Hyde, E.S. Papers

Edgar Hyde, I.C.S. 1928-47. Papers relating to E.S. Hyde’s work in the I.C.S., in particular to his work on census data collection. He also spent much of his time in India investigating the plight of ‘aboriginals’ and scheduled castes, and looking into methods of famine relief. Bastar State, Berar and Central Provinces 1935-1944.
Donated By E.S. Hyde, Mrs C. Hyde and Mrs D. Dean.

Box 1 – Reports on trials, the establishment of courts, justice, administration and finance in Bastar

Box 2 –¬†Papers mainly relating to ‘Aboriginal tribes’ in the Balaghat and Mandla districts of the Central Provinces, 1940 and 1941 (Mr. Hyde Deputy Commissioner.)

Box 3 –¬†Correspondence from Dr. Verrier Elwin to E.S. Hyde between January 1936 and March 1942.

Box 4 –¬†Reports on The Administration of Bastar for 1934-1940. Jagdalpur, State Press.

Box 5 – Reprints by Govt. of Nagpur Press of various reports on administration.

Box 6 – Various government publications, many mostly military programmes and histories.

Box 7 – Government publications, mostly relating to finance and administration.

Box 8 – Correspondence form Verrier Elwin and W.V. Grigson about the anthropology and personalities in Bastar State and Central Provinces and from Prof. D.N. Majumdar about administration; various other correspondence.

Box 9 – Publications relating to administration; correspondence about a book on Central Provinces and Bastar; assorted memoranda

Box 10 – Lushai Hills, World War Two; Memoir.

Box 11 – Papers relating to E.S. Hyde in the Indian Civil Service; his accounts and pension details and his later life after retirement.