairman, Bengal Public Service Commission 1942-47 and Eastern Pakistan Commission 1947-51. Memoirs: A Bengal Diary 1910-51. 11 vols. 6 boxes, 1910-1951.
  • Datta

    Professor V.N. Datta. Correspondence received while researching a book on the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, 1919. Letters from Dr. P. Spear and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. 1 file, 1955-1999.
  • Davey

    Miss Dorothy Strutt (Mrs W.A.D. Davey). Staff Captain, War Office during Second World War; posted New Delhi 1944 where she worked with Brigadier Desmond Young on press releases. Brief memoir. 3pp.
  • Davis, D. (2)

    David Davis, subaltern, 17th Hampshire Regiment 1914-19; Indian Forest Service, United Provinces 1921-47; Instructor, Forest College, Dehra Dun 1930-33. 2 Boxes, 1915-47.
  • Davis, H.M.

    Dr H.M. Davis, sister of D. Davis. Account of her stay in India to visit her brother in Bahraich Forest Division, U.P. 1 file, 1927-28.
  • De Caro

    A menu from the Royal Over-Seas League Dinner, 17 May 1978, I.P.S Reunion. 1 file, 1978.
  • De Chazel

    Reverend J.R. De Chazal. Indian Police, 1937-47 serving in Madras, Delhi. Extracts and anecdotes not included in his book. 1 file, 1937-47.
  • De Wend

    Captain J. Douglas de Wend, 44th Regiment, Bengal 1825-35. Letters concerning the 44th Regiment during the retreat from Kabul in the lst Afghan War. Microfilm, 1825-35.
  • Dean

    Sir Arthur Dean, C.I.E., M.C., E.D. Reports of Improvement Trusts and conservation works. Taj Mahal, Agra; New Delhi; Central Provinces. 1 box, 1936-1949.
  • Dench

    Mrs M.O. Dench. She joined her husband in Malakand in 1918. He was in the Irrigation Branch, Punjab and served later in Lahore, Montgomery and Simla retiring in 1943. Memoir: Memsahib. 152pp.
  • Dennys

    Colonel W.A.B. Dennys. Joined 39th Bengal Infantry 1879; A.D.C. to Governor of Punjab 1884; Burmese War 1884-86; Adjutant, N.W.F.P. Volunteers 1892-97; Commander, 31st Punjabis 1903-08. Memoir: Some Reminiscences of my Life. 46pp, microfilm.
  • Derrick-Jehu & Somerset

    TS copy of Derrick-Jehu Journal Vol. VIII, MS being the diary of a 'Trek to Tibet' 18 October - 10 November 1947. Photographs and maps included. 1 box, 1947.
  • Dickson

    Manoharpur, by the Rev. G.W. Dickson. Extracts from the Rev. G.W. Dickson's Diary 1910-39. Duplicated T.S. 270 pp. indexed by chapters at end. Photographs. 1 box, 1910-37.
  • Dobbs (2)

    Papers of William Evelyn Joseph Dobbs, I.C.S. United Provinces 1904-31; Deputy Commissioner 1927. 2 Boxes, 1915-29.
  • Dolby

    The autobiography of William Simpson, R.I. (Crimean Simpson) edited by George Eyre-Todd. London, T. Fisher Unwin 1903. 1 box, 1823-99.
  • Donaldson

    Mrs Barbara Donaldson. Born in United Provinces c1910; married John Coote Donaldson, I.C.S. who served in U.P. 1920-46 and was Secretary to Governor 1937. Memoir: India Remembered. 8pp. 1 file, 1920-46.
  • Donovan

    Papers of John Thomas Donovan, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Bengal 1910; Magistrate and Collector 1925-33. 1 Box, 1927-31.
  • Doudney

    Article on Batticoloa, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in its early years as a British possession. Particular focus on the work of Wesleyan missionaries. 1 file.
  • Duncan, A.

    Papers of Alexander Duncan. Business Letter Book 1787-1800, Canton to Bengal and London. Microfilm.
  • Duncan, W.

    Papers of Walter Duncan. Founder of Playfair Duncan & Co., Calcutta 1859. Business letters and two letter books. Microfilm, Restricted.
  • Dunlop (India) Ltd.

    Memoirs of four expatriate members of the management staff of the Dunlop factory at Sahaganj, District Hooghly, West Bengal, covering the years 1936-1965. 1 box, 1936-65.
  • Dunn (2)

    Papers of Charles William Dunn, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner and Settlement Officer, Burma 1900; Financial Commissioner 1927. 2 Boxes, 1906-32.
  • Dunphy

    Scrapbook of photographs and extracts from Miss N. Dunphy's childhood. Father was Rev. V. Dunphy, a missionary in Ceylon and headmaster of the Boys' High School, Panchgani, Bombay Presidency 1921-26. 1 file, 1915-26.
  • Earle

    MS description of a primitive forge in Rewa State, 1922-23. (Note appended by A.J.N. Richards 3 February 1968 on similar bellows used in Borneo). 1 file, 1922-23.
  • Eastwood

    The Agricultural Map of Ceylon in four sections. 1 file, 1927.
  • Edgerley (11)

  • Edington

    Articles of War, alterations to the Mutiny Act of 1811 and General Orders relating to Native Courts Martial. 1 file, 1807-1813.
  • Edmonds

    F.F.C. Edmonds. Inspector of Schools, Coorg and Bangalore 1930; Secretary, Federal Public Service Commission 1940; Inter-Provincial Board for Anglo-Indian and European Education; Chief Inspector of Anglo-Indian and European schools. 1 box, 1930-38.
  • Edmonstone

    Neil Benjamin Edmonstone. Writer, East India Company, 1783; Persian translator to Government, 1798; translated and published Tipu's secret documents; Chief Secretary to Government, 1809; Supreme Council at Calcutta 1812-17. Personal narrative of his Indian career. 58pp. 1 File, 1783-1840.
  • Ellinwood

    Article prepared for a panel on 'The Military and Society in Early Twentieth Century Asia'; Association for Asian Studies annual meeting, Boston, 2 April 1974. 1 file, 1974.
  • Ellis

    Papers of Eileen Ellis, wife of Robert Hawkes Ellis, I.C.S., Madras 1903-1928. 1 File, 1920-23.
  • Engledow (2)

    Papers of Sir Frank Engledow, Drapers Professor of Agriculture, Cambridge University 1930-57; Chairman of Commissions of Enquiry of Indian Tea Association 1935-6 and 1953-4. 2 Boxes, 1935-57.
  • Erskine (2)

    Papers of Major Walter Erskine. Joined 73rd Regiment, Bengal Native Infantry 1829; Commissioner, Jubbulpore Division 1857-60. Includes Memoir (written 1844). 139pp 2 Microfilms, 1841-70.
  • Erskine-Crum

    Eclectic collection of newspaper and magazine articles given by Lady Erskin-Crum. 1 box, 1930-39.
  • Evans, D.E.

    Papers of David Edward Evans. Assistant Engineer, Royal Indian Marine, 1885 during Third Burma War; worked for Ralli Brothers in Eastern India 1889-1931, Chief Engineer from 1911. 1 Box, 1885-1931.
  • Evans, J.G.W.

    Papers of J.G.W. Evans who was killed leading his patrol of LHO Levies on an assault on two machine gun posts in the vicinity of Mongpawk, Kengtung State, Burma. 1 box, 1942.
  • Ewing

    Interview notes and answers to a questionnaire sent out by Miss Ewing, for her thesis written in 1978 entitled, "Survey of former officers of the Indian Civil Service between 1919-1935." 1 box, 1919-1954. Also recordings.
  • Fairweather

    J. Fairweather, I.M.D., Surgeon-General. TS copy of a memoir of the 1857 uprising, 'Through the Mutiny with the 4th Punjab Infantry'. 1 file, 1857.
  • Farmer (9)

    Papers of Bertram Hughes Farmer. Lecturer in Geography, Cambridge University 1952; Reader 1967-83; Director, Centre of South Asian Studies 1964-83. 9 Boxes, 1925-79.
  • Farrington

    Conor Farrington. Member of a small theatrical company which toured India 1953-54. Memoir: A Strolling Player in India. 89pp. 1 box, 1953-54.
  • Ferguson

    Papers of William Ferguson. Diary of a voyage to the Cape, Mocha, India and China, June 1731-July 1739. 1 Box, Xerox, 1731-39.
  • Ferrar, E

    Miss E. Ferrar. TS memoir of work with the Dublin University Mission (U.S.P.G.) at Hazaribagh, Bihar and Orissa, in the Diocese of Chota Nagpur. 7pp. 1 file, 1939-66.
  • Ferrar, M.L.

    I. Papers of Michael Lloyd Ferrar, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Bengal 1863; Commissioner, Oudh 1889. 1861-99. II. Papers of Michael Lloyd Ferrar (son of above). Chief Commissioner, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1923. 1913-40.
  • Finney

    Papers of Philip E.S. Finney, Indian Police Service. Assistant Superintendent, Bengal 1924; Deputy Director, Intelligence Bureau, 1946. Includes memoir: Just my Luck or Reminiscences. 166p, xerox. 1 box, 1924-47.
  • Fleming (5)

    Collection of memoir extracts gathered by Laurence Fleming during the process of writing his two-volume work Last children of the Raj. Extracts detail the lives of contributors growing up in British India in the form of short memoirs. This collection includes some not used in the final work.
  • Forbes

    Typewritten copies of letters from John Forbes of Bombay, his brother Rev. George Forbes and his son Charles Forbes (later Sir Charles Forbes), as well as a few others, together with notes, covering the years 1786-1811. Surat, Bombay, Madras. 1 file, 1786-1811.
  • Ford

    Papers of John Ford. Senior Reader in the Government Press, Allahabad 1870. 1 Box, 1870-1903.
  • Forsyth, Capt. J.

    Captain James Forsyth, Bengal Staff Corps and later Indian Forestry Service. Memoir written by his father detailing hunting trips, inventions and his publications about forestry. Central Provinces, 8pp.. 1876.
  • Forsythe

    Major J.A. Forsythe. Brief history of 'Eagle troop' (N Battery). Also William Forsythe, papers relating to coffee and tea planting in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) from 1877. 1 box, 1877-1933.
  • Fortescue-Brickdale

    Papers of Lieutenant John Fortescue-Brickdale, 61st Gloucestershire Regiment; served in Bengal and United Provinces 1845-1846. 1 Box, 1845-46.
  • Foster

    I. Papers of W.S. Foster, Madras C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector 1861; Collector, Magistrate and Political Agent, Godavari 1875. II. Papers of C.W. Foster, India Police Department, NWFP 1905-1922. Includes memoir: My Years in the Indian Police 1905-20. 44pp. 1 box, 1860-1947.
  • Frampton

    Papers of Henry James Frampton, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, U.P. 1921; Deputy Secretary, Government of U.P. 1932-36; Deputy Secretary, Home Department, Government of India 1938-45; Chief Secretary, Government of U.P. 1945-47. 1 Box, 1929-46.
  • Franklin

    Roger Warwick Franklin. Served in Indian Police, Burma 1920-32. Memoir: A Burma Bobby. 188pp. 1 microfilm, 1930-32.
  • Fraser, E

    Lecture on the first Anglo-Burmese War by W.S. Desai. 1 File.
  • Freeland

    Papers of Major-General Sir Henry F.E. Freeland. Freeland went to India in 1893 and was an engineer employed on military works services; served in Chittral Campaign, 1895. Microfilm, 1895.
  • Frost (2)

    Papers of Miss Thelma Frost relating to Choudhary Rahmat Ali (1897-1951). Miss Frost was Mr Rahmat Ali's Secretary. Most of Mr Rahmat Ali's working life was spent in the U.K. 2 Boxes.
  • Fyfe

    TS 'A railway history of Burma'; assorted papers and articles relating to the history of the railway in Burma. 1 box.
  • Fyson

    Mrs Marjory Fyson. Daughter of Hugh Fyson, an I.C.S. Officer posted to the Punjab. She was in India between 1910 - 18 and 1927 - 29. Memoir: Lucky Child. 30pp. 1 file, 1910-1929.
  • Gallagher

    History of the Methodist Church in Hyderabad; Xerox TS copy of a sermon preached by the Rev. H. Sumitra on Independence Day, 15 August 1947. 1 file, 1947.
  • Gallwey

    Papers of Major-General Gallwey of the British Army Medical Department. Surgeon with various regiments in Peshawar and Afghanistan during the Afghan War of 1878- 80. Xerox copies. 1 File, 1876-1880.
  • Gardner

    Papers of Colonel William Linnaeus Gardner (Gardner's Horse, India 1815-18). In India from 1796 and fought in Maratha Wars. Typescript copies. 1 File, 1815-18.
  • Garrett

    Lt.-Col. P.C. Garrett. Papers relating to army career which ended with him being Commander of the Zhob Militia after a spell in the British Indian Army and the Waziristan Scouts. Includes papers on frontier forces. 1 box, 1933-50.
  • George

    Miscellaneous papers, reports on Malaysia and Indonesia given by H. George, Esq. Includes 'The Achenese' by Dr C. Snouck Hurgronje, 2 vols. 1 box.
  • Georgeson

