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Given by Sir Christopher Masterman, C.S.I., C.I.E.

Madras: 1914-1946

TS articles written at various times.

  1. Pondicherry. 2pp brief description of contacts with French Government.
  2. Kondhs Agency. Brief notes on post as Special Assistant Agent, Balliguda Agency, 1919. 2pp.
  3. The I.C.S. at War (1914-1918). Account of Masterman’s time as Assistant Collector, Tinnevelly until being allowed to join the 5th Cavalry in 1917 in the N.W.F. at Risalpur. Training – Cavalry v. Infantry. Palestine in 1918-19. Eventual demobilisation. 15pp.
  4. Tinnevelly 1915-17. Account of Masterman’s two years in Tinnevelly with a description of the three Collectors under whom he trained as Assistant Collector, and the form the training took. 12pp.
  5. Xerox copy of a letter from Sir Christopher Masterman to Miss Thatcher, May 1974, with autobiographical note on his career between 1920-36. 3pp
  6. Secretariat 1936-39. Autobiographical account of Masterman’s time as Secretary to Government, Education and Public Health Department under Congress Government with C. Rajagopalachari, P. Subbarayan and Dr. T.S.S. Rajan. Other ministers, and problems of the Secretariat – Reminiscences of Rajagopalachari. 6pp.
  7. Recollections of a District Officer in war-time: Vizagapatam, 1939-1942. Includes account of the military defence of Madras, air-raid precautions, the air-raid on Madras in 1942 and its aftermath, including account of Lord Wavell’s visit. 13pp.
  8. Questions to Sir Christopher Masterman put by Dr. Christopher Bayly (Queen’s College, Cambridge) in July 1973.
  9. The TS answers sent by Sir Christopher in August 1973. The subjects cover national and local politics; Congress’s influence; changing attitudes of British officials, Government in Madras; Gandhi’s influence; C. Rajagopalachari and other ministers; Kondhs. 7 pp
  10. Dinner seating places:
    • Centenary Dinner, Madras Chamber of Commerce, 5 December, 1936.
    • Government House, Ootacamund, 24 May 1937
    • Government House, Madras, 11 January 1938
    • Government House, Madras, 18 January 1938
    • Medical dinner, 1938.
  11. Investiture Programme, Banqueting Hall, Madras, 10 March 1944. (Sir Christopher Masterman’s C.S.I.).
  12. Government of Madras Education and Public Heath Department G.O. No. 1398, 26 June 1937. Order – No. 1398, Education: press communique issued by C.H. Masterman, Secretary to Government. Printed 12 pp.
  13. Envelope containing newspaper cuttings relating to war-time Madras, with reported speeches by Sir Christopher Masterman on India’s concern in War; air raid on Vizagapatam; National War Front; food supplies; motor control; food control 1947. Mainly from Visakba Patrika and Madras Mail 1938; 1940-44; 1947, and undated.
  14. Programme of Fete in aid of the War Fund, Vizagapatam, 8 March 1941.
  15. Welcome address, gold and white, to Sir Christopher Masterman, Adviser to His Excellency the Governor of Madras. 9 March 1946.
  16. Madras Occasional Verse: privately printed on behalf of the Madras Hospital Ship. 2nd ed. Higginbothams Ltd., Madras 1917. Annotated by Sir Christopher Masterman.
  17. Madras Club: List of Presidents and Chronological Table of Important Events 1934/36-1949. 2pp.
  18. Two amusing verses by Sir Christopher Masterman.
  19. After-dinner speech by Sir Christopher Masterman
  20. Invitation card, 13 February 1945.
  21. Poem written about air-raid precautions at Vizagapatam.
  22. Personal book of newspaper cuttings. 1913-1936. Relating to Sir Christopher Masterman and relatives. A number from The Madras Mail etc. of Sir Christopher’s speeches when Collector of South Arcot – Articles on Salt Tax and India as a Federal State etc.