Archive / Papers / Hyde (E.S.) Papers: Box 1


  1. Report of proceedings, Committee of State Ministers. Bombay, 12-14 April 1939. (Secret)
  2. Full report of the Sessions Trial, Bastar State v. Mahadeo Sadan and Chaitan, 1938.
  3. ‘Reports on the following cases in the Court of Sessions: Bastar State v. Kawasi, 26 January 1938; Bastar State v. Lamti Raut and Bondku Rait, 9 March 1938; ‘Bastar State v. Dengue, Kana and Dhudu, 14 May 1938; Bastar State v. Dhosu, 24 June 1938.
  4. Memorandum from the Administrator, Bastar State to the Political Agent Chhattisgarh States, Raipur, proposing to constitute a High Court for the Chhattisgarh States Agency. 30 September 1939. 9 pp.
  5. Speech made by the Administrator, Bastar State on the return of the Maharaja and his brother and sisters after a stay in the Hill Station 1938.
  6. “Bastar State. Administration reports … 1934-18. Jagdalpur, 1935-40. 5 vols.
  7. TS papers relating to the administration of Bastar State.
    • Kabadi rules. (Bond-servants) 1935.
    • Bastar Kabadi rules. Copy of letter from E.S. Hyde to W.V. Grigson, Revenue Secretary to H.E.H. The Nizam’s Government, Hyderabad, urging abolition or reform of bond-servitude. 17.5.1938. Copy of para 4 of a letter from E.S.H. to W.V. about bond-servant system and its control. 5.11.1938.
    • Letter from the Revenue Secretary (W.V. Grigson) to H.E.H. The Nizam of Hyderabad’s Government, to E.S. Hyde, Administrator Bastar State, enclosing Draft Bill of the Hyderabad Bhagela Agreements Regulation of 1345 Fasli, signed by R.M. Crofton, Director General and Secretary, H.H. the Nizam’s Govt.
    • Printed pamphlet: Regulations of 12345 F. regarding The Hyderabad Bhageta (bond-servants) Agreements compiled by the Revenue Secretariat sanctioned by His Exalted Highness the Nizam. Hyderabad-Deccan Goct. Central Press, 1936.
  8. TS Civil Circular 1935 (from E.S. Hyde): Interest.
    • Scrutiny of agreements in unequal contracts.
    • Postponement of recovery.
    • Damdupat
    • Usurious loans act.
    • Cloth loans and Khata accounts.
    • Paddy loans. app.
  9. TS Circular from E.S.H., Office of the Administrator, Bastar State. Subject: Markets: protection of aboriginals.(from traders and banias.) 1937.
  10. TS copy of paras 2 and 3 of the fortnightly Confidential Report dated 23 January 1940 from the Administrator Bastar to the Assnt. Political Agent, Raipur. Subject: food shortages in markets.
  11. TS copy of letter from the Administrator, Bastar State, to the Political Agent, Chhattisgarh States, Raipur on a proposal to reserve forest areas in the Abujmarh Hills inhabited by aboriginals. 3pp., 1940.
  12. TS copy of letter from E.S. Hyde, Administrator Bastar State to the Political Agent, Chhattisgarh States, Raipur, C.P. on The Indian Census, 1941 and the proposal to eliminate the enumeration of castes. 1939.
  13. Extracts from printed copies of Rules for the Administration of Justice in various districts, namely:
    • Sadiya Frontier Tract, 26 March 1937.
    • Lakhimpur Frontier Tract, 26 March 1937.
    • North Cachar Hills Subdivision, 25 March 1937.
    • Naga Hills District, 25 March 1937.
    • Caro Hills District, 29 March 1937.
    • Khasia and Jaintia Hills, 29 March 1937.