    William Wares Georgeson, I.C.S. Served in Madras from 1930; District and Sessional Judge from 1943. Memoir: Reminiscences. 23pp. 1 file, 1930-46.
  • Ghosh (4)

    Rai Sahib Ashutosh Ghosh, Department of Posts and Telegraphs. Financial papers and notebooks relating to personal finances throughout his whole life. 4 boxes, 1907-66
  • Ghoshal

    Mrs H. Ghoshal. She married, 1940, Umesh Kumar Ghoshal, an I.C.S. officer serving in Bengal who was posted to Calcutta in last years of the Raj. Memoir: The Memsahib I Could Never Be. 9pp. 1 file, 1940-47.
  • Gibbon

    Papers of James Gibbon, Royal Artillery. United Provinces, Madras, Calcutta, Mysore, Berar. Letters to his mother and brother. 1 box, 1857-1909.
  • Gibbs

    A short history of All Saints' Cathedral, Allahabad, with the teaching of its various parts, by the Rev. A. G. Davies-Leigh. 1 file, 1929.
  • Gibson

    J.T.M. Gibson, Master Doon School; Headmaster Mayo College. TS of autobiography: 'As I Saw It' (1977) which consists largely of his letters home, first to his parents and latterly to his sister, from 1937 until he retired in 1969. 1 box, 1937-69.
  • Gidney

    Sir Claude and Lady Gidney. Hyderabad, Deccan. Details of charitable work and farewell notices. Also photographs and films. 1 file, 1930-41.
  • Gill

    Manohar Singh Gill. Papers from Mr Gill's research while in Cambridge, investigating agricultural cooperatives in the Punjab in the 1960s and '70s. 1 box, 1960-1979.
  • Gimson

    Notes on the war in Manipur, early history and background; the bombing of Imphal; civilian relations with the army; economics, Assam relief measures, etc.. 1 file, 1940-43.
  • Gladstone

    Papers of John McAdam Gladstone. Indigo planter in Pupri and Tirhurt, Bihar. 1 box, 1827-1835.
  • Glasfurd

    Papers of Charles Lamont Robertson Glasfurd. Assistant Commissioner, Nagpur 1860. 1 Box, 1860-1868.
  • Goadby (2)

    Papers of Frank Reginald Lindsay Goadby. Served in India; 1920 in Royal Engineers. Transferred to 1st Battalion Rajputana Rifles 1933. 2 Boxes, 1924-1948.
  • Goddard, L.J.

    St. Paul's school service book. Darjeeling, 1960. Printed by the Baptist Mission Press, Calcutta. 1 file, 1960.
  • Goddard, Maj. J.

    Major John Goddard. Papers, reports and intelligence from the 3rd Afghan War 1919. 1 Box.
  • Godfrey-Faussett

    Papers of Reverend Peter Godfrey-Faussett. Ceylon Forest Department 1923-40. Microfilm, 1923-40.
  • Goodman (6)

    R.T. Wynne Goodman, Executive Engineer, Discharge Division, Lahore. Papers, diagrams, figures and charts relating to the building of the Mandi Dam. 6 boxes, 1908-42.
  • Gopalswami

    Ramaswami Ayyangar Gopalaswami, I.C.S. Joined Service 1927 and held posts in Madras; Secretary, National Defence Council 1941; Secretary Govt of India, Agricultural Department 1945. Memoir: Administration in India. 48pp. 1 file, 1927-63
  • Gordon, D.E.

    Sir Archibald Douglas Gordon. Served in Indian Police in Bengal between 1907 and 1946; Officiating Commissioner of Police, Calcutta 1935. Notes and reflections. 140pp.
  • Gore-Lindsay

    Papers of Captain Henry Gore Lindsay, 3rd Battalion Bath Rifle Brigade; Lucknow 1858-59. 1 Envelope.
  • Goudge

    Final Report on the Assessment of the Almora District and the Hill Pattis of the Naini Tal District 1 file, 1903.
  • Gradidge

    Memoir, 'The last of the Raj Memsahibs: memoirs 1929 to 1945'. An account of the childhood and married life of an army wife, mostly based in Punjab and NWFP. 1 file, 1914-1945.
  • Graham

    Papers of Thomas Graham, Ship's Captain. Trading with India 1796-1798. 1 Box.
  • Grant, J.L.

    Government of Bombay, Public Works Department. Completion report of the Lloyd Barrage and Canals Construction Scheme. Sind, 1923-33. 1 file, 1923-33.
  • Grant, L.E.L.

    Mrs Lucy Elinor Lyall Grant, nee Hardy. Visited relatives in Umballa and Simla 1900; married William Grant, Second Officer, Kashmir Mountain Artillery 1904; returned to Gilgit, India 1906-09. Unfinished memoir. 12pp. 1 box, 1900-09.
  • Granville-Bantock (2)

    J.R. Granville Bantock. Series of maps and facsimiles of maps of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Maps from early 1900s in Box 1. Box 2 contains copies of maps form 1640, 1732 and c,1749. 2 boxes, 1640-1925.
  • Gray

    TS: 'The story of our escape from Delhi' - accounts by George Wagentreiber and Miss Haldane, by Miss Wagentreiber. Selection of more modern, retrospective articles. 1 box, 1857-1980.
  • Green

    Papers relating the opening of India House, Aldwych: details of the opening night and of arrangements for a private visit by King George V. 1 file, 1930-32.
  • Green, J.J.

    A small collection of papers from a household in Bombay [Mumbai], c.1890-1910. Includes family account books, books of medical advice, papers of the Indo-British Institution. 1 box, c.1890-1910.
  • Greenhill-Gardyne

    Papers of Captain A.D. Greenhill-Gardyne. Served in Gordon Highlanders; in India 1895-6 and 1909-10; visited Gilgit 1910. Microfilm, 1895-6, 1909-11.
  • Greening

    The Daily Gazette, Monday 22 August 1927, pp. 5 and 6. Article on Flood Relief in Sind; report of a meeting called by W.F. Hudson, I.C.S., Commissioner, in Karachi to consider relief. 1 file, 1927.
  • Greenwell

    Xerox copy of 'A subaltern's life in Madras'. by W.T.D. Illustrated. 1865. 1 file, 1865.
  • Grimshaw

    Papers of R.W.W. Grimshaw. Captain, the Poona Horse. 1 File, 1914-15.
  • Grove

    Major-General Henry Leslie Grove. Joined 45th Regiment, Native Infantry Madras 1847; Public Works Dept. 1851; Magistrate, Chicacole 1862; Superintendent, Army Schools, Bangalore 1865; retired 1879. Autobiography. 75pp. 1 box, 1829-1888.
  • Gunn (2)

    Papers of W.A. Gunn. In Burma 1923-25 where he was with T.D. Finlay and Co. working in the teak forests. Papers relating to the Chong Kumdun Dam and the Shook flood; Indus river dispute. Manuscript diary, 1923-25; government reports, 1929, 1950s. Also photographs. 2 boxes, 1923-29. 1950s.
  • Guthrie

    Col. A. Guthrie, R.E. Papers relating to the Mandi, Uhl, and Sutlej hydro-electric projects. 1 box, 1921-31.
  • Guyon

    Lieutenant Colonel J.M. Guyon. Joined Bengal Sappers and Miners at Roorkee in 1934; served in Quetta, Baluchistan and Calcutta; returned to U.K. 1944. Memoir: Recollections of the Raj. 10pp. 1 file, 1934-44.
  • Gwynn (5)

    1. John Tudor Gwynn, I.C.S. official, Madras, 1905-1922. 2. (John) Peter Lucas Gwynn. Joined I.C.S. in 1939 and held posts in Madras. He stayed on in the I.A.S. after independence in Madras and Andhra Pradesh, retired 1967. Memoir. Microfilm, 4 boxes, 1939-67.
  • Haig (2)

    (1) Lady V.M. Haig, wife of Sir Harry Haig, I.C.S. United Provinces from 1905; Acting Private Secretary to Viceroy 1925; Home Member 1932; Governor of U.P. 1934-39. Notes and recollections. 10pp. (2) Geoffrey Alexander Haig, I.C.S. Served in U.P. from 1931; Secretary, U.P. Dept. of Food and Civil Supplies 1946. Note: The First Compulsory Grain Procurement Exercise in the U.P. 7pp. 3 boxes, 1905-46.
  • Hailes (2)

    Journal of an officer describing service in Mesopotamia 1914-19, then in India 1920 - frontier duty etc., with an account of the army life in India and the role it played in the administration. 1 file, 1 microfilm, 1914-40.
  • Hall, Capt. G.F.

    Autobiography entitled 'All in the day's work', description of service in Public Works Department mainly Bihar and Orissa. 1 box 1911-47.
  • Hall, M.

    Mrs Margery Hall, the wife of an Indian Army officer seconded to the Indian Political Service whose duties took him to Simla, U.P., Bombay, Delhi and N.W.F.P. between 1938 and 1945. Between 1946 and 1962 he held posts in Sabah and Sarawak. TS memoirs: And the Nights were More Terrible than the Days. Memoir on E. Malaysia: Brief Encounters in a Land of Sea and Sun. 1 box, 1938-62.
  • Halland

    Colonel Gordon Herbert Ramsay Halland. Indian Police Service, Punjab, 1909; Principal, Police Training School, Phillour 1921-26; Head of Delhi Police Force 1930-31. Memoir: Punjab Patrol - Some Memories of an Indian Police Officer. 409pp. 1 box, 1909-31.
  • Hannay

    Margaret Campbell Hanney. Accompanied her husband (an Infantry Officer) on a march from Mysopoorie to Mhow (United Provinces) January-March 1829; ran a school at Suduja, Upper Assam 1839. 1 Box, 1829-1839.
  • Hardy, D.P. (2)

    Papers of Donald Peveril Hardy, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, United Provinces 1935; Assistant Commissioner, U.P. November 1937. 2 Boxes, 1933-41.
  • Hardy, R.

    The Nagpur Diocesan Magazine: a quarterly record of Church work. Vols. XLV - LVI. January 1937-October 1947. In four volumes. 1 box, 1937-47
  • Hardy, S.A.

    Colonel S.A. Hardy. Bengal Native Infantry and Artillery, 1857; Assistant Adjutant-General to Rajpootana Field Force 1857-58; regimental duty with 21st Hussars 1861-69; Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel 1869 and honorary Colonel on retirement in 1870. Transcripts of letters from Colonel Hardy to his wife in England, April-June 1863. 1 box, 1863
  • Hare

    Major-General J.F. Hare. Joined British Army in 1854 as 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Battalion 60th Royal Rifles; sent to India and took part in Seige of Delhi 1857; later postings in various stations in N. India until his return to England in 1860. Memoir: Early Life in India. 44pp. 1 file, 1854-72.
  • Hasan, Manishir

    Pages on Kashmir from the Encyclopaedia of Islam. 1 file, n.d.
  • Hasan, Masuma

    Various maps of Punjab relating to the decision regarding Partition. Maps submitted by Congress and the Muslim League. 1 box.
  • Hawkes

    Mrs Mirabel Hawkes. Grew up in Ceylon; married 1934 a tea planter until 1939, who died 1944; married 1945 James Hawkes Gordon Frasers Agency House in Colombo and on various estates; left Ceylon c1956. Memoir: Pearls, Palms and Riots. 85pp. 1 box.
  • Hawkins, A.

    Arthur Hawkins, Assam Railways. Short diary of a survey trip for oil near Ledo. Mostly concerns fishing and shooting expeditions. 1 file, 1916.
  • Hawkins, R.E.

    Letters, articles and newspapers relating to the work of Congress. Includes a letter from Mira Behn, reports of political meetings, issues of The Masses, for which Mr Hawkins wrote. 1 box, 1930-33.
  • Heaney (7)

    Brigadier George Frederick Heaney, Royal Engineers. Assistant Superintendent, Survey of India 1921; Officiating Superintendent 1929-41; Surveyor- General of India 1946-51. Includes memoir: The Winding Trail. 342pp. 8 Boxes, 1921-58.
  • Hedley

    A collection of letters from R. Puspam, the family Ayah, to the Leigh family after they left India regarding the work they did with Lindon and others 1945-1955; papers from the Indian Red Cross and R.C. Leigh from 1941-1942. Donated by Mrs E.M. Hedley (née Leigh)
  • Hellier

    Papers of Agatha S. Hellier. Missionary with the Methodist Missionary Society 1923-51 in Madras. 3 Boxes, 1923-51.
  • Henniker

    Booklet entitled Maotam in Lushai by F.C. Henniker, Formerly Superintendent, Lushai Hills. (Notes compiled in June 1912). Concerns life-cycle of bamboos in Lushai Hills. 1 file, 1912.
  • Herbert

    'Narrative of events connected with the defence of Attok in 1848-49', by Lt. Col. C. Herbert, Bengal Staff Corps. Calcutta. 1 file, 1848-49.
  • Heron

    Unpublished material on the geology of Iraq and Kurdistan by A.M. Heron and G.M. Lees. 1 file, n.d.
  • Herring

    Personal log of a voyage between Calcutta and Ceylon, 1849-50, in the sailing ship 'Centaur' by Jane Penelope Herring, wife of the Master, Anthony Herring. 1 file, 1849-50.
  • Hicks

    Roger O. Hicks. Lecturer in History, Madras University; worked for Moral Re-armament; knew Gandhi from 1931 and stayed with him several times 1940-41; also talked with other Indian leaders. 1 file, 1931-41
  • Higginbotham

    P.B. Higginbotham. TS diary of a march from Sumprabum to Ledo, 1942. Also memoir of escape from Burma over the Dharubhum Pass, 36pp. 1 file, 1942.
  • Hobbins

    Programme of inauguration of Ceylon House. Reception by the Trade Commissioner and Mrs. P.E. Pieris at the Waldorf Hotel, 15 July 1935 1 file, 1935.
  • Hodge

    John Douglas Vere Hodge, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Bengal 1912; Magistrate and Collector 1929; Secretary to Government, Bengal Agriculture and Industry Departments 1934. 1 Box, 1917-1930.
  • Hodson (2)

    Papers of Robert Vivian Eric Hodson, I.P.S. Personal Assistant to the Governor, North-West Frontier Province 1939; Assistant Commissioner Kohat 1941. 2 Boxes, 1940-41.
  • Holdich

    1. Colonel Sir Thomas Hungerford Holdich. Survey of India; in India 1865-1900; Afghanistan Field Force 1879; Superintendent, Frontier Surveys 1892-98. Memoir: Life Story. 92pp. 2. Major N. Holdich. Stationed in Poona 1934-39; served in Indian Army, Lucknow 1939-40. Memoir (extract). 8pp. 1 file, 1843-1940.
  • Holland, E.W.

