Archive / Papers / MacWhirter Papers: Box 7


Papers of A.S. MacWhirter, tea planter in Assam, and his wife, Mrs M.E. (Edith) MacWhirter, writer, 1930s-1950s. Collection of personal papers, official documents, writing and notes, letters and cuttings with a specific focus on the work of the Indian Tea Association during World War Two.

Writing notes, story drafts, sketches and journal notes; copmleted articles and publications:

  • The Tibetan Trumpet by Edith Macwhirter — book cover
  • Notebook containing shopping list, otherwise empty
  • Article entitled PLUCKING — two foolscap pages
  • Exercise book dated 1951 CURRENT — Notes on: Orange Grove Day
  • Pages taken from diaries and notebooks headed NOTES 1951
  • Article entitled Life in North Lakhimpur — three typewritten copies (seven quarto pages each)
  • Notebook entitled 1951 AT HOME & OUTWARD BOUND. Drafts of short stories
  • Two pages from a notebook dated 1950, notes for Tea Novel
  • Article dated September 1950 entitled UPCOUNTRY CALENDAR. Nine typewritten pages
  • Exercise book containing notes dated 1952; sketch of a cat dated 2 July 1952; three drawings and one page of writing by a child named John Demetrius
  • Three pages of notes headed TEA, February 1950
  • One page of notes dated February 1950 listing election results
  • Seven pages from a notebook dated 1950 — notes for a short story
  • Six pages of handwritten notes headed CALCUTTA 1950 FILM INTERLUDE
  • Eight pages of handwritten notes: Dum Dum, March 1950; A’s Poem, 1950; Easter 1950; August 1950; Earthquake, August 1950; Memories of N. Lakhimpur, 1950
  • Three handwritten pages of notes headed DURGA; four pages headed DURGA TIME; three pages headed ARATI; five pages headed DURGA PUJAH NOTES
  • Six pages of handwritten notes headed DR KATJU’S SPEECH
  • CITY OF CONTRASTS; TWO SCENES FROM CALCUTTA, March 1950. Four typewritten pages