Archive / Papers / Hyde, E.S. Papers: Box 1


  1. Report of proceedings, Committee of State Ministers. Bombay, 12-14 April 1939. (Secret)
  2. Full report of the Sessions Trial, Bastar State v. Mahadeo Sadan and Chaitan, 1938.
  3. ‘Reports on the following cases in the Court of Sessions: Bastar State v. Kawasi, 26 January 1938; Bastar State v. Lamti Raut and Bondku Rait, 9 March 1938; ‘Bastar State v. Dengue, Kana and Dhudu, 14 May 1938; Bastar State v. Dhosu, 24 June 1938.
  4. Memorandum from the Administrator, Bastar State to the Political Agent Chhattisgarh States, Raipur, proposing to constitute a High Court for the Chhattisgarh States Agency. 30 September 1939. 9 pp.
  5. Speech made by the Administrator, Bastar State on the return of the Maharaja and his brother and sisters after a stay in the Hill Station 1938.
  6. “Bastar State. Administration reports … 1934-18. Jagdalpur, 1935-40. 5 vols.