    Edgar William Holland, I.C.S. Joined 1923; Secretary, Bengal Public Health Department 1943; Commissioner, Dacca Division 1945; Chairman, Calcutta Improvement Trust 1947. Memoirs: (1) Terrorism in Bengal, 1930-35: a Personal Reminiscence. (2) Bengal: the last Twenty Five Years of British Rule. 1,662pp. 1 box, 1923-1947.
  • Holland, R.E.

    'The Indian states', by Sir Robert E. Holland: draft chapters TS, bound in two volumes. 1 box, 1911-31.
  • Holman

    Mrs Flora Holman, (nee Campbell). Her father was an officer c.1840-60 serving in Oudh, Rajputana and N.W. Frontier. Memoir: True Story of Indian Life in the Days of the John Company. 16pp. 1 file, 1840.
  • Hope

    Robin Cyprian Hope, I.C.S. Joined 1938; Sub-Collector and Joint Magistrate Madras 1941; 1947 joined a firm of solicitors, Coward, Chance and Co as an articled clerk. Assisted Sir Walter Monckton in connection with the Nizam of Hyderabad's legal actions following the Indian take-over of Hyderabad in 1948. 1 Box, 1939-95.
  • Howe

    Wartime diary of William 'Bill' Howe, M.C. detailing his evacuation from Burma [Myanmar] ahead of the Japanese invasion of 1942. 1 file, 1942
  • Hubback

    Sir John Austen Hubback, I.C.S. Bengal 1902; transferred to Bihar and Orissa 1912; Director, Land Records and Surveys, B. & O. 1923; Officiating Member, Board of Revenue 1932; Governor of Orissa 1936-41; Adviser to Secretary of State 1942-47. Memoir: The Closing Years of the British Raj. 348pp. 1 box, 1902-47.
  • Hudson, E.J.B. (7)

    E.J.B. Hudson, Indian Posts and Telegraphs. Books, journals, diaries, notebooks, technical drawings and photographs relating to his training for Posts and Telegraphs at Coopers Hill, and his work in India and Burma. 10 boxes, 1899-1911.
  • Hudson, H.B.

    Colonel H.B. Hudson, Indian Army. Indian Army from the 1930s until independence. He travelled widely; spent one year in Tibet; and made three survey journeys for the Himalaya Route Books. Memoir: A Backward Glance. 350pp. 1 File, 1910-83.
  • Hughes

    1. Thomas Lewis Hughes, I.C.S. Burma 1923-1939; re-employed 1942-46 as Private Secretary to Governor of Burma. Memoir (extract): Some Personal Recollections of Burma 1941/47. 53pp. (2) Mrs Nell Hughes. Wife of T.L. Hughes. Memoir: No Business in Camp. 236pp. 1 box, 1941-47.
  • Hume (10)

    Papers of: I. Colonel A.H.B. Hume, Royal Engineers. II. Andrew Parke Hume, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, United Provinces 1929; Chairman, Delhi Improvement Trust 1937. 10 Boxes, 1888-1957.
  • Hunt, G.H.

    Booklets and pamphlets relating to the Uhl River Hydro-Electric Project and the Mandi Hydro-Electric Scheme. 1 box, 1929-1931.
  • Hunt, R.C.C.

    Roland Charles Colin Hunt, I.C.S. Joined service 1938 and posted to Madras; Joint Secretary, Board of Revenue, Civil Supplies 1946. Memoir: Innocents in India. 95pp. 1 file, 1938-46.
  • Hunter

    Small collection of ephemera - dinner cards, school booklets, magazine extracts etc. 1 file, 1922-37.
  • Hunter-Blair

    Sir James Hunter Blair. Joined Coutts, Bankers, in Edinburgh 1756. MP for Edinburgh 1781. Miscellaneous family and business letters received by him from relatives and friends with the army and East India Co. in Bengal etc. 1 Box, 1761-84.
  • Hutchings

    Report on civil evacuation of Burma; TS report on the evacuation from Burma ahead of the Japanese advance in June 1942. 1 box, 1 microfilm, 1942.
  • Hutchinson

    Sir Joseph Hutchinson, C.M.G. Diary notes of his Retirement Safari 1969-70: A daily account of his lecture tour through Kenya, India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand. India and Pakistan. 1 box, 1969-70.
  • Hutton

    Papers of John Henry Hutton,, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, East Bengal and Assam 1909; Census Commissioner, Government of India 1929. Microfilm, 1919-31.
  • Huxham

    Papers of Mrs A.E. Huxham. Wife of an Officer stationed in Lucknow, May 1857. Diary account of the Siege of Lucknow. Microfilm, 1857-58.
  • Hyde, C.

    Carol Hyde. Series of letters to her parents after arriving in India as a young bride. Describes settling in to a new life in the Central Provinces. 1 box, 1932-33.
  • Hyde, E.S. (8)

    Edgar Stanley Hyde, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Central Provinces 1928; Administrator, Bastar State 1934; Superintendent Lushai Hills 1942-44. Includes memoir: India, First Person Singular. 66pp. 11 Boxes, 1923-49.
  • Hyde-Smith

    Assorted army papers, commissions etc. of various members of the Hyde-Smith family. Includes a family tree, accounts of the 1857 uprising. 1 box, 1853-1907.
  • India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Shipping Conference

    An account of the Indian Shipping Conference (later the India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Shipping Conference). Includes maps, illustrations, facsimiles of two standard memoranda of agreement. 1 file, 1875-1975
  • Innes-Cox

    Alfred Innes Cox. Acted as Civil Surgeon, Allahabad 1920; in military service until 1932; district medical officer, Madras 1932-47. Brief notes. 4pp. 1 file, 1920-47.
  • Jackson

    Anna Madeline Jackson. In Sitapur and Lucknow during 1857. A Personal Narrative of the Indian Mutiny 1857. 32pp. (Listed under HAIG)
  • Jacques

    Collection of letters and postcards from Mary D. Jacques to her friend Sylvia Mitchell, mostly domestic and personal, written from her travels around Europe and then from India, where her husband was stationed in Bombay [Mumbai], working for CIBA. 1 file, 1938-39.
  • James. J. F.

    A small collection of TS copy of letters about his work in the Burma Marine Service between 1935 and 1944.
  • Jameson

    Detailed journal of a voyage to Bombay, 1819-1820. Also gives details of early days in India and establishing a household there. Microfilm, 1819-20.
  • Jayarajan

    Paul M. Jayarajan, I.C.S. Joined service 1933 and held posts in Madras until independence; later employed in Central Bank of Ceylon. Memoir: Facets of my Life under the British Raj. 65pp. 1 file, 1910-1984.
  • Jenkinson

    Clive Jenkinson, Indian Army and I.C.S. Royal Indian Army Service Corps, October 1941; transferred to I.C.S. as First District Controller of Civil Supplies, Twenty-Four Parganas, Bengal. 1 Box, 1941-44.
  • Jenkyns

    H.H. Jenkyns. Letters written from Punjab to his future wife - mostly personal and social, describing his life and scoial and sporting activities. 1 file, 1908-09.
  • Jepps

    Poster in Burmese dating from World War I. 1 file, c.1914.
  • Jodrell (2)

    Papers of Sir Paul Jodrell. Sir Paul was a Fellow of St. John's College Cambridge; M.D. 1786; Knighted 1787, when he became physician to the Nabob of Arcot; he died in 1803 in Madras. 1 Box, 1792-5.
  • Johnson, F.G.

    F.G. Johnson, Angoorie Tea Estate. Short, technical description of the process of tea manufacture and of the operation of a machine used in the process. 1 file, 1956.
  • Johnson, G.

    Dr Gordon Johnson, Director, Centre of South Asian Studies 1983-2001. Collection of papers related to governance in India and to the improvement of Delhi. Also a satirical paper by Prof. Eric Stokes. 1box, 1937-1975.
  • Johnston, A.

    Sir Alexander Johnston, administrator. Describing the state of administration in Ceylon [Sri Lanka] in 1806. 1 file, 14pp.
  • Johnston, R.H.G.

    Ronald Hilary Gravds Johnston, I.C.S. Joined 1923 posted to United Provinces; loaned to Govt. of Bengal 1935-40; Commissioner in U.P. 1940-46. Memoirs: (1) Notes for South Asian Studies. (2) One Man's Life. 94pp, 304pp. 1 box, 1915-46.
  • Jones, G.

    Gavin Jones. In Fatehgarh 1857. Memoir of the Indian uprising: The Story of my Escape from Fatehgarh. 77pp. Microfilm, 1857
  • Jones, J.H.

    Juxon Henry Jones. Assistant Surgeon to the East India Company from 1840. Served in North and North-West India. Letters to his mother during his first 10 years of service. 1 Box, 1840-50.
  • Karney

    The life and work of Evelyn Karney at her mission station at Talawa, Ceylon; contains descriptions of the country, people, and her work at the mission Microfilm, 1869-1953.
  • Kelsall

    Letter from R.H. Kelsall to 'Joan', describes Gandhi's imprisonment, May 1930. 1 file, 1930
  • Kennedy (2)

    Major C.E. Kennedy. Joined 1/10 Jats at Jhansi 1919; posted to N.W.F.P. and took part in 3rd Afghan War; witnessed Quetta earthquake 1935. Notes on Waziristan operations and his career. 31pp. 2 boxes, 1900-1924.
  • Kenyon, E.A.

    Papers of Eustace Alban Kenyon, Indian Telegraph Department. Calcutta in 1880 as Assistant Superintendent; Director 1910. 1 Box, 1880-1898.
  • Kenyon, W.P.

    Letters from Captain Jonathan Fowler 8th Cavalry Cantonment Adjutant at Arcot to his cousin, Eliza Kenyon (nee Hawkins) grandmother of Lt. Colonel W.P. Kenyon. 1 box, 1857-1900.
  • Killingley (3)

    Papers of Dermot McDowell Killingley, 37 Lancers Baluch Horse, later XV Lancers. Includes memoir: Lo the Plumed Troop. TS and microfilm Microfilm, 1 box, 1918-46.
  • King

    Papers of: I. Walter Gawen King, Indian Medical Service, Madras and Burma 1874-1910. II. Cuthbert William King, Burma Frontier Service 1906-1939. 1 File,1920-34.
  • Kinloch

    Papers of David J. Kinloch, in the Artillery in India. Details of his travels around the country, of illness, horse racing. 1845-1855. Microfilm, 1845-55.
  • Kinsman

    The name of this collection has been changed to the Ellis Papers.
  • Kipling Society

    Text of a speech given to the Society by Lord Ferrier, 5 November 1981. 1 file. 9pp.
  • Knight, C.H.

    Anecdotal memoir of C.H. Knight, Royal Field Artillery, detailing incidents from inside camps at Peshawar, Khyber, St Thomas's Mount, Secunderabad and others. c.1898-1906. 20pp
  • Knight, J.H.

    Letter, J.E.A. Boyd to J.H. Knight. Describes day-to-day workings of the Indian Police Force in Southern India. 1889, 15pp (MS) and 4pp (TS).
  • Knight, Sir H.F.

    Papers of Sir Henry Foley Knight, I.C.S. Assistant Collector, Bombay 1910; Commissioner of Excise 1936; Adviser to Governor of Bombay 1939; acted as Governor of Bombay 1945, Madras 1946, Burma 1946 and Assam 1946-7. 3 Boxes, 1911-46.
  • Labouchardiere

    Documents giving the history of the police in India; roll of officers; comments on political events 1942-47. 1 file, 1861-1947.
  • Laughton, Major J.

    Major Laughton was Chief Engineer at the siege of Delhi until 22 June 1857, when he was succeeded by Colonel R. Baird Smith. Letters to colleagues and family. 1 box, 1857
  • Laughton, S.

