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Given by Mrs. F. Matthews

‘The Sir John Nicholson record: a genealogical tree of the family.’ TS duplicated.

Duplicated TS of a memoir written by Esther Anne Betts (née Nicholson) a cousin of John Nicholson’s on her father’s side:

Voyage to India in 1854 to join her parents; her father was opium agent of Suleempore District, Gorruckpore; they hear of the Barrackpore mutiny in February l857; after Meerut in May they live in terror; women and children evacuated from Suleempore (sic) to Allygunge where there is a force of troops under Lt. Havelock; description of 30 mile trek; arrive safely, and after a week return to Suleempore; news of mutiny at Segowlie, Allygunge and Arrah; attack on Suleempore; escape by river to Dinapore; (one of the regiments here commanded by Colonel Showers); from there they are sent to Calcutta.