Archive / Papers / Maxwell, Sir R. Papers: Box 3


This box was listed as Box 13 in the original handlist.

  1. Papers relating to Lady Maxwell’s parents, Rev. H. and Mrs. Haigh, missionaries in India among the Todas etc.:
  2. Notebook. MS by Mrs. Lilian S. Haigh on Nilgiri Hills; South India; and the Todas. A brief outline of environment, and of the manners and customs of the Todas.
  3. Three photographs of Toda people and their houses.
  4. Four hand-coloured postcards of people living near Darjeeling. Missionary? Semi-comic?
  5. Two coloured postcards of Bangalore and Mysore.
  6. Series of printed missionary letters – ‘Letters from camp’ Nos. V-XIII written from the Wesleyan Mission House, Gubbi, Mysore State, South India, 23 September 1912-31 December 1913. These are records of attempts at conversion to Christianity from Hinduism, and are remarkably enlightened showing a very deep knowledge of Hinduism.
  7. Single sheet from a letter to Mrs. Haigh, 1913 describing the continuation of Sati.
  8. Letter to Mrs. Haigh, 7 December 1913, about missionary activities.
  9. MS of a talk about women’s missionary work in India.
  10. MS notebook in Kanarese.
  11. Duplicated TS article, ‘The war and missions’ – preliminary sketch of an article for the International Review of Missions. (No date, but World War I.)
  12. Letters written by Lady Maxwell’s mother, Lillie Shillington Haigh on her voyage to India as a bride and her first experiences of settling into missionary life. 10 December 1886-26 September 1887, sixteen letters, a few of which are written by her husband, or have notes from him; some are written to other members of the family. They are very personal and give quite a detailed picture of setting up house in South India, and the daily life of a missionary.
  13. Second batch of six letters January-March 1891 while on tour of Northern India. Goa, Bombay, Ahmedabad, Agra, Darjeeling, Calcutta, Rangoon, Mysore.
  14. Photographs given by Lady Maxwell to illustrate her parents’ papers:
  15. Staff, students and buildings of Wesleyan Mission Girls’ School, Gubbi, Mysore District, South India, 1913; Bidda Hanumantas Temple, Gubbi; individuals connected with the mission including a group of the translators of the Bible into Kanarese for the British and Foreign Bible Society.
  16. ‘Through Northern India’, a talk to explain the lantern slides of a tour from Bangalore to Darjeeling 1891, by Rev. H. Haigh, and a diary of the tour by Mrs. Haigh.
  17. Envelope containing notes of slides given by Lady Maxwell.
  18. Xerox copy of MS biography of Sir Reginald Maxwell (1882-1961) by Lady Maxwell. 8pp.
  19. TS memoir written by Lady Maxwell in 1970-71 of her life in India.