    U.P., Bengal, Orissa. Varied collection of documents from family history: diary of Charlotte Stamper, 1878; memoir from 1860-78 of a newly arrived bride's experiences; assorted maps; diaries of Col. W. Gracie. 1 box, 1860-1936.
  • Lethbridge (1)

    Memoir detailing a childhood spent in the North West Froniter Provinces, Coonoor and Bengal, 1920-1945. 1 box.
  • Levi

    'Village life by the Ganges'. Privately printed anonymous book. An autobiography of a woman who lives in a village growing vegetables for a college. 1 file, 1939-46.
  • Lingeman

    Paul D.M. Lingeman, Burmah Oil Co., 1921. Held various posts in Burma, Assam, Calcutta and Bombay until 1949; General Manager of Burmah Oil in the East 1945-49. Memoir. 11pp. 1 file, 1921-49.
  • Lloyd-Jones, D.E. (5)

    Maj. D.E. Lloyd-Jones, Assam Regiment. Letters home written prior to and during his Indian Army service. Describes the books read; films seen, food etc. 5 boxes, 1941-75.
  • Lloyd-Jones, E.

    Exhibition catalogue: 'India: drawings from an album' March 20th - April 5th 1979. 1 box, 1979
  • Loch

    Papers of Major-General Stewart Loch, Royal Engineers. Served in Afghan War 1919; Colonel, Q.V.O. Madras Sappers and Miners 1935-43. 1 Box, 1919-43.
  • Lord

    Papers of Colonel and Mrs James W. Lord. Punjab. Documents relating to the Baluch Regiment. Also papers about welfare work withing the Regiment. 1 File, 1944-46.
  • Lorimer (6)

    Lorimer family papers (including its Wyld branch). Letters, diaries, commissions etc. of (among others): I. Major Laughton, Chief Engineer in Delhi during the Siege, 1857. II. Major William Wyld, Assistant Military Secretary to Sir John Lawrence, 1858. III. Christopher Lorimer, employed with Steel Brothers in Burma 1926-1942; evacuated from Burma 1942. 8 Boxes, 1695-1944.
  • Lucette

    Papers of E.H. Lucette. Ceylon Civil Service 1921; Private Secretary to Governor of Ceylon 1924; Registrar of Co-operative Societies 1937. 2 Items, 1936-37.
  • Ludlow

    Papers of E.W. Ludlow (Grandfather of the donor, Professor Sir C.A. Bayly). Papers of a Private in the 19th London Regiment, serving in Egypt and other parts of North Africa. 1 box, 1917-19.
  • Lyall

    TS copy of a diary kept by Harriet Lyall on a journey from Calcutta to Egypt and to Athens, 18 November 1841-March 1842. 1 file, 1841-42.
  • MacGregor-Fairlie. R

    A small collection from Rex MacGregor-Fairlie.  Donated by Mrs N. MacGregor Fairlie. 
  • MacInnes

    Papers of Lieutenant Colonel John MacInnes, Barrackpore 1824. Letters and memorandum relating events during an uprising at Barrackpore. Microfilm, 1824.
  • MacKay

    Thomas Ian Sutherland Mackay. Indian Service of Engineers, Madras 1912-44. Memoir: A Major Incident in the Work of an Officer of the P.W.D.... and other Interesting Sidelights... . 19pp. 1 file, 1930.
  • MacLagan

    General Robert Maclagan; Bengal Engineers 1839; served in Sikh War; Principal, Government Engineering College, Roorkee; Chief Engineer, Punjab Public Works Department 1860-79. Microfilm, 1841-76.
  • MacLean

    Papers of Angus Maclean, Indian Agricultural Service; Deputy Director, Burma 1921. Includes papers about the evacuation of Burma in 1942. 1 Box, 1938-48.
  • MacLeod (3)

    I. Roderick Henry Macleod, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, North-West Provinces and Oudh 1877; Assistant Judicial Commissioner 1903. 1 Box, 1877-79. II. Mrs Roderick Donald William Macleod, wife of R.D.W. Macleod, I.C.S. Magistrate and Collector, United Provinces 1926. 1 Box, 1917-26.
  • MacNabb of MacNab

    A.C. MacNabb of MacNab, I.C.S. Family history of three generations in India, followed by an autobiography, giving details of a career in the I.C.S. 1 box, 1790-1886, 1911-48.
  • MacPherson Family

    Papers of Macpherson Family. Letters and business papers of I. Colonel Allan Macpherson. Quartermaster-General in Bengal 1781-7 II. Sir John Macpherson. Writer of the East India Company 1770-6; Governor-General of India 1785-6. III James Macpherson and John Macintyre. Cousins of Allan Macpherson. IV Lieutenant-Colonel John Macpherson. In India between 1766 and 1783. Military, business and domestic papers, some in Persian. Microfilm, 1764-1828.
  • MacPherson, D.

    Donald Macpherson, I.C.S. Joined service 1917 and held posts in Bengal until 1947. Notes on various incidents in his career. 67pp.
  • MacWhirter (8)

    Papers of A.S. MacWhirter, tea planter in Assam, and his wife, Mrs M.E. (Edith), writer, 1930s-1950s. Collection of personal papers, official documents, writing and notes, letters and cuttings with a specific focus on the work of the Indian Tea Association during World War Two. 8 Boxes, 1930-1955.
  • Mackrell (3)

    Papers of Gyles Mackrell, tea planter, Assam. Papers relating to the rescue of refugees from Burma during the Japanese invasion, April 1942. 3 boxes, 1942
  • Macnamara

    Brigadier P.R. Macnamara. Answers to questions about his career in the Indian Army. Comments on training and on conduct of Inidan soldiers in Europe during the war. 1 file, 1939-46
  • Mainprice (6)

    F.P. Mainprice, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Central Provinces 1938; Indian Political Service 1942 serving in Eastern State Agency; British trade agent, Gyantse 1942; Assistant Political Agent, Gilgit until August 1947; worked for Government of Pakistan 1948-49. 8 Boxes, 1936-49.
  • Mallam (5)

    Papers of George Leslie Mallam, Indian Political Service. Assistant Commissioner, Bannu 1921; Financial Secretary to Government, North-West Frontier Province 1939. Includes memoirs: (1) Imperial Frontier: the last Thirty Years. 261pp. (2) A Pair of Chaplis and a Cassock by Leslie Mallam and Diana Day. 123pp. 6 Boxes, 1932-47.
  • Mansfield (9)

    Papers of Philip Theodore Mansfield, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Bihar and Orissa 1915; Director of Land Records and Surveys 1933. 9 Boxes, 1915-74.
  • Marchant

    Daly College Magazine, Indore, C.I. Vol. XII, No. 1, October 1939; Vol. XIII, No. 1, April 1940; Nos. 23-31, December 1940 - Summer 1946. 1 file, 1940-46.
  • Marriott

    Letter including photographs and copies on the history of the Oudh and Rohilkhund Railway on the centenary of its opening in 1863. 1 file, 1963.
  • Marston

    'An Account of E. C. Marston, M.G., I.A. of Karachi, Sind' by C.S. Marston, I.P.S. Account of the life of an officer in the E.I.C. Army and his later role as Police Chief in Sind. 1 file, 1839-72.
  • Martin, H.B.

    Papers of Hugh Bellasis Martin, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Bihar 1939; Regional Grain Supply Officer 1946. 1 File, 1942-46.
  • Martin, O.M.

    Olaus Macleod Martin, I.C.S. Joined service 1913 and held posts in Bengal and Assam; Commissioner, post-war reconstruction, Bengal 1944. Memoir. 331pp. 1 box, 1913-45.
  • Martyn (4)

    Papers of William Lawrence Docton Martyn. Assistant Executive Engineer, North- Western Railway, Lahore 1927; Engineer-in-Chief for Surveys 1946. 5 Boxes, 1927-47.
  • Mason

    T.D. Mason. Letters of appreciation for T.D. Mason for his role in the Colombo Harbour Commission. 1 file, 1920, 1934.
  • Masterman

    Sir Christopher Hughes Masterman, I.C.S. 1914; Secretary to Madras Education and Public Health Departments 1936-39; Adviser to Madras Government 1946. 2 Boxes, 1915-46.
  • Matheson

    This collection has been re-named as the 'Lyall Papers'. Click here for details
  • Maude

    Photocopy of the first chapter of a memoir by Constance Maude. This gives her recollections of childhood in Bangalore between 1888 and 1906. 1 file, 1888-1906
  • Maxwell, H.

    Small collection of letters giving details of life in India from two generations of a family. Also a recipe book, giving bazaar weight equivalents. 1 file, 1840-1890.
  • Maxwell, R.M. (6)

    Papers of Reginald Maitland Maxwell, I.C.S. Assistant Collector and Magistrate, Bombay 1906; Home Member, Viceroy's Executive Council 1938. Includes memoir by Lady Maxwell, 10pp. 17 Boxes, 1912-46.
  • Maxwell-Gumbleton

    TS memoir of R.D. Bell, written by his daughter, Margot Maxwell-Gumbleton. Detailing his life in India from his letters and diaries. R.D.B. was posted to the Deccan, Malegaon, Poona and Khandesh. Acting Governor of Bombay, 1936. 1 file, 1902-1936.
  • Maxwell-Lefroy

    Cecil Maxwell-Lefroy. Served in various positions in the Burmah Oil Co. in Burma between 1928 and 1959. Memoir: Burma and Oil. 165pp. 1box, 1928-59.
  • McCabe

    J. McCabe, Calcutta. Notes on a trip to the Himalayas from Calcutta. Letters from Mrs McCabe about the trip. Brief recollections of the family's time in India. 1 file, 1886-1908.
  • McCall

    Anthony Gilchrist McCall, I.C.S. Bengal and Assam; Superintendent Lushai Hills during Second World War until 1943; posted to Shillong. Memoir of war years in Lushai Hills: Account of T[otal] D[efence] Scheme. 113pp. 1 Box, 1938-54.
  • McCallum

    Papers of Brigadier F.M. McCallum. Arrived in Amritsar April 1919 at time of Jallianwala Bagh incident. 1 File, 1919.
  • McDonald, T.H.L.

    T.H.L. Macdonald. Lieutenant-Commander, Royal Indian Naval Volunteer Reserve during 1939-45 War. Memoir of Second World War: Royal Indian Navy. 72pp. Microfilm, 1942-45.
  • McGill

    Papers of Alexander McGill who travelled from Curragh Camp to Jullundur early in 1868. 1 File, 1868.
  • McKillop

    Brigadier H. McKillop. Papers relating to the Scinde Horse (14th Prince of Wales' Own Cavalry) and the Scinde Irregular Force. 1 box, 1922-47.
  • McKnight

    Papers of Miss Muriel McKnight written while on a visit to India 1931. Letters, largely describing social events and engagements. 1 File, 1931.
  • McNeill, W.M. (5)

    Papers of William Martin McNeill, Colonial Forest Service 1922-38; Senior Assistant Conservator of Forests, Ceylon; acting Captain and A.D.C. to acting Governor of Ceylon 1930-31. 4 boxes, 1920-31.
  • McWilliam

    P.N. McWilliam, I.C.S. Papers about financial policy, governance also about counter-terrorism in Chittagong. Details of legal cases. 1 box, 1913-39.
  • Medd (4)

    Papers of H.A.N. Medd. Assisted Sir Edwin Lutyens in the construction of Delhi; Consulting Architect to Government, Central Provinces; Chief Architect, Govt. of India 1939-47. 1935. 2 Boxes, 1919-47.
  • Meiklejohn

    Papers of William Meiklejohn, Indian Forest Service. Joined I.F.S. in 1910; a Conservator in North-West Frontier Province; United Provinces; Bengal; and Assam. 1 Box, 1940-64.
  • Mellanby

    J. Mellanby. Assorted newspaper cuttings from Rangoon newspapers. Includes one giving a report on the surrender of the Japanese occupying forces, 1945. 1 file, 1930-45.
  • Melvill

    I. Philip Melvill (1796-1882) an officer in the Bengal Army from 1815. Military Secretary to the East India Company in London from 1837. 1819-31. II. Papers of Philip Melvill, nephew of the above, Calcutta and Lahore 1843-52. 1 box, 1843-52.
  • Meston (28)

    Sir James Meston (1st Baron Meston), I.C.S. N.W. Provinces and Oudh, 1885; Financial Secretary, 1899-1903; Financial Secretary to Government of India 1906-12; Lieutenant-Governor, United Provinces 1912-18; Finance Member 1918-19; Chairman, Committee on Financial Adjustments between Provinces and Centre 1920. 1897-1940.
  • Metaxa

    Invitation cards, menus, dance programmes, fixture lists, tickets, theatre and concert programmes, covering all aspects of social life of Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Metaxa in Bombay. 1 box, 1901-12.
  • Metherell

    Allen Metherell. Account of Japanese invasion of Singapore and family's flight to Australia. 1 file, 1942.
  • Mill

    Papers of Mrs Maria Mill. Wife of a Major in the Bengal Artillery stationed in Fyzabad [Faizabad]. Diary of the 1857 uprising concluding with Mrs Mill's arrival in Calcutta with her two children. Microfilm, 1857-58.
  • Mills

    James Philip Mills, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Assam 1913; Reforms Officer 1935; Secretary to Governor 1937; Adviser to Governor 1943. Includes memoir by Mrs Mills about her time in Assam, 1930-1948 1 File, 1930-48
  • Milne

    G.W.P. Milne, Finlay's Tea. A collection of club rules and accounts from a large selection of South Indian clubs. 1 box, 1929-62.
  • Monckton

    Printed pamphlet: 'Letters from Futtehgurh'. A selection of letters writenn by Rose C.M. during the 1857 uprising. 1 file, 1857.
  • Montgomery

    Brigadier E.J. Montgomery and his wife. Brigadier Montgomery was in the 2nd Battalion, Highland Light Infantry and served in Bangalore; United Provinces; and in Bihar and Orissa on the staff of the Governor 1928-31. 1 Box, 1927-32.
  • Moon

    Papers of the family of Mrs E. Moon. Collection of documents relating to a visit of the Viceroy to the Jorhat Gymkhana Club, 1931. 1 file, 1931
  • Moore, A.

