Archive / Papers / Maxwell, Sir R. Papers: Box 4


    1. The Radical Humanist, formerly Independent India. Vol. XVIII, Nos. 6-7. Calcutta, 7 February 1954. M.N. Roy Memorial Number, Vol. XVIII no. 5 31 January 1954
    2. Legislative Assembly debates. Miscellaneous. 1938-44. With speeches made by Sir Reginald Maxwell. 18 copies, index in separate envelope.
    3. Wallet containing pamphlets and Government papers:
      • ‘Congress and the war’ – reprint from the Times of India, by a political correspondent.
      • ‘Congress and the axis’ – reprint from the’ Times of India, July 1942.
      • ‘Has Congress failed? A historical survey of the years 1918-39.’ Bombay, Times of India Press, 1943.
      • Coupland, R. ‘The Cripps mission.’ Oxford, University Press, 1942.
      • Tottenham, R. ‘Congress responsibility for the disturbances 1942-43.’ Delhi, Government Press, 1943.
      • `Correspondence with Mr. Gandhi, August 1942 – April 1944.’ Delhi, Government Press, 1944.
      • Government of India Act, 1935.
      • ‘Some facts about the disturbances in India, 1942-43’, compiled by an Indian journalist from material supplied by the Government.
    4. Wallet containing natural history reprints:
      • “Notes on the Larvae and Pupae of Some of the Butterflies of the Bombay Presidency” – Davidson and Aitken;
        Parts 1 & 2.
      • “The Butterflies of the North Canara District of the Bombay Presidency” – Davidson, Bell & Aitken;
        Parts 1 to 4 with envelope containing 3 plates from part 1.
      • “Food Plants of the butterflies of the Kanara District of the Bombay Presidency” – Lionel de Niceville, 1900.
      • “The Common Butterflies of the Plains of India” – Bell; 3 Parts.
      • “Hints on Collecting and Preserving Insects” – Bainbrigge Fletcher, ‘Imperial Entomologist’; Reprinted from the Report of the Proceedings of the Third Entomological Meeting held at Pusa, 1919.