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Dr. David Thomson

Papers lent by Professor A.M. Thomson

Box 1

  1. TS extract from a tape-recording made by Dr. David Thomson in Aberdeen in 1959 (when he was 80). Interviewed, transcribed and edited  by his son, A.M.Thomson.
  2. Xerox copy of Dr. Thomson’s CV and references for his appointment to Professor of Chemistry, Cotton College, Gauhati, Assam.

Microfilm No. 21

  • Journal kept by Dr. Thomson 11 March 1911-1923, in Assam. Daily happenings; students; servants; Hindu customs and caste system; lectures; fireflies; scholarships; some copies of letters to and from Dr. Thomson.
  • Principal’s diary, Murarichand College, Sylhet 12 November 1923 – 5 January 1926. ‘ College affairs.
  • Draft of inaugural address to Murarichand College, 21 November 1923.
  • Draft of address to staff and students, Cotton College, on the second anniversary of World War I, 4 August 1916.
  • Letters to and from Dr. Thomson regarding his registration as an officer in the Indian army, February 1915 – April 1918.