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Mr R. Palmer

In 1946 Mr Palmer was appointed by Balmer Lawrie & Co., as Visiting Agent to thirty or so tea estates in Assam including Jokai.

Given by Mr Palmer.

  1. Reports of Jokai (Assam) Tea Company 1926-1935 compiled by J.W. Tweedie. 1 volume.
  2. Reports of Jokai (Assam) Tea Company 1936-1945 compiled by J.W. Tweedie. 1 volume.
  3. Notes on the history and growth of the Jokai Tea Company written by R. Palmer. n.d. 15 ff.
  4. Notes, as above, on the medical service at Jokai Tea Company, n.d. 7 ff.
  5. A short memorandum on the beginnings of the Eriabari tea garden, 19.5.80. 2 ff.

Additional material donated by Mr Palmer:

  1. Handwritten notes on the history of the Jaipur Tea Estates Ltd, by J.W. Tweedie, 1887. 10pp. TS transcription of the same, 4pp.
  2. Jaipur Tea Comapny, list of shareholders, 22 April 1924.
  3. ‘Jokai Tea Company, 1936’. MS document discussing remuneration, grading and company organisation in the future.
  4. Letter, M. Tweedie to ‘Max’, 6.12 1949, outlining the history of Jaipur Tea Company.