MacWhirter Papers

Papers of Mr A.S. MacWhirter, tea planter in Assam, and his wife Mrs M. E. MacWhirter, writer, 1930s-1950s. Collection of personal papers, official documents, letters and cuttings with a specific focus on the work of the Indian Tea Association during World War Two.

Box 1 – Personal correspondence received by A.S. MacWhirter and Mrs M.E. (Edith) MacWhirter, 1940-1955. Includes letters from their staff, the work of the local War Committee and domestic details.

Box 2 – Articles and stories, and notes in preparation of articles, written by Mrs M.E. (Edith) MacWhirter.

Box 3 – Ephemera, social functions, theatre performances and programmes, tea estate matters.

Box 4 – Diaries of Mrs M.E. MacWhirter; notes for short stories and travel writings.

Box 5 – Diaries and journals; notes for stories and published articles.

Box 6 – Assam and Eastern Indian journals and publications.

Box 7 – Writing notes, story drafts, sketches and journal notes; copmleted articles and publications.

Box 8 – Collection of maps.