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Given by J.T.M. Gibson (Master Doon School; Headmaster Mayo College)

India General; Ajmer: 1937-1969

TS of autobiography: ‘As I Saw It’ (1977) which consists largely of his letters home, first to his parents and latterly to his sister, from 1937 until he retired in 1969. These letters are selected but unedited except for an occasional footnote. Half the subject matter is concerned with school life at the Doon School and Mayo College, and half with trekking in the Lower Himalaya. Interspersed are some letters to Mr. Gibson from his family in England and from his friends in England and India.

During the war Mr. Gibson left the Doon School to serve in the R.I.N. for three years. His last year in the Navy was spent organising pre-cadet training. He then returned to the Doon School but was soon seconded to head the academic staff of Inter-Service Wing, training cadets for all three armed services. Returning to the Doon School after two and a half years with the Inter-Service Wing, he describes in Ch. XXI his involvement with the repatriation of indigent Englishmen and in Chapter XXIV he gives the “common introduction” he appended to the letters he sent to the parents of boys in his House.

In January 1954 Mr. Gibson became Headmaster of the Mayo College, Ajmer. He introduced an entrance exam and raised the standards of scholarship, and many distinguished people visited the school, from the President, downwards. Describes educational battles, e.g. English as a medium of instruction, constantly questioned by Congress politicians.

Chapter XXXVIII, summarises some of his achievements. Throughout the work he comments, describes and criticizes India, favourably and unfavourably, and continually seeks for excellence in attainment.