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Donated by Professor Sir Christopher Bayly.

  1. 3.6.1916. Pass for E.W. Ludlow allowing leave.
  2. First World War propaganda leaflet: ‘Last will and testament of the Kaiser’. 1p. n.d. (but before March 1918)
  3. 16.5.1918. Photocopy of Army Form B.104-82B. Notification of the death of Rfn. Edgar William Ludlow, killed in action with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, 4 May 1918.
  4. 21.5.1918. Photocopy of telegram carrying erroneous report of the death of E.W. Ludlow, who was admitted to hospital wounded.
  5. 21.5.1918. Photocopy of letter from the Officer in Charge, Infantry Records to Mrs Ludlow, confirming the content of the above telegram.
  6. 6.6.1918. Photocopy of letter from R.C. Fowler to Mrs E.L. Ludlow responding to an enquiry and giving further details of the condition of E. Ludlow.
  7. 3.8.1918. Photocopy of letter from the War Office to Mrs E.L. Ludlow, confirming her husband’s location at Command Depot, Abyssinia.
  8. ‘In Memoriam’ card for Philip Townsend, London Irish Rifles.
  9. Christmas greeting card, Palestine, 1917 from ‘Billy’ to ‘Nell and Babs’.
  10. Concert programme, Central Education School, Imperial School of Instruction. Includes the cast list for a play, ‘Bakshish, a comedy of Egyptian village life’.
  11. 20.8.1919. Active Service Army Schools Certificate for E.W. Ludlow, giving results of examinations in Accountancy, English, Arithmetic, Sec. Practice and French.
  12. Programme for a showing of a film travelogue by Lowell Thomas: ‘With Allenby in Palestine and Lawrence in Arabia’.
  13. Various loose pages from 19thLondon Regiment Memories. Assorted articles from 1925 to 1928.
  14. Small pamphlet, ‘The London Irish Rifles’, cover missing. 8pp.
  15. Collection of eight postcards sent home by E.W. Ludlow (Bill) to his wife (Nell) and daughter (Babs). They give personal details of his time in North Africa and journey home in 1919. Dated between 24.1.1917 and 3.9.1919.
  16. Menu card, ‘San Stefano Kensingtons Xmas Dinner, 1918’. Signed by those attending on the reverse.
  17. Booklet commemorating service of troops in Alexandria, ‘With best wishes for the New Year from the British community in Alexandria’. n.d. (1918) 8pp.
  18. Berthing card for E.W. Ludlow on the S.S. “Megantic”. n.d.
  19. Photocopy of blank contract to be used in signing up for the Egyptian Labour Corps.
  20. Page from the supplement to the Palestine News, 10.1918. On one side is an account of the regiment’s journey to Damascus, on the other a map of the Lebonon District, scale 1:500,000.
  21. Map: ‘Plan of Cairo, Compliments of the Young Men’s Christian Association’. With information for soldiers about the city on the reverse. n.d., 2pp.
  22. Map: ‘Alexandria. With the compliments of the Alexandria Committee of the Young Men’s Christian Association’. With information about the city for visiting soldiers on the reverse. n.d., 2pp.
  23. Photocopy of ‘In Statu Pupillari. The Magazine of the Military Education School Zeitoun’. 1919, 23pp.
  24. A brief record of the advance of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, July 1917 to October 1918, HMSO, London, 1919. 131pp. with 112pp. of maps and explanatory text.