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Bequeathed by Mrs Suzanne Paine. Mrs Paine was University Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge 1973-77 and Lecturer 1977-85. Other material bequeathed by Mrs Paine has been added to the Centre’s Library.

  1. Communist Party of India. 32 publications (in various languages).
  2. Vietnam pamphlets:
      • La republique socialiste du Viet Nam. Hanoi, 1976.
      • Some aspects of development strategy: selected papers.

    Hanoi, 1983.

    • The socialist republic of Vietnam: basic data. Hanoi, 1979. (Also copy in French. Hanoi, 1979.)
    • Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Press and Information Section. Nos. 7 (1984), Nos. 1, 2, 5, 8 (1985). Press release 18 December 1984.
    • Vietnam Broadsheet. Autumn 1983, No. 4.
  3. Miscellaneous pamphlets, etc.
    • Map of West Bengal.
    • Sau, R.K. Indian economic thought. 1973.
    • NIRD occasional monograph. Alexander, K.C. Agricultural labour unions: a study of three South Indian States. 1978.
    • Mukherjee, S. and others. Menace of multinationals. 1977.
    • Junankar, P.N. Neoclassical economics and Indian agriculture. 1980.
    • Ramamurti, P. An investigative analysis of the process of mortgaging a core public sector undertaking to a West German multinational and of its impact on other industries. 1978.
    • Majumdar, J. S. Multinationals in drugs and pharmaceutical industry in India. 1979.
    • Namboodiripad, E.M. S. Republican constitution in the struggle for socialism. 1976.
    • Reserve Bank of India. Exchange control: non-resident Indians. 1979.
    • De Mel, R. Sri Lanka’s economic strategy. 1980.
    • Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Inward remittances Gujarat. a survey. 1979.
    • Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Inward remittances Kerala: a survey. 1978.