    Alan Moore gives an account of 'Operation Zipper' to establish control of Malaya at the end of World War Two. Memoir, 4pp. 1 file, 1945.
  • More-Gordon

    Sixteen letters 1798-1817 mostly from James Gordon to his brothers Harry and John in Scotland or India: most are personal and are concerned with their careers. 1 file, 1798-1817.
  • Mosse

    Ms Kay Mosse. Memoir entitled 'Home'. The bewilderment of a four year old's return to England from Kathiawar for her education. 4pp. 1 file, 1922-29.
  • Mott

    Papers of the Reverend John R. Mott. American Missionary and world traveller, committed to world-wide ecumenical and Student Christian Movements. 1 Box, 1934-52.
  • Mottram

    J. Mottram. Served in 4th Battalion of 4th Bombay Grenadiers posted to Bengal November 1943. Note on Bengal Famine, 1943. 6pp. 1 file, 1943.
  • Mukherjee

    Papers relating to Sir William Jones, 1779-90. Papers relating to education and administration in Bengal; Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru's private correspondence. 1 box, microfilms, 1779-1948.
  • Mullan

    Mrs Kits M. Mullan. Went to Assam in 1924 on her marriage to C.S. Mullan, I.C.S. who had a distinguished career in the I.C.S. Mrs Mullan remained in Britain during the second world war and did not return to India. Memoir: Sands of the Desert. 118pp. 1 file, 1906-1941.
  • Mullock

    Papers of D.W. Mullock, who worked in Calcutta 1929-37; in Bombay 1937-48, with brief interlude in Belgaum. Returned to Calcutta 1948-50. 1 File, 1930s.
  • Murison

    Mrs Margaret Murison. Went to India in 1910 to marry Cecil Charles Murison, a Medical Officer with 29th Punjabis in Baluchistan; later Plague Officer in United Provinces; Memoir: For Lucinda and Susanna by their Grandmother. 67pp. 1 file, 1910-42.
  • Murphy

    Time-Life publication on the Indian Empire. Title: A remote elite: Anglo-Indians at work and play, 1972.
  • Nagarajan

    Dr K. Nagarajan. Lawyer in Pudukkottai State, South India 1928; Secretary to official delegation to London 1935, headed by Sir A. Chettiar; Syndic of Annamalai University 1941; Public Prosecutor, Pudukkottai 1945. 1 Box, 1928-56.
  • Naish

    R.B. Naish, C.C.S. Letters to his parents while at various stations in Ceylon [Sri Lanka]. Gives details of his work as a maginstrate and other government postings. 1 box, 1915-36.
  • Newman

    A small collection of papers relating to Newman and labour rules from 1928-1935.
  • Newnham

    H.E. Newnham, C.C.S. Report on food shortages in Ceylon [Sri Lanka], 1935; papers relating to the work of Walter T. Stace; comments on assorted books about Ceylon. 1 file, 1934-65.
  • Norton-Griffiths

    Miss P. Norton-Griffiths. Instructions for guests, table plans, menus etc for dinners with the Viceroy and other notables. Copy of the Birdwood Memorial Lecture, delivered by Gavin Stamp, 1981. 1 file, 1928-81.
  • Oakden

    Sir Ralph Oaken, I.F.S. Bird lists, rules for hunters and a game register from a shooting party of five people. 1 file, 1912-21.
  • Oaten

    Edward Farley Oaten. Indian Educational Service, Bengal 1909-30; Professor of History, Presidency College, Calcutta 1909-16; Director of Public Instruction, Bengal 1924-28. Memoir: My Memories of India. iv, 124pp. 1 box, 1910-30
  • Oatts

    TS copy of 'Indigo saga', 20pp: notes on the indigo trade and its history with particular focus on the Oatts family. Much of the text is taken from letters written by Henry Oatts. 1 file, 1845-95.
  • Ochterlony

    Published account of the life of Sir David Ochterlony, 1758-1825. The original notes were collected by Charles M. Ochterlony and added to by David ? Ochterlony 3rd Bart. Microfilm.
  • Ogilvy

    Papers of William Ogilvy, appointed Sub-Collector and Joint Magistrate in Belah, Bengal 1823. Papers date from 1826-35 and include personal letters, bills receipts and comments on a court case. Microfilm, 1810-35.
  • Oram (2)

    I. Papers of Arthur Oram. Assistant Engineer (irrigation), N.W.F.P. 1908; service in Afghanistan 1918-19; Chief Engineer, North-West Frontier Province 1938. II. Papers of Arthur Oram's sister Emily Oram (in India as his housekeeper). 2 Boxes, 1909-47.
  • Orange (2)

    Letters and official papers of Sir Hugh Orange, Director-General of Education for India, 1902-10. Includes comments on leading politicians and civil servants; little commentary on education policy. 1 box, 1902-07.
  • Orchard (1)

    Memoir of a childhood spent throughout the British Empire; also details of later life in the Royal Navy and of tiem spent in India and the Dominion states. 1 box, 137pp.
  • Ormsby

    Captain V. Ormsby. 1st Battalion, 3rd Gurkha Rifles; in Tirah and Samana 1897-98. Diary of Ormsby's mother, Charlotte Corbett. Personal memoir: A Battalion in Tirah. 153pp. 1 box, 1862-1917.
  • Orr

    C.B. Orr, Indian Imperial Police, 1921-47. An undated extract from a memoir entitled "A Burma Patchwork" by C.B. Orr, District Police Superintendent. 1 file, 1933.
  • Osmaston

    I. Papers of L.S. Osmaston, I.F.S. Assistant Conservator 1890, Bombay, Bihar, United Provinces; retired 1912. II. F.C. Osmaston, I.F.S. 1923; Instructor, Dehra Dun 1924; Deputy Conservator, Orissa 1927; Malaya, Captain of Indian Company, May 1941; captured by Japanese 1941; Director of Forest Education, Dehra Dun 1946. 8 Boxes, 1890-1947.
  • Packard

    (1) Brigadier J.J. Packard. 1st Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment in N., W. and E. India 1933-37 and 1943-46. Memoir: Service with the British Army in India. 3pp. (2) Mrs Faith Packard. Wife of Brigadier J.J. Packard. Memoir: My Recollections of India in 1946. 3pp. 1 file, 1933-47.
  • Paine

    Mrs Suzanne Paine, University Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge 1973-77 and Lecturer 1977-85. 1 Box, 1976-84.
  • Palmer, R.

    Papers of R. Palmer. Appointed by Balmer Lawrie & Co. as Visiting Agent to about thirty tea estates in Assam. 1 Box, 1926-45.
  • Parkinson

    The history of the United Sua Betong Estates in Malaya 1909-1959. By Professor C Northcote Parkinson, Raffles Professor of History, University of Malaya. 1 box, 1950-58.
  • Parry

    Mrs N.E. Parry, the wife of Nevill Edward Parry, I.C.S. 1907, Assam; Superintendent, Lushai Hills 1924. Memoir: People and Places in Assam, by Kapi. 429pp. Microfilm, 1907-47.
  • Parsons (2)

    Lieutenant Colonel Clement George Parsons. Assistant Commissioner, Punjab 1885; Commissioner of Excise 1898-1903; Member of Excise Committee 1905-06. 1 Box, 1880-1912.
  • Patterson (2)

    Rev. D.A. Patterson. letters written by the Rev. David Patterson to his mother 1932-1941 from Burma and wartime letters 1942-1943 from India. 2 boxes, 1932-43.
  • Pawsey, C. (8)

    Sir Charles Pawsey, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Assam 1919; Director of Land Records 1932; Deputy Commissioner 1935; in Burma campaigns 1942-44. 10 Boxes, 1861-1884 and 1929-1975.
  • Pawsey, E.L.

    Lt-Com Edward Lancelot Pawsey. Appointed Marine Superintendent of Fisheries, Ceylon 1925; Assistant Conservator, Port of Calcutta 1931; Deputy Conservator 1939; retired 1950. Papers relate to management of ports and to pearly fisheries. 1 Box, 1854-1964.
  • Pelly (2)

    Canon R. Pelly. School magazines from Bishop's College, Calcutta, St Paul's, Darjeeling; Parish magazine, histories of Christianity in India. 2 boxes, 1922-66.
  • Pengree

    Papers of Mrs P.T. Pengree, wife of a tea-planter in Mothula Tea Estate, Dibrugargh, Assam. Assorted financial and domestic papers. 1 microfilm, 1 file, 1924-28
  • Penny

    Sir James Downing Penny, I.C.S. 1910, Punjab; Superintendent, Simla Hill States 1919; Secretary, Punjab Finance Department 1927; Chief Secretary to Punjab Government 1937; Punjab Financial Commissioner 1941-45. Memoir: Punjab Memories 1910-1945. 224pp. 1 box, 1910-45.
  • Peppé

    Documents relating to the Piprawah Stupa, said to contain relics of Buddha; account of the activities of Lt. Col. W.T.H. Peppé during the 1857 uprising. 1 file, 1857-1956.
  • Percival (2)

    Miss Alicia Percival, daughter of Philip Edward Percival, Judicial Commissioner of Sind 1926. She taught English at Madras Women's Christian College in 1904, 1925 and 1937. 2 Boxes, 1895-1970.
  • Perry-Keene

    Air Vice-Marshal Sir Allan Lancelot Addison Perry-Keene. Member, Air Staff, Delhi 1934-40; Chairman, Air Force Reconstruction Committee, India, 1946; Air Commander, Royal Pakistan Air Force 1947-49. Memoir: Reflected Glory: an Autobiography. 100pp. 1 file, 1934-49.
  • Philpot

    Printed pamphlet of a collection of articles from the Calcutta Gazette, Amritsa Bazar Patrika and other newspapers; assassination of B.E.J. Burge. 1 file, 1933.
  • Pickering

    Memoir written by Mrs Carol Pickering detailing her life in India as the daughter of U.S. missionaries and her later life married to Donald Hardy, District Commissioner in Moradabad, 1946-47. 1 box, 1923-1947.
  • Pim

    Sir Alan Pim. Copies of two addresses made by Sir Alan Pim; TS copy of diary of Arthur Scott (Lady Pim's brother) 14 November 1901 - November 1904. 1 box, 1895-1930.
  • Pinhey, A.F (6)

    Lt-Col Sir Alexander Fleetwood Pinhey. Foreign Department, Government of India; Assistant Political Agent, Banswara 1886; Political Agent, Haraoti 1895; Political Agent, Baghelkhand 1895; Resident, Mewar 1900; Resident, Gwalior 1907; Private Secretary to Viceroy 1910; Resident, Hyderabad 1911-16. 5 Boxes, microfilm, 1883-1915.
  • Pinhey, L.A.G. (2)

    Papers of Colonel Louis Alexander Gordon Pinhey, Indian Political Service. Chief Commissioner, Baluchistan 1929; served in Quetta-Pishin and Ajmer 1930-40; Wazir- i-Azam, Kalat 1940. 2 Boxes, 1938-85.
  • Pinnell

    Memoir of World War I, time in Oxford after the war and career in the ICS, 1920-1947. Postings took him to Calcutta, Bengal and Darjeeling. Memoir: With the sanction of government. 112pp. 1 box, 1919-47.
  • Platt

    Papers of Arthur James Platt, I.C.S. Teacher at Richmond College, Galle, Sri Lanka 1929; Assistant Magistrate, Madras 1932; Private Secretary to Governor 1942. 1 file, 1929-44.
  • Plowden

    Papers of Major Trevor Chichele Plowden, Indian Army. Commissioned 1889 and appointed District Commissioner in Central Provinces and Berar from 1894; served on the Chin Lushai expedition, 1902. 1 Volume, 1892-1905.
  • Plunkett

    E. Lawrence Plunkett. Radio Officer on 'S.S. Zayani' on its voyage from Bombay to Jeddah 1929. Memoir: 'The Death Ship'. 14pp. 1 file, 1929.
  • Pollard

    Papers of Major-General Charles Pollard, Royal Engineers. With the Bengal Sappers and Pioneers at the 1st and 2nd sieges of Mooltan; 1849 Public Works Department at Peshawar; retired 1883 as Chief Engineer and Secretary to Government, Punjab, Public Works Department. 1 Box, 1849-1883.
  • Portal

