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Given by Mrs. N. Monckton

U.P. 1857

Printed pamphlet entitled: Letters from Futtehgurh

The writer of the letters, Rose C.M. was Rose, daughter of Thomas Taylor of Clifton and grand-daughter of Sir John Cottrell, Bart. She married a forbear of Mrs. Monckton in 1854, John Rivas Monckton (b.1833) who was a lieutenant in the Bengal Engineers and Superintendent of part of the Grand Trunk Road.

The letters were printed by ‘a Lady in Edinburgh quite unacquainted with the writer or her husband…’

There are two letters written in diary form.

  1. Futtehgurh 16 May 1857 tells of the beginning of the mutiny, and is largely commitment of themselves (her husband and child) to Divine Providence.
  2. 21 May 1857. They hear of the massacre at Meerut. They invite all the missionaries into their house. Great alarm as people crowd into houses and compounds. Alarms at news of Delhi – no European troops at Futtehgurh. Agree to rush to the Fort should they be attacked.

May 18. Four of the men go to Allygurh to try and raise troops to check insurgents. They do not go eventually.

May 22. News that Allygurh has mutinied.

May 23. Plans to escape should they be attacked – they do not think there would be time to get to the Fort.

June 1. Great Suspense. Their feeling of fear at having no European regiment, and being entirely at the mercy of the troops. Each family has planned different ways of escape. Rumours and opinions on the Mutiny.

May 21 Extract from a letter saying she will not go to the Fort but will remain where she is with her husband.