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A.H. Vernède ICS and R.V. Vernède ICS

Given by R.V. Vernède

Bengal, Bihar and Orissa 1896 -1920, U.P. 1928-1947

Arthur Henry Vernède arrived in India in 1896 to take up his first appointment in Bengal where he served until 1912 when he was transferred to Bihar and Orissa. He retired from India in 1920. A summary of his postings and home leaves during that career is included in Box 1, Folder 1

Raymond Veveysan Vernède, son of A.H. Vernède, arrived in India to take up his appointment in the U.P. where he spent his entire service. 1928-1947.

  1. Scrap folder of newspaper cuttings about social events in the U.P. 1921-1934; newspaper article of Dec. 15, 1933 entitled ‘A Warning to Muslims – A Muslim Plea for Communal Peace, Social Service and Conversions’. Newspaper article ‘Hill Stations Past and Present’. No date. Newspaper article of 1934, ‘A Middle Aged Memsahib’. Invitations to Govt. House, etc. kept by Miss Nancy Kendall, later Mrs. R.V. Vernède.(73pp)
  2. Letters: From ‘Kathleen’ in Kashmir to her mother and her sister ‘Gracie’ on the plains. No date, but probably about 1910. Kathleen Brookes was a girlhood friend of Mrs. R.V. Vernede’s mother. Scrap folder: Newspaper cuttings, snapshots and photographs listed below. (74 – 219 and 233 – 235pp; 14 photos held separately in Box 51)
  3. Three elephants carrying passengers across river
  4. Kneeling elephant with four riders
  5. Three elephants carrying shooting party
  6. Two elephants with passengers
  7. An elephant walking through forest carrying four passengers
  8. Three elephants with passengers
  9. Boat with passengers being poled across river
  10. An official’s bungalow and grounds. Four servants standing under palm trees
  11. Three Englishwomen, two Englishmen sitting on verandah, probably of a club
  12. Englishwoman with a dog
  13. Secretariat building. Group of English and Indian people standing beside it.
  14. S.S. ‘Oceani” Oct. 1909
  15. Lake at Naini Tal with sailing boats. Photograph by ‘Mistery’ Naini Tal.
  16. Lake at Naini Tal by ‘Mistery’, Naini Tal.