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Given by Mrs. R. Conner

N.W.F.P., Punjab, U.P., Assam 1910-1942

Memoir: ‘for Lucinda and Susanna by heir Great grandmother Margaret Murison’. 10 November 1969. Trotton Old Rectory, Near Petersfield, Hants.

A memoir of Mrs. Murison’s whole life from c. 1896-1969. Part 2 is concerned with her life in India, where she went in 1910 to be married to Lt. D. Murison, I.M.S.

Leaves Edinburgh November 1910, sails to Bombay. Changes to a smaller ship and sails to Karachi.Arrives 9 December 1910. Married following day. She and her husband join his regiment 29th Punjabis in Chaman, Baluchistan. In June 1911 her husband is transferred to Civil side, and posted to U.P. as plague officer. Baby born in Dalhousie.

Returns from Dalhousie to Lucknow and then Azamgarh with the baby. A very difficult journey for an inexperienced mother with an ill baby.

Husband, medical officer, with one of the newly inaugurated travelling dispensaries 1911 in U.P., as Plague Officer. In camp, travelling the country from October-March. Description of travelling dispensary, life in it, and people and places visited and treated.

Combating plague. Description of camp-life and atmosphere.

Chapter on returning to India September 1918 in a troopship with two children – Submarine alert. Remainder of voyage calm.

Glimpse of life in Karachi. Describes a later return to India leaving children behind 1927, to join her husband who had been appointed Director of Public Health, Assam. Description of touring in Assam, and outlines the fifteen years spent in Shillong.