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Papers of Benjamin Rice, London Missionary Society; Benjamin Lewis Rice, Bangalore High School and Director of Public Instruction, Mysore; Mary Sophia Rice, wife of B.L. Rice – 1857 uprising memoir.

Given by Dr. R.M.S. Rice and Mrs S. Bevan

Mysore, Madras 1814-1973

  1. Two books of. selected poetry and prose copied by Benjamin L. Rice 1852. Neither book has anything to do with India.
  2. ‘The Present Outlook in Theology, A Reason for Thanksgiving and Hope’: A Paper read before a gathering of Missionaries in South India in January 1910, by Edward P. Rice, B.A. (son of Benjamin Rice). Published by London Missionary Society. 16pp.
  3. ‘How the New Testament Grew Up’, by Revd. E.P. Rice. An interpretation of the New Testament. 50pp.
  4. Biography of B. Lewis Rice, Esq., C.I.E., M.R.A.S., F.M.U. Late Director of Public Instruction in Mysore and Coorg; Director of Archaeological Researches in Mysore, by B. Padmaraja Pandit, Sir Bharati Bhavana Press, Bangalore: 1905. Sanskrit verse and Kananese translation. 34pp.
  5. ‘Benjamin Rice or Fifty Years in the Master’s Service’ by his son, Edward P. Rice, B.A. Published by the Religious Tract Society. n.d. 192pp.
  6. Mysore: A Gazetteer Compiled for Government by B. Lewis Rice, C.I.E., M.R.A.S., Fellow of the University of Madras, Director of Archaeological Researches and Director of Public Instruction in Mysore and Coorg; Archibald Constable and Co., Westminster, 1897. Vol.I, 834pp: Vol.II. 581pp. and Map, (B. Lewis Rice, Son of Benjamin Rice).
  7. Pamphlet: ‘For Private Information. Works of: B. Lewis Rice, C.I.E., and Extracts from Opinions Thereon. Henry Good & Son Ltd., London, n.d. 8pp.
  8. Wording on grave at Pinner Road Cemetery, Harrow: “In memory of B. Lewis Rice, C.I.E. for 45 years in the Mysore Service of India as director of public instruction and of archaeological researches. Born Bangalore 17 July 1837. Died. Harrow 10 July 1927 and of Mary Sophia, his wife, daughter of John Garrett. Born Bangalore 21 August. 1845. Died Harrow 10 February 1933.”
  9. Map: 3 inch Bangalore guide map. 3rd edition 1948.
  10. Some Historical Momuments of Mysore State. Published by the Director of Archaeology in Mysore on the occasion of the celebration of the International Campaign for Historical Monuments. (n.d.)