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Lent by the Earl Cathcart

Xerox copies

2 MSS volumes, bound, containing statistical material on America and Canada; an account of the East India Company’s exports from Michaelmas to Michaelmas, and number of ships employed, covering the years 1763-64; 1764-65; 1765-66; 1766-67; 1767-68; 1768-69; 1769-70; 1770-71.

`A true copy of the Report to the Earl of Mornington, Governor, General in Council of the H.E.I.C. on the commerce of the Burma Empire’, made by Hiram Cox, Captain of Infantry, Resident at Ranghong, (written at) Calcutta, September 15, 1798. 50 pp. foolscap, 18 pp. of tables and 31 of appendices on method of manufacture of various commodities, including an account of the petroleum wells in the Burmah Dominions.