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F.G.H. Anderson, I.C.S.

Given by Mrs. H. Harvey.

India general: 1929-1937

Box 1

  1. British ideals and Indian politics, by a member of the Indian Civil Service, recently retired. London, the Indian Empire Society, Pamphlet 10 [n.d. c.1932].
  2. (a-e) Five copies of Paper No.24 of the 4th Int. Conference to promote Land Value Taxation and Free Trade, Edinburgh, 1929: Some facts, fallacies and reflections concerning the land revenue systems in India, by F.G.H. Anderson, I.C.S. (retd.)
  3. Acknowledgement of Services: Mr. F.G.H. Anderson, M.A., I.C.S 28 January 1929.
  4. The Times: Weekly edition – Thursday, 14 January 1937 (Special Hyderabad Colour Number)
  5. The Times: Weekly edition – Thursday, 7 January 1937 (Diamond Jubilee Colour Number)
  6. Decorated menu for Dharampur-Kashmir wedding banquet, 1 May 1923
  7. Programme – Marriage of Shrimant Baiji Shri Dhanvant Kunvar Baiji Saheb with General Raja Saheb Sir Harisinhji Saheb Bahadur, Heir-Apparent of Jammu and Kashmir State, Dharampur, Monday 30th April 1923
  8. Envelope addressed to Miss Clarke, European Camp, Dharampur, containing:
    1. Invitation to Miss Clarke to the opening ceremony of the Vijaya Raj Mahel Mohan Gadh, 2nd May 1923
    2. Invitation to Miss Clarke to the “Vasant” Durbar, 30th April 1923
    3. Decorated menu as in 6 above

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