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A.H. Vernède ICS and R.V. Vernède ICS

Given by R.V. Vernède

Bengal, Bihar and Orissa 1896 -1920, U.P. 1928-1947

Arthur Henry Vernède arrived in India in 1896 to take up his first appointment in Bengal where he served until 1912 when he was transferred to Bihar and Orissa. He retired from India in 1920. A summary of his postings and home leaves during that career is included in Box 1, Folder 1

Raymond Veveysan Vernède, son of A.H. Vernède, arrived in India to take up his appointment in the U.P. where he spent his entire service. 1928-1947.

  1. Letters from Mrs. Nancy Vernède to her mother Lady Kendall, widow of Sir Charles Kendall, ICS, Judge of Allahabad High Court, in England. Those of 1937-1939 written from Benares and Lucknow. Those of 1941-1946 written from Garhwal. One of 1936 and one of 1938 from R.V. Vernède to Lady Kendall. The letters are about personal and domestic matters. 176 pages.
  2. A Short History of All Saints’ Cathedral, Allahabad by the Rev. A.G. Davies-Leigh M.A. 1929.
  3. Womens’ War Work in the U.P. 1939-1945.
  4. Victory Record of the War Effort of Garhwal District 1939-1945