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Small Collections Box 14

Additional papers given by Miss F.E. Hunter to complement the film collection

U.P.: 1922-1937

  1. An article from The Listener, 2 December 1936 entitled `Untimely arrival at the Siege of Lucknow’ by A.F. Dashwood. 2pp.
  2. Programme for the Prize Distribution and Founders’ Feast of La Martinière College and Girls’ High School in Lucknow. 9 March 1935.
  3. Invitation to above.
  4. Dinner card for Government House, Lucknow. 19 February 1937.
  5. 31 postcards of Agra, Naini Tal and Musoorie. n.d. on loan.
  6. 14 postcards of Indian life. n.d. on loan.
  7. 12 postcards of Indian life – forms of transport. n.d. on loan.