Archive / Papers / Hyde, E.S. Papers: Box 4


  1. A report on the Subah or Province of Chhattisgarh written in. A.D.1820 by Major P. vans Agnew. 1922.
  2. Notes suggested from a perusal of Sir John Malcolm’s Revenue Report on Malwa and sent to the Resident, November 1820. 1923, 11pp.
  3. Report on the territories of the Raja of Nagpur submitted to the Supreme Government of India by Richard Jenkin’s, Resident at the Court of His Highness The Raja of Nagpur, 1827. 1923, 142pp.
  4. Supplement to above. 1925, 59pp.
  5. Note on the Saugor and Nerbudda territories by Robert Merttins Bird, Member of the Sudder Board of Revenue, N.W. Provinces, dated 31 October 1843. 1922, 20pp.
  6. A second copy.
  7. A Report on the Nagpore State down to 1845 by Captain Ramsay, Assistant Resident, written in January 1845. 1923, 45pp.
  8. Grant of Proprietary Rights in the Central Provinces 1847-1860. 1923.
  9. The Escheat of the Nagpore State: 1853-1854. 1923.
  10. Administration of the Nagpore Province by Mr. G. Plowden, Commissioner from 1855 to 1859. 1923.
  11. Report on the administration of the Central Provinces for the year 1862, 1923.
  12. Review of Indian Administration during the past thirty years, India Office, 28 February 1889. (Statistics and Commerce No. 16) 29pp. (copy forwarded to the D.C., Seoni for information by the Ass. Sec. to the Chief Comm. C.P.)