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Given by Clive R. Jenkinson

Indian Army and I.C.S.: 1941 – 1944

Letters from Clive Jenkinson in India to his wife in England written between December 1941 and November 1944.

Enlisted as a driver in the. R.A.S.C. in June 1940 and was commissioned in the R.I.A.S.C. in the Indian Army, October 1941, at the age of thirty. Promoted Captain in April 1942 and Major in March 1943 and transferred to Indian Civil Service as First District Controller of Civil Supplies in 24 Parganas with the rank. of Additional District Magistrate.

The letters are confined to army life – its monotony and its social aspect. There are short, frank and revealing comments interspersed throughout on India and the Indian situation. For examples see pages 165, 212, 226 & 234. Pages 1-25 give detailed accounts of his journey by sea to India where he was the censor of the letters. He was in Bannu, N.W.F.P., and Allahabad and Calcutta.