Archive / Papers / Hyde, E.S. Papers: Box 2


  1. TS papers relating to the administration of Bastar State.
    • Kabadi rules. (Bond-servants) 1935.
    • Bastar Kabadi rules. Copy of letter from E.S. Hyde to W.V. Grigson, Revenue Secretary to H.E.H. The Nizam’s Government, Hyderabad, urging abolition or reform of bond-servitude. 17.5.1938. Copy of para 4 of a letter from E.S.H. to W.V. about bond-servant system and its control. 5.11.1938.
    • Letter from the Revenue Secretary (W.V. Grigson) to H.E.H. The Nizam of Hyderabad’s Government, to E.S. Hyde, Administrator Bastar State, enclosing Draft Bill of the Hyderabad Bhagela Agreements Regulation of 1345 Fasli, signed by R.M. Crofton, Director General and Secretary, H.H. the Nizam’s Govt.
    • Printed pamphlet: Regulations of 12345 F. regarding The Hyderabad Bhageta (bond-servants) Agreements compiled by the Revenue Secretariat sanctioned by His Exalted Highness the Nizam. Hyderabad-Deccan Goct. Central Press, 1936.
  2. TS Civil Circular 1935 (from E.S. Hyde): Interest.
    • Scrutiny of agreements in unequal contracts.
    • Postponement of recovery.
    • Damdupat
    • Usurious loans act.
    • Cloth loans and Khata accounts.
    • Paddy loans. app.
  3. TS Circular from E.S.H., Office of the Administrator, Bastar State. Subject: Markets: protection of aboriginals.(from traders and banias.) 1937.
  4. TS copy of paras 2 and 3 of the fortnightly Confidential Report dated 23 January 1940 from the Administrator Bastar to the Assnt. Political Agent, Raipur. Subject: food shortages in markets.
  5. TS copy of letter from the Administrator, Bastar State, to the Political Agent, Chhattisgarh States, Raipur on a proposal to reserve forest areas in the Abujmarh Hills inhabited by aboriginals. 3pp., 1940.
  6. TS copy of letter from E.S. Hyde, Administrator Bastar State to the Political Agent, Chhattisgarh States, Raipur, C.P. on The Indian Census, 1941 and the proposal to eliminate the enumeration of castes. 1939.
  7. Extracts from printed copies of Rules for the Administration of Justice in various districts, namely:
    • Sadiya Frontier Tract, 26 March 1937.
    • Lakhimpur Frontier Tract, 26 March 1937.
    • North Cachar Hills Subdivision, 25 March 1937.
    • Naga Hills District, 25 March 1937.
    • Caro Hills District, 29 March 1937.
    • Khasia and Jaintia Hills, 29 March 1937.
  8. Printed Note by the Governor of the Central Provinces, F.V. Wylie on the Condition of Aboriginal tribes in the Balaghat and Mandla Districts, 27 March, 1940. (10 pp.). A severe report on the conditions of, and injustices to, the tribal peoples, in their work for the Government (Forestry mainly), together with firm and constructive suggestions for improving their general welfare particularly agricultural and righting the injustices. Severe criticism of educational and medical services, water and excise policy, animal sanctuaries, etc. A comprehensive, detailed and imaginative survey based on the Governor’s tour of the area.
  9. Printed Enquiry into the condition of the aboriginal tribes in the Central Provinces and Berar by W.V. Grigson (Aboriginal tribes enquiry officer, Central Provinces and Berar). (19 pp.) July, 1940.
  10. Questionnaire No. 1 Law and Justice.
  11. Questionnaire No. 2 Franchise, Political education, local self-government, panchayats, tribal organisation and mukaddams.
  12. Copy of typed answers to Questionnaire No. 3 on Bond Service, by E.S. Hyde.
  13. Copy of a letter from E.S. H. to W.V.G., 8 July, 1940 referring to a note on the excluded areas. Refers to his experience in Assam. (3pp.)
  14. Reply to above by W.V.G. 12 July, 1940. Difference between C.P. and Assam. Importance of amending laws at same time as aboriginal protection charter is enacted. Refers in particular to necessity for getting bond-service legislation altered. (6pp.)
