Archive / Papers / Hyde, E.S. Papers: Box 6


  1. File A. Papers relating to the I.C.S. Family Pension Scheme, the C.P. and Berar Association; Memorandum on the effect of the Simon Commission Report’s recommendations on the position of the European members of the service – and subsequent papers from the All-India Assoc. of Govt. Servants etc. Papers on Joint Committee on Indian Constitutional Reform etc. 1931-47 (107pp.)
  2. Envelope containing 85 newspaper cuttings, mainly undated and unnamed, but some from the Statesmanand the Daily News (Nagpur), relating to The position of I.C.S.: the position of the Princes; Sir John Hubback’s attack on Congress 1940; the resignation of Dr. Khare, the Jubbulpore Dasera riots 1938; C.P. politics 1938; the War; the aboriginals and tribal groups; reviews of books; murder of Major Bazalgette, etc. etc. Includes three articles on America and India by Edward Thompson.
  3. File B:
    • Review of Halbi grammar written by Pooran Singh, Jagdalpur 1937. 2pp.
    • Session Trial – No. 2 of 1935. Bastar State v. Koda Muria of Surewahi, Antagarh Tahsil. 4 States of Affirmation relating to the murder of a boy for ritual purposes. 9pp.
    • 2 copies of notes on the case in (2) with MS notes on anthropological aspects by E.S.H. 3pp.
    • Letter (?J. Yorke) about intermarriage of Raots and Halbes, 28 June 1937 2pp.
    • Statement written in Hindi with TS translation by Mohammad Ibrahim, S.H.O. Dantewara of a case of a girl who disappeared at intervals due to supernatural causes. 3 copies of TS statement by the S.I. Police. 4pp.
    • TS Statement 28 May 1939 about an attack by a wounded tiger, lp.
    • Letters, statements and attack lists about the Erpund man-eating tigers and arrangements for shoot. March 1938. 15pp.
    • MS and TS Statement showing number of persons tried and convicted for Murder from 1 January 1934 to 18 October 1938. 4pp.
    • TS papers relating to appeal by three accused of murder, residents of Bhirlinga, tahsil Jagdalpur, 4pp.
  4. File C:
    • Note on aboriginals’ use of intoxicants, lp.
    • Copy of letter sent by ESH to Verrier Elvin on the diet of aboriginals 20 July, 1940, 4pp.
    • 2 copies of a note on forest villages in aboriginal administration 20 January, 1940, 4pp.
    • Letter to W.V. Grigson from ESH about aboriginal reserves, 14 January, 1941, 3pp.
    • Letter to W.V. Grigson from ESH about allotment of land by aboriginal patels. 27 January 1942.
    • Law Courts in Dindori as they actually are, by R.B. Agarwal, for Verrier Elwin Esq. Note by Verrier Elwin to ESH, 30 September, 1940. and the DSP. 15 October 1940, 54pp.
  5. File D:
    • I.P.B. Bulletin, June 1954, article on Labour legislation and Indian Investment.
    • Reports on the Indian Civil Service Family Pension Scheme 1937-39, 12pp.
    • Papers and reports from the Finance Dept., New Delhi, on rules for the I.C.S. Pension Fund, and the Family Pension Fund, 1939-40, 38pp.
    • Receipts for gifts to War Relief Fund. Letter about I.C.S joining up, 1941, 4pp.
    • Papers relating to the Army in India Reserve of Officers to which E.S. Hyde belonged, 1929-41, 18pp.
    • Papers relating to the release of I.C.S. officers for military service. 1941, 4pp.
    • ‘European Association and Auxiliary Force in Wartime’. TS Article by A.C. Roberts sent for the Monthly Review, European Assn. Editor’s reply. May 1940, 13pp. env.
    • TS article: ‘The Wartime Role of the A.F. (I). The Light Horse in War’. Initialled ACR? 8.6.40. 19pp.
  6. Miscellaneous papers:
    • TS Civil circular on money lending in Bastar by ESH. 7 June 1935, 2pp.
    • Memorandum on presentation of Nazar by British Indian Officers on deputation in Indian States. 4 May 1935.
    • Printed letter from A.V. Thakkar, secretary, Servants of India Society, on the welfare of Hill and forest tribes in all Provinces of India. 12 September 1940 with TS copy of letter from Verrier Elwin in answer, 5 October 1940, 5pp.
    • Newspaper cutting of murder charge in Berar. n.d.
    • Letter from J.P. Mills in Shillong on human sacrifice, 8 May 1940.
    • Printed article on ‘Handloom weaving in India’. Secretariat Press Nagpur Nos. 260 and 765, Civil Secretariat 1907, 5pp.
  7. Court cases:
    • History sheet of Hazoor Ahmad, Andherdeo, Jubbulpore, 1942, 2pp.
    • Case of abduction of Gond child for marriage, 1940, 7pp.
    • Letters of petition, congratulation, results of rat count, poems, 1933-40, 38pp.