Vernède Papers

1. A.H. Vernède, I.C.S. Bengal 1896; Magistrate and Collector 1910; 1912 transferred to Bihar and Orissa.
2. R.V. Vernède, I.C.S. United Provinces 1928; Magistrate and Collector 1942.

Box 1 – Collection of letters written by A.H. Vernède to his wife Katherine – mostly personal and family details; assorted other family letters.

Box 2 – Diaries of A.H. Vernède, 1898-1920.

Box 3 – Family letters from Allahabad, mostly by Kathleen Vernède (wife of R.V. Vernède); record of women’s war work.

Box 4 – Cuttings and articles from the U.P. press; family letters and scrap books.

Box 5 – Copies of assorted news and magazine publications.