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W. McC. Sharpe

Microfilm No. 10

  • Report of the Dacca Riots Enquiry Committee. Alipore, Bengal, Bengal Government Press, 1942.
    60 pp. and six appendices of 25 pp. In three parts: Dacca city; rural areas; recommendations. Appendix E contains five photographs of the damage; appendix F contains map of the town.
  • Report of the trial and judgement of Surja Sen, alias Master de Tarakeswar Dastidar and Kalpana Datta under the Bengal Criminal Act etc. at Darjeeling 7 June 1933. Includes exhibits produced at the trial, including statements made to the Tribunal and propaganda and instructions made by the Indian Republic Army, and copies of documents found and used in evidence. W. McC. Sharpe, member of the special Tribunal.
    147 pp, plus 24 pp. of documents.