  15. Letter from E.S.H. to W.V.G. 19.7.40, about inaccuracy of statistics for the area. (2pp.)
  16. Letter from W.V.G. to E.S.H. 23 July 1940 about tahsildar of Dindori (lp.)
  17. Printed Memorandum from the Office of the Aboriginal Tribes Enquiry Officer, C.P. and Berar, Nagpur, W.V. Grigson, to all Deputy Commissioners of the Province, on Questionnaire No. 3. Bond-Service amongst aboriginal farm labourers. Includes Questionnaire No. 3 (6pp.).
  18. Printed Memorandum (as above): copy of Press Communique of the Government of Madras taken from Fort St. George Gazette, Part 1 of the 23 July 1940. (2pp.)
  19. Printed Memorandum (as above) to Director of Public Instruction C.P. and Berar and D.G. on Questionnaire No. 4. Aboriginal Education – Includes Questionnaire No. 4. (7pp.)
  20. Letter from E.S.H. to W.V.G., 11 September 1940, about delays in dealing with legal cases, and also a particularly oppressive malguzar. (2pp.)
  21. Letter from W.V.G. to E.H.S. about the enquiry not being a waste of time, 18 October 1940. (lp.)
  22. Copy of TS note by the anthropologist C. Van Furer Haimendorf on the Chenchus of Hyderabad surveying the injustices inflicted on them, and the proposed measures to combat these, possibly by making reserves, and protecting their traditional way of life and values. Circulated by W.V.G. as relevant to the aboriginal problem of the C.P. (18pp.)
  23. Memorandum from office of the D.C. Mandla (E.S.H.) to the Aboriginal Tribes Enquiry officer C.P. and Berar, Nagpur. November, 1940, on the expropriation of aboriginal tenants.
  24. Brief History of Settlements, 1818-90, and review of aboriginal population from 1891. Nature of problem.
  25. Report on expropriation of aboriginals from tenantry holdings (1866-1930) by G.M. Deshpande, Superintendent of Land Records, Mandla. Includes the original statement of total areas and rents in last three settlements in each tahsil to end of 1939-40, and the list of villages owned by Gond Malguzar of Mandla Tahsil. (12p including one very large sheet of statistics.)
  26. TS letter from Verrier Elwin, at Camp Sadhawan, Bastar State, 6 November, 1940, to E.S.H. about protecting the Gonds, the Gond Niaha Saba, and his distrust of a future Nationalist Hindu Government. Included in this letter his Note on the Gond ‘Karma’ (dancing) (3pp.)
  27. TS Note on the Gond Karma (dancing) by Mr. Verrier Elwin. Description and effect of the Karma dance and various opinions on it, and as an aspect of Gond culture. n.d. (two copies).
  28. TS letter from the Maharajah of Sarangarh to E.S.H. 7 November 1940, inviting him to a meeting to discuss the future of aboriginals. Other participants include: W.V. Grigson; W. Archer; C.P. Simington; C. Von Furer Haimendorf and Elwin, etc. (1p)
  29. TS letter from W.V.G. to E.S.H. 9 November 1940, about the answers to Questions 1, 2, 3 of Questionnaire, sent in by the Roman Catholic priests in the Mandla district, particularly in relation to elopement of Gond women, and the dance Karma. (2pp.)
  30. TS letter from E.S.H. to W.V.G. in reply to above and commenting on the priests’ opinions. Accusations of administrative shortcomings to be investigated – opinion of Karma dance given by Elwin (See 15). (2pp)
  31. MS letter from Mgr. Dubbelmans, Prefect Apostolic, Jubbulpore sending a copy of the reply to Questionnaires by Priests of the Mandla District, and E.S.H.’s acknowledgment. (2pp.)
  32. Duplicated Report of some Catholic priests of Mandla District in connection with the questionnaires issued by the aboriginal tribes enquiry officer. The answers to questions about marriage particularly interesting. (21pp.)
  33. Duplicated answers to the 4th Questionnaire made by the Rev,.G. can. Dorst and others, Mandla. (8pp.)
  34. Copy of TS letter from Mgr. Dubblemans to W.V.G. 25 November 1940, commenting in particular on marriage among Gonds, sent by W.V.G. to E.S.H. (3pp.)