    Mrs Iris Portal. Daughter of Sir Montagu Butler, I.C.S.; born in India; married 1926 Squire Portal (2nd Royal Lancers); postings took them to Poona, Bombay, Hyderabad and Bihar; left India 1942. Memoir: Song at Seventy.180pp. 1 box, 1922-42.
  • Porter

    Noel Tindal Porter, I.C.S. Joined service 1919 and held posts in Central Provinces; Assistant Commissioner, Seoni 1922-24. Memoir: A Reminiscence of "Seonee". by Peter Tyndale (pseud.). 15pp. 1 file, 1922-24.
  • Preston

    Papers relating to Hellen Preston and her work in Burma during the Japanese occupation; her work during fighting in India in the late 1940s. Donated by Mrs D'Arcy Kincaid. 
  • Puckle

    Sir Frederick Hale Puckle, I.C.S. Secretary, Home Department, Govt. of India 1938; Director General of Information from 1942. Diaries, correspondence and newspaper cuttings. 1 Box, 1944-48
  • Pullan

    Ayrton George Popplewell Pullan, I.C.S. Joined service 1903 and served in the judicial branch in the United Provinces; Judge, Allahabad High Court 1926; retired 1933. Memoir: Ninety Looks Back. 161pp. 1 box, 1947.
  • Quinton

    TS note: 'Terrorism in Bengal - a memory, during the fifty years prior to Independence'. 4 pp. n.d. In particular, personal reminiscences of Alipore. 1 file.
  • Raj

    Duplicated TS letter dated 27 April 1966 from Delhi. Gives reasons for objections to a proposed Indo-American foundation.. 1 file, 1966.
  • Ramsay

    Papers of Lord George Ramsay, (elder brother of Marquess of Dalhousie), who was A.D.C. to his father in India 1829-32. Also papers of Major-General the Hon. John Ramsay. Diaries and letters, including delegations to Ranjit Singh. 2 Microfilms, 1829-32.
  • Rana

    Maj-Gen. Kshatra Bickram Rana. MS. An account of the part played in the Burma Campaign of the Second Great War 1939-1945 by the Mahindra Dal Battalion of the Nepalese Army. 1 Box, 1939-1945
  • Rawding (6)

    Maj. F.W. Rawding. Miscellaneous items collected by Major F.W. Rawding in 1973 in India. Not exclusively, but with a particular focus on North India and the Himalayan Kingdoms. Microfilm and 9 Boxes, 1857-1973.
  • Reid

    H.S. Reid. History of India divided into lectures. Notes and correspondence while in Revenue Office. Papers relating to Mary Stuart and William Bell; 1857 uprising; personal and family financial and domestic matters. 2 microfilms, 1815-1912.
  • Reynolds

    Papers of Lieutenant-Colonel R.N.P. Reynolds, 6th QEO Gurkha Rifles; 1947 served in North-West Frontier Province and Punjab; Partition and relief work in violence-affected areas. 1 File, 1947.
  • Rice (3)

    (1) Benjamin Rice. Born 1814; sent to Bangalore by London Missionary Society; Memoir: Benjamin Rice or Fifty Years in the Master's Service by Edmund P. Rice (son). 192pp. (2) B. Lewis Rice. Son of Benjamin Rice; Principal, Bangalore High School 1860; Director of Public Instruction, Mysore. Autobiographical notes. 72pp. (3) Mrs Mary Sophia Rice. Married to B. Lewis Rice. My Memoirs. 62pp, microfilm.
  • Richards

    'Report of the Tantabin Incident Enquiry Committee.' Burma, Rangoon Government Press, 1947. Chairman: C.J. Richards, 1 file, 1947.
  • Richardson (4)

    Papers of Joy Richardson, educator. Papers collected during research for a PhD on labour in sugar industries in the 1970s. 4 boxes, 1973-1978.
  • Rickards

    Papers of Major-General E.J. Rickards, 6th Regiment, Native Infantry. Detailed description of military actions and of life in camps. Rajasthan, Afghanistan, Mewar. 1 Box, 1854-1866.
  • Ridley

    Papers relating to the capture and development of Karachi, especially the history of the Karachi Port Trust. 1 file, 1838-1933.
  • Rieu

    Papers of Jean Louis Rieu, I.C.S. Assistant Collector and Magistrate, Sind, 1893; Commissioner 1923; Member, Governor's Executive Council, Bombay, 1926. 1 File,1893-1919.
  • Roberts/Compton

    Collection of family papers. Includes family letters, details of an engineering career in the Indian Railways and a selection of diaries. 1911-1947, 1 box.
  • Robertson

    Printed pamphlet: 'N.W.R. Rifles, regimental prize matches: Lahore, Albert Press, 1896-97.
  • Robins

    Rewa Affairs. Report of the investigating officer (L.C.F. Robins) of the commission to investigate charges against the ruler of Rewa State, 1937-42. Microfilm, 1937-42.
  • Robinson (7)

    Papers of Professor Sir Austin Robinson, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge 1950-65. Economic Papers 1926-80 concerning India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 4 Boxes.
  • Robson

    Mr S. Robson, I.E.S. Prince of Wales College magazine, much of which is devoted to articles about the work and character of Mr Robson as Principal, 1912-24. 1 file, 1929.
  • Roch

    Papers of Ernest Twining Roch. Member of the Indian Service of Engineers; arrived in India 1919; Executive Engineer 1924; appointed Superintending Engineer in Bombay 1943. 1 Box, 1928-45.
  • Roman Catholic Missions

    Account of non-British Missionary establishments in India between 1924/39. MS by K.M. Mullan, Aldeburgh, 10 November 1972. 3pp. Letters and questionnaire responses. 1 file, 1924-79.
  • Rose

    Mrs Dorothy Rose. Letters to UK form Calcutta, 1944-45. Account of the flight from Burma, 1942, by Alastair Rose. 1 file, 1941-46.
  • Rose, J.L. and A.L. (4)

    Papers of J. Leslie and Angus Rose. Letterbooks containing correspondence relating to their home in Blairgowrie, Scotland. Personal finances and business matters in India and Southeast Asia, in particular rubber plantations in Malaya [Malaysia].
  • Ross

    Papers of Mrs Eve Ross (née Croydon), nurse with the Methodist Mission in India 1941-46. 1 Box. Letters descriptive of her work and life in Bombay [Mumbai], Uttarakhand and U.P. 1 box, 1941-46.
  • Ross-Hurst

    Lt.-Col. K.W. Ross-Hurst. TS articles, xeroxed, written after secondment from his regiment to the Director of Intelligence, Government of India, as officer on special duty, Waziristan. 1 box, 1931-41.
  • Rowntree

    J.B. Rowntree I.F.S., Deputy Conservator, Assam) Small Collections Box 20 Assam: 1937-1953 Three booklets on Forestry in Assam by J.B. Rowntree, formerly Conservator of Forests, Assam
  • Rule

    Papers of Lieutenant-Colonel Donald G. Rule, 27th Punjab Infantry; North-West Frontier Province 1914-15; in the Punjab and in Bengal. 1 Box, 1911-44.
  • Rundall

    Foreword and notes, by Col., F.M. Rundall, nephew of J.W. Rundall. 5pp. Narrative of a voyage to India. Diaries of Political Officer, Northern Chin Hills, 1890. 1 box, 1831-91.
  • Rushbrook-WIlliams

    L.F. Rushbrook Williams. Professor, Allahabad University 1914-19; Director, Central Bureau of Information, Government of India 1919; Adviser, Round Table Conference, London 1930-32. Includes memoir: Inside both indias, 1914-1938 187pp. 1 Box, 1918-72.
  • Sale

    John Lewis Sale. Joined Indian Service of Engineers 1907; Superintending Engineer, Punjab 1922; retired 1934. Memoir: Contingency in the Construction of New Delhi. 17pp. 1 file, n.d.
  • Salmon, W.A.

    Newscuttings, photographs and correspondence covering the years 1936-8 and compiled by Lieutenant Colonel W.A. Salmon while A.D.C. to H.E. the Governor of Sind. 2 boxes, 1936-38.
  • Salmon, W.H.B. (2)

    Papers collected and written by Lt. Colonel W.H.B. Salmon while serving in the Indian Army (99th Deccan Infantry S. and T. Corps), posted to Punjab, United Provinces, Baroda, Bombay. 2 boxes, 1901-30
  • Sampson

    William Sampson (1829-1882), Baptist Missionary in Bengal. He went to India in 1855, first to Calcutta and then to Serampore. Returned to England in 1864 because of failing health. 1 File, 1857-1882.
  • Sanders

    Cornet John Sanders, 25th Dragoons. Letters to family in England while serving in Arcot. Commonplace book detailing his voyage and life in the cantonment outside Arcot. Microfilm, 1781-98.
  • Sargant

    Norman and Joan Sargant. Missionaries of the Wesleyan Church in Mysore State from 1932. Also Memoir: Thirty years in Burma - a memoir. 1 Box, 1932-72.
  • Scharenguivel (3)

    Papers of F.C. Scharenguivel, Ceylon Police Service 1937-56; Superintendent of Police C.I.D. 1952; Director of Department of Public Security 1955. 3 Boxes, 1937-56.
  • Schrader

    Papers of Louis William Conrad Schrader, Government Officer, Ceylon. Diary written by Schrader from 1923 to 6 January 1924 . Microfilm, 1923-24.
  • Scott, C.W.

    Series of pamphlets relating to Burma, most published during the Japanese occupation in World War II. 1 box, 1943-48.
  • Scott, G.

    Gavin Scott, I.C.S. Letters written to his father while on a mission from Burma to Bombay to investigate the administrative system, with a view to improving that of Rangoon. 1 box, 1916.
  • Scott, H.R.

    Correspondence between Reverend H.R. Scott, European missionary in Rajkot, and M.K. Gandhi about comments made by Gandhi about missionaries and Hindus. 1 file, 1926.
  • Scott, Lady B (2)

    Papers of Lady Scott, wife of Sir Walter Scott, I.C.S., who served in Assam between 1905 and 1939. Includes memoir: Indian panorama, 401pp. 2 boxes, 1917-1926
  • Scott, Lady N. and Sir J. (4)

    Diaries an writings of Lady Nora Scott, wife of the Honourable Sir John Scott, puisne judge of the Bombay Court. Newspaper cuttings collection kept by Sir John Scott. 4 Boxes, 1884-89.
  • Scott-Moncrieff

    Papers of Robert Scott Moncrieff. Involved in indigo planting, factories and silk production, Bengal; President of Bengal Chamber of Commerce 1867. Letters and two volumes of diaries. Microfilm, 1867-73.
  • Scrase

    Papers of Major A.B. Scrase, Royal Engineers, based in Singapore, 1940s. Journal article about military water supply; exam answer paper describing method for destroying the Johore Causeway. 1 folder, Singapore, 1940s.
  • Scriven

    C.M. Scriven. Schooled in Burma as the son of a railway engineer, later worked in the Burma customs from 1933-1949. Thirty Years in Burma - a Memoir. 3pp. 1 Box, 1933-49.
  • Sellek

    Memoirs of F.S. Sellek, 1916-47, Indian Posts and Telegraph Department. (Hand written in 1968, 31pp). Small collection of maps. 1 box, 1916-47.
  • Selwyn

    B.M. Selwyn, Planters Association of Ceylon. Correspondence concerning the Planters Association; collection of news cutting about tea and rubber planting. 1 box, 1910-38.
  • Sharpe

    Papers of William McCormick Sharpe, I.C.S. Served in Bengal from 1920; Sessional Judge, November 1927; Communal Ratio Officer, Home Dept, Bengal 1939. Includes reports on 1942 Dacca riots; trial of Surja Sen. Microfilm, 1933, 1942.
  • Shaw-Stewart

    Letters from B.Y. Shaw Stewart to his parents and others from India; Report on the Madras Sappers and the Corps of Engineers; assorted menus and invitations. Microfilm, 1 box of papers: 1861-1904.
  • Shoobert

    Papers of Sir W. Harold Shoobert, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Central Provinces 1920; Director General, Posts and Telegraphs, United Provinces 1942. Papers relating to the claims of the Begam A. U. Wali-ud-Dowla against the Nizam of Hyderabad 1 box, 1927-48.
  • Shoosmith (3)

    A.G. Shoosmith, architect. Newspaper cuttings, many about the building of New Delhi; copies of Indian State Railways Magazine; assorted magazine issues and articles. 3 boxes, 1923-72.
  • Showers Family (8)

    1. Capt. Charles Lionel Showers, 1781-1815, 2. his brother Col. Howe Daniel Showers, 1786-1829, 3. two of Howe's sons: Maj. Gen. St. George Daniel Showers, 1808-1865, 4. and Lt. Gen. Charles Lionel Showers, 1816-1895, 5. Charles's son Col. Herbert Lionel Showers, 1862-1916, 6. Herbert's wife Christian Stirling-Showers, 1879-1975(?), 7. and their son Lionel James Showers, 1904- [aka "Lin"] 7 Boxes, 1847-1931.
  • Shuttleworth

    A.T. Shuttleworth, I.N.S, I.F.S. Account of a career in the Indian Navy and then the Forestry Service. Also worked on famine relief in 1896/7 and inaugurated the Lifeboat Service on the Bombay coast. 1 box, 1855-99
  • Siebel

    Two MS notebooks on Folklore in Ceylon, dated at Kandy 1935 and 1936. 1 file, 1935-36.
  • Simpson

    Collection of various articles (photocopied and heavily annotated by the donor) culled by Jeremy Simpson during his own researches into the Todas (Mr. Simpson went to school in the Nilgiri Hills). 1 box, n.d.
  • Sims, A.M. (8)

    A.M. Sims, Railway Dept. Reports on the workings of the railways; large collection of technical reports covering many areas of India and very many aspects of railway design. 8 boxes, 1894-1945.
  • Sims, S. (4)

    Papers of Sanda Sims. A collection of (largely) published documents detailing the history of Burma, Laos and other territories of Southeast Asia, with a focus on post-independence affairs. 2 boxes.
  • Singh

    Article by Man Mohan Singh, under the title "I.C.S.: Extinction of a Species", paying tribute to the Indian Civil Service. 1 file, 1980.
  • Smith

    (I) Clement John Smith 1831-1910. Seven commissions relating to his service in India. (II) Sherard Frederick Smith 1861-1886. Commissioned as Lieutenant in H.M.S. Land Forces, relating to his service in India. 1 file, c.1850-1910.
  • Smith, J.M.

