Archive / Papers / Hyde, E.S. Papers: Box 9


  1. File A: India Office Library
    • Letters etc. relating to the India Office project which resulted in collecting papers on district administration during 1930-47 and the eventual publication of the book. The District Officer in India edited by Roland Hunt and published 17pp.
    • Report of the A.G.M. of the I.C.S. (Retired) Assoc. on 12 October 1977 in which this was reported, 2pp.
    • 35 inscriptions on Tombstones in Ellichpur Cemetery, Berar taken June 1931 by ESH with note, 4pp.
    • Another copy, 3pp.
  2. File B: Miscellaneous
    • Correspondence relating to inquiry from R. Chakravati, Bhopal, to ESH about Elwin correspondence.
    • Memorandum on openings in the Home Civil Service and Foreign Service for… ex I.C.S. etc. (1946) 7pp.
    • Another copy.
    • Memorandum on Vacancies ins the Colonial Service …for ex I.C.S. etc. 4pp.
  3. File C: India Office
    • Letters, circulars, forms, pamphlets relating to retirement from I.C.S pensions, terms, compensation, income tax relating to ESH, 1946-1965.
  4. File D
    • Three letters from David Baxter of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, to ESH. Written from Western Australia, asking for comment, information for his forthcoming book on the Central Provinces and Berar. 7.12.75; 14.4.76; 19.6.76. Xerox copy of a paper on ‘The Art of Governing: Sir Montagu Butler, the Central Provinces and Berar, India 1925-33’, 23pp. Letter from Librarian of IOL., 26.5.76.