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Lent by Mr. A. Bishop

Bengal 1887-1916

  1. Bengal Past and Present:
    • Vol. I No. 1 July 1907
    • Vol. I No. 2 Oct 1907
    • Vol. II No. 2 April 1908
    • Vol. II No. 3 July 1908
  1. Bengal Past and Present:
    • No. 6 Oct 1908
  2. Annual Report of the Calcutta Historical Society – ending 31 December 1907.
  3. Misc. illustrations from Bengal Past and Present
  4. Indian Ink: splashes from various pens ed. by Everard Digby. (In aid of the Imperial Indian War Fund. Thacker Spink & Co. Calcutta 1914)
  5. Offprint from The Irish Sword.: An Irishwoman’s account of the Indian Mutiny, by Anthony Bishop (article on the memoir of Esther Annie Betts, of the Indian Mutiny, written in 1902. See Matthew Papers, Vol. I): Xerox copy of additional genealogical material about Nicholson and Betts family (put with account of the Mutiny by Esther Annie Betts in Matthews file q.v.)
  6. Newmans Railway Map of India belonging to C.C. Betts in 1887 and marked by him.
  7. Printed pamphlet describing work of Lady Carmichael’s Bengal Women’s Fund together with letters of recommendation and thanks to Mrs. Betts.
  8. Mrs. Betts – housekeeping book – India 1902-1904: Xerox copy of a brief outline account by Mr. A.W. Bishop’s grandmother, Mrs. B.A. Betts, of her husband’s life in India, written probably in 1951. Her husband was Cecil Coulter Betts who worked first for an optical firm, and later became a jute merchant through his own initiative, building factories and opening agencies in Chanpar, Akhpura, Chatalpar.
  9. Xerox copies of The Gazette of India, July 15, 1916
  10. Church news and notes, Narayanganj, Vol. II, No. 2, June 6, 1908