  35. Copy of TS letter from the Deputy Director of Agriculture, Northern Circle, C.P. Jubbulpore in answer to W.V.G.’s criticism of the Dindori Farm in his notes on the Aboriginal Problem in the Mandla District. Main criticism the neglect of aboriginals by the Agricultural Department. Covering letter from W.V.G. who sent it to Verrier Elwin and Hyde. 29 November 1940. 7pp.
  36. Copy of TS letter from Verrier Elwin to W.V.G. from Jagdalpur P.O. Bastar State, 6 December 1940. Refers to note from Agricultural Department. Gond morals discussed. (4pp.)
  37. Letter from W.V.G. to E.S.H. Camp Kuvakodi, 26 December 1940, referring to the invitation from the Maharajah of Sarangarh to a conference on the Aboriginal problem, and to the Hill Marias. (2pp.)
  38. Letter from Verrier Elwin to E.S.H. from Patan, Mandla District, 2 January, 1941, about the rights of the aboriginals to gather minor forest produce. Refers to his note on Aboriginal Education.(1p.)
  39. Copy of TS letter from E.S.H. to W.V.G. 10 January 1941. Criticism of Medical and Veterinary Departments in regard to their treatment of aboriginals. Specific items scrutinized, and comparison with Bastar State. Suggests complete,overhaul of Departments.
  40. Two extracts from Tour Diary of Mr. S.D. Bhagwar Tahsildar Niwas for the month of January, 1941, regarding land possession. (2 pp.)
  41. Note by E.S.H. 20 January 1941, about the attitude of Forest Guards to aboriginials. 2pp.
  42. Copy of a TS letter from E.S.H. to W.V.G. 14 January 1941, about Aboriginal Reserves and in reference to Dr. Haimendorf’s paper on the Chenchus. Protection of aboriginals means complete change in administration, etc. Aboriginals unprotected from traders’ exploitation under present legislation. Suggestions for reserves, and legal amendments. (6 pp).
  43. Copy of a letter from E.S.H. to W.V.G. 19 January 1941, about fines on aboriginals and including Memorandum, 15 January on the same subject.
  44. Copies of letters to and from E.S.H. and Dr. Eileen Macfarlane and W.V.G. at the R.C. Mission Khandiva, about taking blood samples from Gonds, 30 January, 4 February and 8 February 1941. (4pp.)
  45. Comment by E.S.H. on Verrier Elwin’s note on Aboriginal Education. (2pp.)
  46. Extract from note 11 March 1941, on illicit distillation. (1p.)
  47. Copy of letter from E.S.H. to W.V.G. on medical aid in aboriginal areas. 14 March 1941. (1p.)
  48. Extracts of Notes from the Secretariat file regarding application (to aboriginals and co-operatives) of the C.P. Tenancy (Amendment) Act VIII of 1941, sent by W.V.G. to E.S.H. 29 September 1941.
  49. Copy of letter from E.S.H. to W.V.G. 1 October 1941, about C.P. Tenancy Act as affecting aboriginals. (lp.)
  50. Copy of a letter from E.S.H. to W.V.G. 29 October 1941, about a case of extortion by a Brahmin from an aboriginal. (lp.)
  51. Letters regarding the diet of the aboriginals:
    • From E.S.H. to S. Hivale and Verrier Elwin asking for information on the diet. 20 July 1940.
    • From E.S.H. to the Chief Medical Officer, Bastar State, on the diet given to prisoners in the State jail. 20 July 1940.
    • List of food articles normally used by the aboriginals in Dindori Tehsil, sent by S. Hivale and V. Elwin. Covering letter from V. Elwin. 7 August 1940.
    • Reply from Chief Medical Officer, Bastar State.
    • Acknowledgment by E.S.H. of Hivale’s list. 8pp.
  52. Copy of a letter from E.S.H. to W.V.G. 27 January 1941, about the aboriginal and land tenure. Only hope for the aboriginal is by strict protective legislation. Examples of exploitation of aboriginals by malguzars. (3pp.)
  53. Miscellaneous papers relating to aboriginal problems in Mandla.
    • Correspondence with the Rev. J. van Heertum at Dullopur on aboriginal problems. Inaccuracy of Census returns: prospect of coming famine: precise examples of oppression by Forest Guard and banias: request for small-pox injections for cattle. 2 receipts. 1 March 1940; 11 November 1940; 9 December. 1940. (10pp.)
