Archive / Papers / Pengree Papers: Box 1 and Microfilm


Given by Mrs. P.T. Pengree

Small Collections Box 18

Miscellaneous financial and domestic documents:

  1. 4 TS sheets (from Dutea, Assam, Tea Seed Syndicate, Dibrugarh).
  2. Abstract of Bill Book for seed sold 1928. Statement of local expenditure. 2pp.
  3. Statement of expenditure in Calcutta, season 1928.
  4. Advertising booklet N.E. India’s Tea Seed: Dutea (Assam) Tea Seed Syndicate, Dibrugarh P.O., Upper Assam.
  5. Programme of Madden Gymkhana May Meet, (Dibrugarh) 8 and 9 May, 1925.
  6. Sheet of paper and envelopes of Dutea Tea Seed Syndicate.

Microfilm No. 53 (in two parts)

Diary written as the wife of a tea-planter, E.P.C. Pengree, of Mothula Tea Estate, Dibrugarh, Assam, 1924-28.

  1. Description of a number of expeditions made by boat in Assam.
  2. Starts on honeymoon on a launch in the Brahmaputra. Description of camp life and the people they meet (Miris) all in great detail. Visits a Mill, by trolley. Rides on elephant for the first time.
  3. Continues with detailed descriptions of other river and jungle excursions to various Miri villages.
  4. Gauhati and Shillong. Notes on the Khasis. The Kema Puja – description of dancing, etc.
  5. Examples of her husband’s adjudication among the Miris (unusual for a tea-planter).
  6. To Tinsukia to see tea-seed packing sheds.
  7. 1925. Christmas at Pota Muhk for fishing.
  8. February-March, 1926. Leave in England. Before leaving gives account of trying to get bail for an Indian boy implicated in a murder case.
  9. 1926. November: Pota Mukh again.
  10. December: Trip to Bordutri Ghaut and Harmutry tea garden from Dibrugarh. Description of bungalow. Detailed description of fishing expedition, and shooting. Long detailed description of a big game hunt 7 February-29 February, 1927.