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Sir John Hubback

  1. ‘The closing years of the British Raj.’ Memoir, 1902-47. TS. 348 pp.Ancestry and childhood; preparatory schools; Winchester; King’s; Civil Service examination and engagement; early days in India; survey and settlement; promotion to Settlement Officer; Patna, India Office and Gaya; ‘Reforms’ and Secretariat; Land Records and promotion to Commissioner; the Simon Commission, return to Orissa, and the Banking enquiry; Chota Nagpur coal-mining; Cooperative credit societies; Board of Revenue and the earthquake of 1934; the Executive Council and appointment as first Governor of Orissa; first year in Orissa; ministers in command; tribes; the Ganjam Rent Bill and postponement of leave; the last lap; murder at Ranpur of Major Bazalgette; World War II; Congress attitudes; South Africa; the homeward voyage; the India Office and S.P.G.; an English home and garden at last; various activities in Kenley and more about the India Office and S.P.G.; last ten years at Kenley and move to Winchester. (Completed in 1965.)
  2. ‘Sampling for rice yield in Bihar and Orissa’, by J.A. Hubback from Sankhya: theĀ Indian Journal of Statistics, Vol. 7, Part 3.
  3. (Report: first published 1927 as Bulletin No. 166 by the Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa.)