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Papers of Miss Mary Muriel McKnight

Given by Miss Mabelle McKnight

Eleven letters 17 October – 20 December 1931, written while on a visit to India.

  • 17 and 26 October, on board ship; describes the voyage and the visit to Malta and Aden.
  • 5 November, from New Delhi; description of various social functions and visit to Hanz Rhas. (Letter incomplete.)
  • 14 November, to her family; visit to the Jamma Musjid; journey to Simla and return to Delhi; description of the garden party at the Viceroy’s house – clothes worn, ceremonial, Viceroy and Lady Willingdon receiving guests, the house and gardens.
  • 16 November; visit to Ghiyas-ud-Din’s tomb; criticism of Robert Bernay’s book The Naked Fakir; various social occasions.
  • 21 November; various trips and social engagements; description of the bazaar in New Delhi.
  • 28 November; description of the dinner party at the Viceroy’s house.
  • 1 December; visit to the Taj Mahal; car journey to Sikronda and Fatehpur Sikri.
  • 7 December; weather cooler; various social activities.
  • 13 December; visit to Jaipur State; description of banquet given by the Maharaja of Jaipur; plans for journey back to England.
  • 20 December, from S.S. Strathnaver; train journey to Bombay; car tour of Bombay; official dinner party on board; voyage home and visit to Cairo, lunch at Shepheard’s Hotel, and the pyramids.

Two envelopes containing invitations to the garden party and dinner party at Viceroy’s house and seating plans for dinner; invitation to the banquet held Jaipur and seating plan; invitation to the dinner party on board Strathnaver.