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William Warburton, John Paul Warburton

Given by Miss Olga I. Warburton

Small Collections Box 25

  1. One letter from Robert Warburton (Sir Robert Warburton’s father) in London, 24 July 1857, to James his brother referring to the rebellion.
  2. Twelve letters from William Warburton to his mother, father, and sisters, from S.S. Simla – Calcutta; Dharmsala; Jullundur; Lahore; Kapurthalah, 1866-77. Describing life of medical officers; visit of Emir of Kabul; meets his cousin Robert Warburton frequently; mentions the Melvills (q.v.) a daughter of whom he later married.
  3. One sheet (end) of a letter from William Warburton to his father.
  4. Two sheets of a letter from William Warburton to his mother from North Wales, 16 September 1864.
  5. Letter (one sheet) from William Warburton to his father from Southampton, 25 May 1866.
  6. Printed letter of application with testimonials from Colonel W.P. Warburton, candidate for the post of Superintendent Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, 1899. (twelve sheets).
  7. Xerox copy of Warburton family pedigree supplied by Miss Warburton.
  8. Two newspaper cuttings, recording death of Colonel W. Warburton, October 1911 and death of Captain Robert Warburton.
  9. One letter from William Warburton in Edinburgh to his father ?1861 (two sheets).
  10. TS copy of ‘Super-detective of the Punjab’, (i.e. John Paul Warburton), an article published in Canada c. February, 1917. Copied by Olga I. Warburton, whose great-uncle, Robert Warburton, was the adoptive father of John Paul Warburton.
  11. Controller of Devils: a life of John Paul Warburton., C.I.E. of the Punjab Police, 1840-1919. Written by G.D. Martineau. London, privately printed, 1965.
  12. Precis of “Controller of Devils” made by J.D. Scroggie, 1967.