    • Tour notes by E.S.H. about Hindu malguzars who trouble aboriginal tenants.
    • Appeal about caste classification.
    • TS Report from The Rev. G. van Dorst, on conditions at Khairi resulting from oppression of malguzar. 2 November 1940. Map attached. (4pp.)
  54. TS judgement with MS note by E.S.H. that it was a case concerning aboriginals he reviewed as he thought the sentence unduly severe. 19 August 1940. (2pp.)
  55. Copy of the Report on the Bastar and Kharonde Dependencies of the Ralpore District by Lt. Colonel C. Elliott, Deputy Commissioner of Raipur to the Commissioner of Nagpur. 27 May 1856. TS bound, 34 pp. illus., plan.
  56. TS note by E.S. Hyde as introduction.
  57. 9 February 1936 Gond Java Mandal, Karaiyai, Mandla District to Mr. Hyde, Administrator, Jagdalpur, asking for guidance in his study of the Gonds of Bastar, part of his campaign for protecting the aboriginal tribes. Mentions being still politically suspect (as pro-Congress). Attitude of Government and Congress towards tribesmen.. 2pp.
  58. 16 December 1936. S.S. Kaiser-i-Hind on return from England. Has had to leave Karaiyai, now in Dindori, which they have bought. Opposition to the work from Hindu minor officials, etc. makes things difficult. Asks to be given some sort of official status. 4pp.
  59. 17 February 1937. Gorakhpur, Dindori Tahsil. Village where no Englishman has been within living memory. Congress infiltrators’ Hinduising tactics with Gonds, in name of the Government. Elwin to be an Hon. Magistrate. Comments on effect of his books Phulmat of the Hills and Leaves from the Jungle. 3pp.
  60. 17 April 1937. Gorakhpur. Brief note about an applicant for a job in Bastar. 1p.
  61. 20 June 1937. Gorakhpur. Effect of Congress propaganda on the Gonds and on himself. Proposes that Hyde appoint him ethnographer to Bastar State. 1p.
  62. 28 October 1937. Gorakhpur. Depressed with illness and situation in India particularly regarding the Gonds.
  63. 10 January 1938. Gorakhpur. Has sold village, and wants to move, asks Hyde for advice.
  64. 31 December l938. Gorakhpur. Remarks on a review of W.V. Grigson’s book The Muria Gonds of Bastar. Wants to go to Bastar again to research. Encloses letter written on 12 December 1938 asking for a subscription towards the cost of publishing his book on the Baiga. Contents list of the Baiga; report by Professor J.H. Hutton. Other reports on the book 5 pp.
  65. 12 June 1939. P & O S.S. Mooltan. Finds England absorbed in war, not interested in tribals. Attitude towards prohibition in India by England. 2pp.
  66. 7 August 1939. Governor’s Camp. C.P. Berar. Is to study the Muria and their Gotul with research grant from Merton College. 1p.
  67. 21 September 1939. Gorakhpur. Has been approved for Census work. Comparison of war conditions and lot of the tribals. lp.
  68. 11 November 1939. Gorakhpur. Relating to Hyde remaining in Bastar and helping the tribals. Illness. lp.
  69. 8 December 1939. Gorakhpur. Illness. Hopes to get to Bastar in January.
  70. 11 February 1940. Gorakhpur. Asking for formal permission to work in various tribal areas. Going to Bihar. 2pp.
  71. 25 February 1940. c/o W.G. Archer, K.S., Census Superintendent, Bihar, Hazaribagh. Going to tribal areas in Chota Nagpur. Various requests for help before coming to Bastar.
  72. 12 April 1940. Gorakhpur. Hyde going to Mandla. Has just married a Gond. Encloses a photograph. 1p.
  73. 15 May 1940. Gorakhpur. Going to Bastar, and Hyde to Mandla. Remarks about the corruption in Mandla. 1p.
  74. 18 September 1940. Jagdalpur, Bastar State. Writes as Hon. Ethnographer. Remarks on Mandla individuals and the corrupt situation. 1p.
  75. 28 September 1940. Jagdalpur. Remarks on corruption in Dindari and Mandla. Proposed Friends of the Aboriginals Society. 1p.
