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Thomas Douglas Wickenden, I.C.S. Joined Service in 1925 and posted to Central Provinces. Deputy Commissioner 1929; District and Sessions Judge June 1932; Legal Secretary to Government December 1943.

Given by Dr Wickenden.

  1. Papers relating to the publication of the Wickenden Report:
    1. Copy of Report on the Disturbances 1942-43. Government of India Press, New Delhi, 1944. [Prepared by Mr Wickenden and known as the Wickenden Report.] 105pp.
    2. Covering letter from Government of India, Home Department, dated 28 February 1944, sending Mr Wickenden a printed copy of the Report. Includes sentence: ‘I expect you will since have received Government of India’s “thanks”: I think the Report undoubtedly produced a deep impression, though I am afraid I have not seen any conclusions as yet.’ 1f
    3. Cutting from the Statesman of 19 August 1976 announcing the publication of the text of the Wickenden Report. 1f.
  2. Personal papers relating to the termination of the Secretary of State for India’s control over the Indian Civil Service, compensation, pension and annuity questions. 1945-48. 95ff.