Maxwell, R.M. Papers

Sir Reginald Maxwell, I.C.S., and Lady Maxwell.

Bombay Presidency: 1907-1944.

This collection has been reorganised twice, once in 1978 and again in 2019. Items from Boxes 1 to 10 in the original printed handlist are now separately held in the photograph collection. The papers, which originally commenced at box 11, are here re-listed in a straight numerical order. If you have followed a citation from a book published before 2020, then you will need to adjust your search accordingly: Box 11 is Box 1, Box 12 – Box 2, and so on.

A detailed list is to be found in the boxes.

Box 1 – Papers relating to the later years of Sir Reginald Maxwell’s I.C.S. career.

Box 2 – Papers relating to the organisation and structure of the I.C.S.; Formal dinners and state occasions; local politics.

Box 3 – Papers relating to Sir Reginald Maxwell’s parents and their time as missionaries in North India; memoir by Lady Maxwell.

Box 4 – Papers relating to Indian National Congress and move towards greater independence, 1940s; files on butterflies and entomology.

Box 5 – Letters to family, 1920s and details of a talk given in the 1940s by Lady Maxwell about her time in India.

Box 6 – Engagement diaries, 1910-1944.