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O.M. Martin, I.C.S.

Memoirs, 1913-45:

Part I, 1913-19. Joins I.C.S., Bengal, 1913, sent to Rajshahi; 1916 joins Indian cavalry; 1917 joins 14th Lancers; life in Indian cavalry; service in Iraq. TS. 84 pp.

Part II. Subdivisional Officer Narayanganj; leave; Additional District and Sessions Judge H.Q. Comilla Chittagong; moved to Assam Valley – H.Q. Gauhati; Acting District Judge; Hinduism in Assam; description of various trials; touring by pony and sailing cutter; prosecution of Muslim leaders for sedition; congress leaders take fright and rural police are intimidated; dishonesty in his office and in land settlement; extermination of bison and wild buffalo; control of murder and dacoity; riots in Calcutta; terrorist movement and police intelligence service; social contact with Indians in Calcutta and Darjeeling; Lepchas; riot and murder on river sandbanks; weapons used in land riots; cotton weavers and their plight; Dacca riots; cause of the riots; Bengal Government failure to realise cause; railway accident and prosecution of manager; terrorist movement and its collapse; Sir John Anderson; training of Assistant Magistrates; fish industry; mosquito control; famine relief in West Bengal; corrupting influence of politics on Indian friends; Hindus and Muslims becoming estranged; outbreak of war; deficiencies in training Indian army; difficulties as Chief Secretary; order arrests of suspected terrorists; conference of generals at Chittagong; futility of army measures for ‘denial of transport’ and the economic effects; Gandhi’s emissary is arrested and sentenced; refugees from Burma; great Bengal famine. TS from pp. 85-331; 37 pp. of MS, numbered pp. 332-369.

MS synopsis of points of interest of each part made by Martin: Part I consists of one sheet; Part II consists of five sheets.

Treatise on Yogasastra by Professor Monoranjan Barua, revised and partly rewritten and with a foreword by O.M. Martin, dated 1968. TS. 400 pp.; divided into 21 chapters and 3 appendices.