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Captain V.A. Ormsby I.A.

Lent by Mrs. M. Ravenscroft

N.W.F.P., U.P. 1862-1917

Xerox copies of:

  1. Journal of Charlotte Mary Wortley Corbett, mother of V.A. Ormsby. Covers years 1862-65; mainly accounts of her journey up country from Calcutta, and subsequent journeys with her father in the U.P. and with her husband, F. Ormsby after marriage in August 1864.
  2. TS volume: ‘A Battalion in Tirah’: being the experiences in Tirah and on the Samana of a Regimental Officer, by Captain V. Ormsby lst Battalion 3rd Gurkha Rifles 1899. 153pp.
  3. Booklet entitled ‘Almoriana’, by V. Pioneer Press 1901. Short essays which first appeared in The Pioneer, and relate to life in and around Almora.