Archive / Papers / MacLeod Papers: Box 1


Letters from Roderick H. Macleod to his mother 4 November 1877 – 5 January 1879 in three collections.

  1. Journey to Bombay on the Malwa. Arrival in Bombay where he is entertained at the Byculla Club. Continues to his appointment as Collector at Benares. Detailed and descriptive. 47pp.
  2. From Benares. Describes work and social life. Gives report of his first case. A few pen and ink sketches. Describes how ice is made and kept. Work as Treasury Officer. Decries lack of good newspapers. Says everyone there detests Gladstone (p.22). Quotes several statistics of Benares from the Gazetteer. A hand-drawn sketch map of Secrole (p.27). Describes visit to Nirza Kaiser Bakht Shahzada at his palace (where Chait Singh was arrested by Warren Hastings). Details of the different Officers and their work. Describes the Burwa Mangar Mela. 40pp.
  3. From Benares. Describes: the visit of Sir Ashley Eden (Lt. Cdr. of Bengal). Details of his work. Details and sketch of his new bungalow. Visits the Monkey Temple and the Golden Temple. His exam results.
  4. Leatherbound scrapbook containing official papers concerned with R.H. Macleod’s I.C.S. career:
    • The I.C.S. exam papers for 1875 and the tables of marks; cuttings from The Times, 24 July 1877, showing results; the Articles of Agreement and Covenant of R.H. Macleod dated 1877; several notifications printed in the Government Gazette 1879, also several printed ‘Promotions and Revisions’, from 1879-1904; letters from J. Woodburn, Chief Secretary to Government, N.W.F.P. and Oude; various telegraphs; papers relating to furlough; a collection of Testimonials including an Abstract of Services while in India. 228pp.