    John Morrison Smith, Steel & Co., Burma 1942. Diary describing flight from Burma ahead of the Japanese invasion, April-June 1942. 1 file, 27pp. 1942
  • Smith-Pearse

    Xeroxed copy of a brief memoir of life in India by Mrs. Smith-Pearse whose husband was Principal of Rajkumar College, Raipur, C.P. 25pp. 1 file, 1927-44.
  • Smyth

    Original and unedited etter to The Telegraph relating an account of the events at Jallianwala Bagh, July 1919. 1 file, 1919
  • Smythies

    E.A. Smithies, C.I.E. Forest Adviser to the Nepal Government. TS notes giving a description of the administration of Nepal. 4pp. 1 file, 1940-47.
  • Somers

    Papers relating to the life in India of A.H. Cocks. Includes a biography, handwriting exercises, 1 letter to P. Ghulam Hyder. 1 box, c.1850-81.
  • Somerset (2)

    Maj. E.J. Somerset, Indian Medical Service 1938;Quetta 1939; Shillong 1943; Professor of Opthalmology, Calcutta Medical College 1944. Memoir: Reminiscences of an Indian Medical Service Officer from 1939 to 1961. 309pp. 2 boxes, 1939-61
  • Sorley (4)

    H.T. Sorley, I.C.S. Assistant Collector, Bombay 1915; Criminal Tribes Settlement Officer, Bombay Presidency 1925; Secretary to Government, General and Educational Departments, Bombay 1936. 4 Boxes, 1915-52.
  • Spate

    Papers of Professor O.H.K. Spate. In India in 1947 as an Adviser to the Ahmadiyya community on the Punjab Boundary Commission. 1 File, 1947. Xerox copies.
  • Spear (71)

    Dr T.G.P. Spear. Lecturer, St Stephen's College, Delhi 1924-40; posts in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India 1940-45; Bursar, Selwyn College, 1945-70; Lecturer in History, Cambridge University 1963-69. 74 boxes, 1924-69.
  • Spilsbury

    L.B. Spilsbury, I.S.E. 43 volumes of diaries from 1912-1954 while in the United Provinces and Rajputana. Entirely personal with little or no information about India. 3 boxes, 1912-54.
  • Sprot

    Lt.-Gen. J. Sprot of Riddell. Bombay Public Works Department, Ahmadnagar in 1857; rejoined his Regiment (83rd County of Dublin) in Rajputana. Memoir: My Indian Experiences. 52pp. 1 file, 1857.
  • Stamp

    Indian Summer - Illustrated article by Gavin Stamp, reprinted from the Architectural Review, June 1976. 1 file, 1976.
  • Stamp. G

    Glimpses of The Nizam's Dominions
  • Stansfield

    Papers of Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Hamer Stansfeld. Ensign, in Bengal Army 1856; Lieutenant 1857. Letters written home, 1856-58; diaries, 1857-64. Lecture notes. Microfilm, 1 box, 1856-64.
  • Stanton-Ife

    Papers of Douglas Walter Stanton-Ife, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Bihar 1939; District Magistrate, Orissa 1945; in Pakistan Civil Service 1947-57. 1 Box, 1938-57.
  • Starte

    O.H.B. Starte, Criminal Tribes Settlement Department, Bombay. Papers and reports about 'Criminal Tribes', begging and the Criminal Tribes Act. 1 box, 1918-39.
  • Stavridi

    Papers of Mrs Margaret Stavridi, wife of Alexander Gregory Stavridi, East Indian Railway, 1921-1948. She was a writer and designer and was much involved in welfare work, especially during the 1939-45 war. 2 Boxes. 1934-93.
  • Stead

    Pamphlet (TS lithography): The Harriss family of Earlswood, St. Margaret's Westminster, and Clapham, Surrey. Genealogical account, 59pp. 1 file, n.d.
  • Stephens (37)

    I.M. Stephens. Deputy Director, Bureau of Public Information, Govt. of India 1930-32; Director, 1932-37; Assistant Editor, Statesman of Calcutta 1937; Editor 1942-51; Fellow, King's College, Cambridge 1952-58; Historian, Pakistan Government 1957-60. 46 Boxes, 1931-80.
  • Stephenson (4)

    Papers of Sir Hugh L. Stephenson, I.C.S. Acting-Governor of Bengal, June to October 1926 and June to September 1930; Governor of Bihar and Orissa 1927-32; Governor of Burma 1932-36. 5 Boxes, 1927-36.
  • Stevens, B. (9)

    A large collection of military papers issued by the East India Company, comprising copies of the General Orders issued by the Commander in Chief, Bengal, extracted from the Calcutta Government Gazette.
  • Stevens, H.S.E.

    Collection of letters to and about Sir Harold (Jack) Stevens, I.C.S., Bengal 1920-1947, eventually serving as Chief Secretary. Letters mostly refer to the awarding of the C.S.I. in 1944. 7pp.
  • Stevens, T.H.G.

    TS notes: 'The Wa headhunters of the Shan States of Burma. A note on the Wa people (the Wa Lon and the Wa Pwi) and a visit to them in their area.' 3pp. 1 file, 1967.
  • Stewart, A.

    Papers of A. Stewart, Assistant Collector of Continental Customs and Excise, Bombay. 1 File, 1836-52.
  • Stewart, G.P. (3)

    Gerald Pakenham Stewart, I.C.S. Joined service 1930, Assam; Political Agent, Manipur 1938; Prisoner of War in Japan 1941-45. Includes memoir: The Rough and the Smooth: an Autobiography. 237pp. 3 boxes, 1870-1947.
  • Stewart, Sir H.

    Pamphlet: 'Thirty years of Punjab agriculture', by H.R. Stewart, C.I.E., I.A.S., Director of Agriculture, Punjab. The text of an address given to Rotary Club, Lahore. 1 file, 1939.
  • Stock

    Catherine A. Stock. TS copies of letters of Catherine Ann (Stock), wife of Captain Alfred Simons and later of Captain Hector Munro. Lucknow, Naini Tal, Multan. 1 file, 1854-70.
  • Stokes, A. (3)

    Papers of Lady Alice Stokes, wife of Sir Hopetoun Stokes, I.C.S., Member of Governor's Executive Council, Madras 1930. Also some papers of Sir Henry Edward Stokes, Madras Civil Service, father-in-law of Lady Alice. Microfilm, 2 boxes, 1873-1952.
  • Stokes, E.T.

    Prof. E.T. Stokes, St Catharine's College. Copies of two articles, one about the relationship between his College and India, the other on constitutional matters. 1 file, 1855-57.
  • Stoton

    Ensign T.H. Station, Madras Native Infantry. 18 letters or sections of letters from Ensign Stoton to his family at home (mainly his father). 1 file, 1856-65.
  • Stracey

    Eric Lewis Stracey. Indian Police, Madras 1943; after independence Inspector- General, Police and Vigilance Anti-Corruption, Tamil Nadu. Memoir: Odd Man In: my Years in the Indian Police 1943-1979. 585pp. 1 box, 1943-79.
  • Stratton

    Capt. M.J. Stratton, descriptive diary kept while leading a supply and relief mule train into Burma ahead of the Japanese advance through the country in 1942. 34pp. 1 file, 1942.
  • Stuart, M.M. (2)

    Papers of Malcolm Moncrieff Stuart, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Bengal 1927; Magistrate and Collector 1941. Miscellaneous papers. 1 Box, 1 microfilm, 1848-1975.
  • Stuart, R.

    Col. R. Stuart. MS copies of letters written to the Begum Samru, at Serdhaneh, by Robert Stuart while a prisoner at Tanassar in the Punjab, March-September 1791. Microfilm, 1791.
  • Stubbs

    Papers of John Lawrence Commerell Stubbs, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, United Provinces 1930. 1 Box, 1939-43.
  • Studd

    Papers of Sir Eric Studd. To India 1906. Senior partner in J. Thomas & Co., Calcutta; Member of Legislative Assembly 1930-34, 1937; Member of Legislative Council, Bengal 1936. Microfilm, 1911-30.
  • Sutcliffe

    Letters of James Sutcliffe, educator, based at Hindu College, Calcutta. Large collection of family correspondence, transcribed and indexed. 1 box, 1843-1863.
  • Swanepoel

    MS copies of Lepcha songs from Sikkim collected by Major Waddell, LL.D., F.L.S., Indian Army Medical Corps, and reproduced in his book Among the Himalayas, London, 1899.
  • Swayne-Thomas (2)

    April Swayne-Thomas, artist. 1940-45, Karachi; 1945-47, extensive travel throughout India; 1952-54, Hyderabad. Diaries, 1944-59; galley proofs for her book Indian summer. Also drawings and paintings. 4 boxes, 1940-59.
  • Sweeney

    G. Sweeney. A member of the Royal Signals Corps of the British Army on N.W. Frontier 1926-31. Memoir: Army days, 1924-31. 26pp. 1 file, 1924-31.
  • Sweet

    Letter of Mrs May Sweet a resident of Shillong, Assam 1897. Account of 1897 earthquake. 1 Item, 1897.
  • Swithinbank (3)

    Papers of Bernard Winthrop Swithinbank, I.C.S. Appointed to Service (Burma Commission) 1909; Commissioner, Pegu Division 1933-42; Adviser to the Secretary of State for Burma 1942. 3 Boxes, 1916-65.
  • Tait

    Papers of John Gutherie Tait and of his wife. Professor of English Literature at the Central College, Bangalore; Principal, 1908. Includes memoir: Memories of Bangalore. 12pp by Miss Margaret Tait, born in Bangalore in 1907 1 Box, 1890-1950.
  • Talbot

    Papers of Mr Phillip Talbot and his wife. Mr Talbot was the Chicago Daily News reporter at the Indian independence celebrations. 1 box, 1947.
  • Tayabji

    'The Burma Story (December 1941 - July 1942)' told by Captain N.S. Tayabji (Indian Navy Retired) recounts the saga of the evacuation of Burma following the Japanese advance into the country in November-December 1941. 1 box, 1941-42.
  • Taylor, A.W.

    Papers of Mrs A.W. Taylor, wife of the Civil Surgeon of Manipur, Assam 1936-7 and Cachar and Burma 1940-42. 1 Microfilm, 1936-42.
  • Taylor, F.

    Dr Frances Taylor. Wife of Dr Geoffrey Taylor. He served in Persia in 1933 and was Civil Surgeon, Peshawar 1934-38. Memoir (unfinished): All the Changing Scenes, Part 2 - 1927-1934. Memories, Book 3 - The N.W. Frontier Province. 86pp, 42pp. Microfilm, 1927-38.
  • Taylor, S.G.

