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Small Collections Box 9

Papers (mainly personal) of David Edward Evans. Assistant Engineer, Royal Indian Marine, 1885 during Third Burma War; worked for Ralli Brothers in Eastern India 1889-1931, Chief Engineer from 1911.

Given by Mr David Lloyd Jones

  1. Envelope 1: Papers relating specifically to Mr Evans’ work with Ralli Brothers. Includes:
    • Business/technical correspondence;
    • Personnel and staffing letters including references and statements of apprenticeship;
    • Evans’ own correspondence with the Company including a letter indicating his intention to resign after his next tour of duty;
    • a few technical engineering drawings;
    • envelope of adulatory letters from people in India.
  2. Envelope 2: Miscellaneous personal papers of Mr Evans including:
    • Medical documents;
    • Correspondence with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (and related correspondence);
    • correspondence from H.W. Collins of Calcutta apparently about a loan.
  3. Envelope 3: Miscellaneous personal papers of Mr Evans including:
    • A bond relating to a loan to H.D. Evans of Calcutta;
    • Receipts;
    • Copy of a grave receipt;
    • Two letters from Mr Evans to Mr Lloyd Jones during the Second World War (xerox copies). Notes by Mr Lloyd Jones draw attention to the significance of certain of the items.