  76. 13 December 1940. Jagdalpur. Answering inquiries about the Agarias.
  77. 8 February 1941. Jagdalpur. Comments on Government attitudes towards aboriginals. Anti-British propaganda in Karanjia. Agreement with Hyde’s Note on Aboriginal Reserves. 1p.
  78. 12 May 1941. Patan. Comment on District Council Schools as centres of Hinduisation etc. More about other Hinduisation incidents.
  79. 23 May 1941. Mandla. Hindu propaganda at Ramnagar camp.
  80. 30 June 1941. Mandla. Consequences of closing down of Madhopur Camp to aboriginals.
  81. 8 November 1941. Jagdalpur. Comment on Hindu character of aboriginal religion. Lawyer for aboriginals.
  82. 19 March 1942. Jagdalpur. Comment on Radhakrishnan. Mentions book on Marias. Has been appointed Hon. Ethnographer, Bastar State.
  83. Correspondence 1944 chiefly relating to V. Elwin’s controversy with the R.C. Missionaries, Mandla district.
    • 6 July 1944. Bhumijan Seva Mandal. Patangarh P.O. Mandla District. Comment on usefulness of the aboriginal court. Urges opposition to R.C. missionaries in Mandla: spread of Hinduism among aboriginals. Wishes Government would take over aboriginal schools. 2pp.
    • 16 September 1944. Pdtangarh. Mandla. Long letter about altercation with the R.C. missionaries, and disappointment in Hyde’s attitude. Accuses R.C. missionaries of influencing Magistrates, and other crimes against the aboriginals, abetted by Hyde. 2pp. (See item 32.)
    • 10 October 1944. Duplicated letter from the Secretary of the Apostolic Prefecture, Jubbulpore to the Editor of the Hitavada, Nagpur, denying all Elwin’s accusations against the missionaries. Sent by the Prefect Apostolic, Mgr. Dubbleman to Mr. Hyde, for information.
    • 10 October 1944. Pencil note from Sir Geoffrey Ramsden to Hyde relating to Elwin’s letter of 16 September.
    • 14 October 1944. Note from the Secretary to the Governor of the C.P. to Mr. Hyde commenting on the above correspondence.
    • Letter from Elwin’s associate, Shamrao Hivale, joint author with some of Elwin’s works, from Mandla, to Hyde. No date. 2pp. Remarks about: Elwin’s books, – schools for aboriginals, especially technical schools – News of a gang in Bilaspur
    • MS note by Mr. E.S. Hyde 14 April 1977, on his correspondence with Dr. Elwin. Gives an outline history of. Elwin’s work in Bastar, and biographical notes, and more particularly to his attitude to, and work amongst, the aboriginals. Account of dispute about the R.C. missionaries which Elwin’s letter of 16 September 1944 (item 28) instigated.
  84. 13 duplicated Newsletters (and one diary), from Bhumijan Seva to Mandal, Mandla District. 1937: 8 April, 29 August, 1 December; 1938:18 March, 10 June, 20 August, 1 November, 1939: 10 January (account of the Ashram by Eldyth Elwin, Verrier Elwin’s sister) 15 November. 1940: 4 January, 1 May, 24 December and Bulletin No.4 October 1944 (printed). These newsheets cover the events, progress and daily life of the Ashram at Bhumijan Seva Mandal, Mandla District, which included schools, leper homes and agricultural projects. They are concerned with the development of aboriginals, and protection of their rights.
  85. TS of essay submitted by Verrier Elwin for the Wellcome Medal, 1939. The Cause and Cure of the failure of nerve among the aboriginals of the Central Provinces of India. 52pp.
  86. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal. Science Vol. VI, 1940, No.1, Calcutta 1940. Note refers to article Blood grouping in the Deccan and Eastern Ghats by Eileen W.E. Macfarlane.
  87. 7 photographs taken in 1942-43 in the Lushai (now Mizo Hills) when E.S. Hyde was Additional Superintendent and Superintendent. 12 photographs of Surat, Darjeeling, Hyderabad, Karwar, Andamans; Burma. 4 photographs of Bastar State, including Mrs. Milward the sculptress. 1 photograph of Mandla.