    S.G. Taylor. Indian Police, Bengal 1913-47. Papers on insurgency in Bengal. Memoirs: Bengal: 1942 to the takeover in 1947. The Terrorist Movement in Bengal, 1930-34. Miscellaneous notes. 61pp. 1 box, microfilm, 1913-47.
  • Tegart (4)

    Sir C.A. Tegart. Joined Indian Police 1901; Superintendent, Bengal 1908; Deputy Commissioner 1913; Deputy-Inspector 1918; Commissioner of Police, Calcutta 1923-31. Includes memoir: Charles Tegart: Memoir of an Indian Policeman. by Lady K.F. Tegart. 316pp. 4 Boxes, 1917-36.
  • Tennyson

    Hallam Tennyson. Diaries and notebooks; papers relating to social work and the work of the Friends' Service Unit in rural areas. Microfilm, 1946-48.
  • Tewson

    R.R. Tewson. A tea planter in S. India c.1937-67. Memoir: The Carefree Days of Planting. 26pp. 1 file, 1937-67.
  • Thatcher

    W.S. Thatcher, Baluchistan Regt. History of the 4/10 Baluchistan Regiment in the First World War. File containing extracts from letters, memoranda etc. 1 box, 1914-36.
  • Thom

    Thom, W.S. - Burma Police Service, 1887-1926. Memoir, written in his 80s, mostly about game hunting in Burma. 1 box, 1887-1926.
  • Thompson

    Assorted papers: volume of news clippings; two military commissions for Thomas Haughton, Madras Volunteer Guard. 1 box, 1850-63.
  • Thomson

    Dr David Thomson, Principal, Murarichand College. Extract from tape-recorded interview; journal and speeches; letters about joining the Indian Army. 1 box, 1 microfilm, 1911-23.
  • Tierney

    Papers of James McNeill. Diary of a district tour, 1892, Bombay Presidency; letters to parents, comments on mixed marriages, religious customs etc.. 1 box, 1892.
  • Tod

    J.E. 'Hamish' Tod, Malayan Civil Service; interned by Japanese and employed on Burma-Siam railway 1942-45; later in Malayan Education Department. Memoir (unfinished): I passed by Three Pagodas: the March to the Death Railway in Siam. 146pp. 1 file, 1940-45.
  • Tottenham

    Sir (George) Richard Frederick Tottenham, I.C.S.,1914. Madras, Travancore and Cochin; Deputy Secretary, Army Department, Delhi 1924; Bharatpur State 1938-40; Additional Secretary, Government of India, Home Department 1940. Reminiscences. c.187pp. Microfilm, 1914-48.
  • Trotter

    Lt. Col. J.G. Trotter. Copy of note from Louis Mountbatten, 2nd. Dec.1945, to Lt. Col. J.G.Trotter, Officer Commanding 1 Kumaon, Saigon. 1 file, 1945.
  • Turnbull

    Papers of George Turnbull. Civil Engineer, East India Railway 1851-63. Diaries and notebooks relating to his work and life in Serampore and Calcutta. 1 Box, 1851-63.
  • Turner, B.

    Beatrice Turner, born Sri Lanka in 1926, daughter of a tea and rubber planter. She lived in Sri Lanka until she started school in England in 1934. Memoir: Life was like that: the anguish of a colonial-born child. 143p. 1 box, 1926-54.
  • Turner, E.L.

    Papers, letters, photos, and audio tape on the Indian printing industry, 1920-29, and British civilian life in India, 1920-46, donated by Mr. E.L.Turner. 1 file, 1920-46.
  • Tweedie

    Notes by J.W.Tweedie concerning the early days of the Jaipur Tea Estates Ltd. 3pp. Further papers relating to Mr Tweedie are found in the Palmer, R. Collection. 1 file, 1887-97.
  • Twynam

    Sir Henry Twynam, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate, East Bengal and Assam 1910; Deputy Collector, Bengal 1916; Secretary to Government of Bengal 1929; Chief Secretary 1932 and 1936; Governor, Central Provinces and Berar 1940-46. Includes memoir: Golden Years and Times of Stress. 331pp. Microfilm, 1 Box, 1920-29.
  • Tyndale-Biscoe School

    Five Booklets: Log Books of the Church Mission School, known as 'The Tyndale-Biscoe School' Kashmir. All are illustrated with photographs. 1 file, 1913-29.
  • Varvill

    Note on the Karachi Extension Railway Survey, 1912-13. MS 2 pp., written 1967, plus twenty-three photographs (with notes on reverse). 1 file, 1912-13.
  • Veasey

    Note from A.J. Pringle to T.W. Arnold, about a donation of books about architecture. 1 file, 1898.
  • Vernede (5)

    I. A.H. Vernede, I.C.S. Bengal 1896; Magistrate and Collector 1910; 1912 transferred to Bihar and Orissa. II. R.V. Vernede, I.C.S. United Provinces 1928; Magistrate and Collector 1942. 5 Boxes, 1898-1946.
  • Verney

    I. Frederick Verney, accompanied Prince Damtong on tour of India, Malaya and Burma 1891-2. II. Sir Ralph Verney. Rifle Brigade 1902-8, 1913; Military Secretary to Lord Chelmsford 1916-21. Microfilm, 1891-1921.
  • Vinter

    "The Pattern of Economic Development in India". 73 typed pages, dated Nov.1951, with covering letter from Peter Vinter at the Ministry of Materials, Whitehall. 1 file, 1951.
  • Vosper

    Brief notes (6 pages) "...on the geography and political aspect of India; Diaries from two shooting trips. 1 file, 1926-27.
  • Wadsworth

    Sir Sidney Wadsworth, I.C.S. Joined service 1913 and held posts in Madras until 1947; Acting Registrar, High Court 1925; Judge 1935. Memoir: Lo, the Poor Indian. 375pp. 1 box, 1913-45.
  • Waghorn

    Colonel Sir William Danvers Waghorn. First commission 1887; Deputy Manager, North-Western Railway 1908; Agent 1916; Member, Indian Railway Board 1919. Kangra Valley Railway; Khyber Railway. 1 file, 1887-1924.
  • Wakefield

    G.E.C. Wakefield. Assistant Engineer, Punjab Irrigation Department 1892; Udaipur 1903-09; Hyderabad 1910-21; Jammu and Kashmir 1921-29. Memoir: Recollections: 50 Years in the Service of India. 212pp. 1 box, 1892-1942.
  • Walker, H.C.

    Papers of Herbert Comyn Walker, Indian Forest Department. Assistant Conservator, Burma 1899; Deputy Conservator 1906. 2 Boxes, 1910-24.
  • Walker, M.A.E.

    Stock certificates, India General Navigation and Railway Company Limited. Papers relating to the holding of this stock. 1 file, 1946-c.70.
  • Walker, P.H. (2)

    Papers of Mr P.H. (Hugh) Walker, member of the Hong Kong Government's Refugee Status Review Board, 1990-92. Papers relate to the treatment and assessment of refugees from Vietnam and the regulations under which the Board operated. 1990-92, 2 boxes.
  • Wallace, Maj. D.B.

    Major David B. Wallace. Officer, Royal Engineers in India and Burma in 1942 and 1943-44. In 1944 his section was attached to the 3rd Batallion, 4th Prince of Wales Own Gurkha Rifles, 30 Column. 1 Box, 1942-44.
  • Wallace, S.T.D.

    Papers of Samuel Thomas Dickson Wallace, Indian Agricultural Service. Assistant Director of Agriculture, Nagpur 1919; Deputy Director of Agriculture, Central Provinces and Berar 1920-32. 1 File, 1930-38.
  • Waller

    Papers of Colonel Waller. Xerox copy of diary of military movements and activity in the aftermath of the 1857 uprising, August-November 1858. 1 File, 1858.
  • Wallis

    "Inasmuch" by Ethel M. Luce Chausen. 14 ff. The story of the Rangoon Home for Waifs and Strays, Children's Aid Protection Society. 1 file, 1926-c.60.
  • Warburton

    Papers of William Pleace Warburton. Surgeon-Major Bengal Medical Service; Assistant Surgeon, Jullunder 1867; Surgeon-Major 1878. Includes Memoir: Controller of Devils by G.D. Martineau. 104pp. 1 File, 1866-1877.
  • Ward (2)

    Papers of Miss Agnes Ward (later Agnes Henderson), comprising family letters, mostly from Agnes Ward to her mother and sister. 3 boxes, 1875-1893.
  • Warren

    P.J. Warren. A member of the 3rd Pack Battery, Royal Artillery serving on the N.W. Frontier 1926-33. Memoir: With a Mountain Battery in India, 1926-1933. 46pp. 1 box, 1926-33.
  • Waterfield

    Papers of Mrs W.G. Waterfield, wife of Edward Hope Waterfield, I.C.S., who served in Bombay from 1900. He was Western Bhil Agent 1905-06. 1 Box, 1903-1916.
  • Watkins

    Maj. F.W. Watkins. Papers relating to the history of the Scinde Horse Regiment (36th Jacob's Horse). 1 file, 1916-28.
  • Watt

    Two pamphlets on the history of the Scout movement in India. 1 file, n.d.
  • Wauchope

    Letter from Samuel Wauchope describing life in Bengal Civil Service 1844-1873. 1 File, 1844-73.
  • Way

    Papers of Katherine Way written while a child in India between 1887 and 1889. Benares; march from Benares to Saugor. 1 File, 1887-89.
  • Webb

    Report on the Jaffna Peninsula Lagoon Scheme, by F.R.G. Webb, Divisional Irrigation Engineer. Colombo. 1 file, 1945.
  • Welch

    The Reverend H. Welch. Missionary of Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society in Central Provinces 1924-50. Memoir: My Missionary Call. 15pp. 1 file, 1924-50.
  • Wentworth-Reeve

    Papers of Mrs P. Wentworth-Reeve, great-niece of L.W. Daniell, a coffee planter in Ceylon in 1860's. 1 File, 1857-1866.
  • Westlake

    A.R.C. Westlake, I.C.S., 1921 and held posts mainly in Madras; Secretary, various Government of Madras departments 1941-43; Member, Board of Revenue 1944. Memoir: A Kaleidoscope for Krishnan: Experiences of India. 177pp. 1 box, 1894-1947.
  • Whitehouse

    Charles Augustus Whitehouse. Two volumes of an illustrated diary of a voyage to Ceylon entitled 'A Sea Pie' describing a journey from Liverpool to Colombo. Also collection of Company School paintings on mica. 1 box, 1842.
  • Whitworth

    Road and rail maps, fishing tackle catalogue and a paper about Indian fish. 1 file, 1912-65.
  • Whyte

    Comments, notes and criticisms of the scheme for the evacuation of Burma, 1942. Also map of evacuation and notes and instructions for evacuation personnel. 1 file, 1942.
  • Wickenden

    Papers of T.D. Wickenden, I.C.S., 1925 Central Provinces. Deputy Commissioner 1929; District and Sessions Judge June 1932; Legal Secretary to Government December 1943. 2 Files, 1942-1948.
  • Wildeblood

    Papers of John Peake Wildeblood, India Public Works Department; Assistant Engineer, Punjab 1890; transferred to North-Western Provinces and Oudh 1892. 1 File, 1893-1921.
  • Wiles (2)

    Gilbert Wiles, I.C.S. Assistant Collector and Magistrate, Bombay 1904; Secretary to Government Finance Department, Bombay, 1923; Chief Secretary to Government, Bombay 1938. 2 Boxes, 1928-47.
  • Williams, E. & F.C.

    Papers of Mrs Elswith and Mr Fred C. Williams of Octavius Steel Co. Ltd., Calcutta and London. Mr Williams was also a tea planter. Bengal, Assam 1927-55. 1 Box, 1927-55.
  • Williams, V.F.

    Mrs Violet Fulford Williams. She was the wife of the Reverend Henry Frank Fulford Williams, a Chaplain in Bengal 1913-35. Memoir: Under my Patch-Work Quilt. 111pp. 1 file, 1913-35.
  • Williamson

    Papers of Herbert Stansfield Williamson, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Punjab 1901; Settlement Officer 1912; Financial Department, India Office 1917. 1 Box, 1912-16.
  • Wilson, A.W.

    Letters of Major-General Sir Archdale Wilson to his wife, Ellen. He went to India in 1819 as an Artillery cadet and was in command during the assault and capture of Delhi in 1857. 1 Box, 1857-58.
  • Wilson, I. (2)

    Papers relating to the Surveyor General's office, Colombo. Includes a history, maps, regulations and technical details. 2 boxes, 1938-51.
  • Wilson/Pemberton

    Diary of M. Pemberton who travelled extensively in India 1933/34. The diary is a commentary on films shot by Raymond C. Wilson on the same journey. 1 File, 1933-34, Xerox copies.
  • Wimbush

    Anthony Wimbush. Indian Forest Service, Madras 1907-35. Memoir: Life in the Indian Forest Service. 175pp. 1 box, 1907-35.
  • Wingate

    Sir Andrew Wingate I.C.S. Bombay 1869; held posts in Mysore (Famine Department), Kashmir and Udaipur; Officiating Commissioner, Sind 1896-97; Bombay, Plague Commissioner 1900. Memoir: The British Bureaucrat in India 1869 to 1902. 204pp. Microfilm, 1869-1902.
  • Winn

    I. James Winn, E.I.C., Bengal 1842, aged 13. Apothecary, Lahore, Multan, Dinapore, Dum Dum, Allahabad, Calcutta, Chunar. II. Gilbert Franklyn Winn. Son of James Winn. Schoolteacher, 1890. From 1898; Viceroy's Private Secretary. Assistant Secretary in the Home Department in Delhi, 1922. III. Idina Youle (neé Winn), daughter of Gilbert Franklyn Winn. 1 Box, 1842-1922.
  • Wood

    Reverend J.A. Wood. A Church Missionary Society missionary in N. India (Batala, Lahore and Peshawar) 1898-1919. Memoir. 119pp. Microfilm, 1898-1920.
  • Woolf

    Papers of Leonard Woolf, Ceylon Civil Service 1904-11. Xerox copies of letters concerned with suppression of riots in Ceylon during 1914-18. 1 Box, 1914-18.
  • Wright

    Diary written by Air Commodore Wright when he accompanied H.E. Lady Dorman-Smith on a holiday tour in Bashahr State, in the Himalayan foothills, October 1-25 1943. 1 file, 1943.
  • Wyndham-Baker

    Papers of Lieutenant Wyndham Charles Baker, Madras Regiment of Artillery 1836-54. 2 microfilms, 1836-54.
  • Younie

    Collection of the letters of John Younie, Judge in the Courts of Bengal. 1916-1942. 1 Box.