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(Thomas Graham) Given by Mr. and Mrs. Forrester

Note on Thomas Graham made by M.M. Stuart. 5 pp.

Cash book of the ship General Goddard (Captain: Thomas Graham) 17 November 1796-11 February 1797.

‘Account of merchandise … being for sundry goods shipped … on board the General Goddard on account of Captain Graham, 31 March 1796.’

Day book of the Honourable Company Ship General Goddard 22 November 1796-11 July 1797 at Fort St. George.

Account book of the Busbridge, February 1789; voyage to Madras and Bengal.

Xerox copy of letter from William Graham to his son James Graham ‘writer to the Honourable East India Company at Calcutta, Bengal’ written from Airth House, 15 August 1785.

Ship’s correspondence from the Captain, Thomas Graham (General Goddard) 31 March 1796-8 February 1798. Xerox copies.

Xerox copies of letters and accounts in the National Archives of Scotland, following on and connected with the above letters and accounts, sent by Mr. M.M. Stuart.