Archive / Papers / Maxwell, Sir R. Papers: Box 1


Sir Reginald Maxwell, I.C.S., and Lady Maxwell.

Bombay Presidency: 1907-1944

This was listed as Box 11 in the original handlist.

  1. Original poster, Quit India and small printed slip 2 October 1942: Gandhi Jayanti Voice of India – ‘Quit India at once’, in original envelope addressed to Sir Reginald Maxwell.
  2. TS copy of letter from Sir Reginald Maxwell to his mother 22 December 1925 from Kaira. Meeting with the Hon. Sir Chunilal Mehta at Nadiad; describes Indian breakfast.
  3. Extract from letter 11 February 1926 on subject of inter-dining with Indians; their type of food; caste restrictions and regulations; hygiene.
  4. Newspaper cuttings and cartoon about Sir Reginald Maxwell from The Statesman, 3 September 1938.
  5. Two printed pages, 181-2 from Indian Information 15 August 1941, called ‘Personalities’ – sketch of Sir Reginald Maxwell’s career and other news.
  6. MS letter from Mahadev (Desai) from Sevagram, Wardha, C.P. to Sir Reginald Maxwell, 25 December 1940, expressing good wishes for the safety of his family at home.
  7. MS letter from Mahadev Desai, Sevagram, Wardha, 26 December 1941, of good wishes and friendship in spite of divergent paths.
  8. MS letter from Mangesh R. Telang to Lady Maxwell enclosing a painting of a Veena and two Sanskrit verses addressed to Sir Reginald and Lady Maxwell composed by Mangesh Telang.
  9. Letter from M.R. Telang in Karwar to Lady Maxwell in London, 6 March 1942, of friendship and domestic news.
  10. Letter from M.R. Telang in Karwar to Sir Reginald Maxwell, 8 January 1943, expressing regret at his leaving India, and alto asking incidentally what had happened about the idea of his receiving the title Maha’mahopadhyaya.
  11. Cutting from newspaper 14 April 1943 about Sir Reginald Maxwell’s departure.
  12. Seating plan and guest list at farewell dinner given by Lord Linlithgow at Viceroy’s house New Delhi to members of his council, Tuesday 12 October 1943.
  13. MS speech delivered by Sir Reginald Maxwell at the farewell dinner Tuesday 12 October 1943.
  14. Seating plan and guest list at farewell dinner given by the Viceroy (Viscount Wavell) to the Hon. Sir Reginald and Lady Maxwell, 24 March 1944.
  15. TS speech delivered by Sir Reginald Maxwell in reply to Lord Wavell’s speech, at the farewell dinner, 24 March 1944.
  16. TS letter of regret at Sir Reginald Maxwell’s departure from the President of the Legislative Assembly 28 March 1944 and rough MS by Sir Reginald Maxwell 29 March 1944.
  17. MS letter from Sir Richard Tottenham 7 April 1944 expressing regret at Sir Reginald Maxwell’s departure.
  18. MS letter from Bombay from Paramesihwar V. Gunishastri, Director of Tariff Commission, 28 February 1963, in answer to one of Sir Reginald Maxwell’s to his father; personal.