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Microfilm Box No. 6

Given by M.W.G. Coldham

(1) MS letters written by Wyndham Baker to his family 1836-54: his stay in London and arrangements for the journey to India, November-December 1836; has passed his examinations for 2nd Lieutenant in the Madras Artillery; his voyage to India in the Abercrombie Robinson, and his life there; his moves from station to station; trip to China in 1840-42; life in Bangalore, 1843; transfer to Kamptee and life there; holiday in South Africa, March 1854.

Part of letter written by Wyndham Baker to his mother and sisters dated 3 February 1852 (10 pp.): almost reached the end of his journey to Madras; thanks family for presents received; his time very much taken up with various appointments such as mess secretary etc.; very little time for himself; possibility of hostilities breaking out on the Burmese (?) frontier; comments on the hostilities in 1826; describes the Mount and the excellent facilities of the mess. Letter continues dated 12 February 1852 from St. Thomas’s Mount: arrived here, and as there is no house is staying with his Commanding Officer; artillery show at the Mount.

(2) Letters to his family written while in China 1840-42: stationed at the island of Chusan; improved health after repeated attacks of dysentry; illness and death of many of the troops; Hong Kong, August 1841; survives a typhoon at sea and arrives at Macao; descriptions of actions against Chinese troops; fighting at Chapoo, description of country outside the town; signing of treaty.