MacLeod Papers

Papers of two generations of a family stationed in India

1. Roderick Henry Macleod, I.C.S. Assistant Magistrate and Collector, North-West Provinces and Oudh 1877; Assistant Judicial Commissioner 1903. 1 Box, 1877-79. Collection of letters descriptive of social life and local political and civil service matters.

2. Mrs Roderick Donald William Macleod, and her husband R.D.W. Macleod, I.C.S. Magistrate and Collector, United Provinces 1926. Personal letters between husband and wife. Also includes correspondence with A.G. Clow and with E.H.N. Gill.

Box 1 – Letters from Roderick H. Macleod to his mother 4 November 1877 – 5 January 1879 in three collections; leatherbound scrapbook containing official papers concerned with R.H. Macleod’s I.C.S. career.

Box 2 – Personal letters from Mrs. R.D. Macleod; letters from A.G. Clow.

Box 3 – Correspondence with A.G. Clow and E.H.N. Gill; papers relating to R.D.W. McLeod’s publications.