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F. W.W. Baynes

Given by Dr. B.M. Baynes

Box 1

    1. Original letter written from a missionary, the Reverend John Parsons, besieged in Agra Fort during the 1857 Uprising, to the Reverend Joseph Baynes of Wellington, Somerset, 10 September 1857. Copy in typescript of same.
    2. Report of the Jaunsar Bawar Enquiry Committee, Dehra Dun District, 1947. Allahabad 1941.
    3. Syllabus of B.Sc. (Honours) Nursing, Delhi University, 1946-47.
    4. Jubilee Number, 50th Annual Report of the National Association for supplying medical aid by women to the women of India (Countess of Dufferin’s Fund) including the Women’s Medical Service.
    5. ‘The Hardonian’, April 1941, August 1942, August 1944, August 1945, August 1946.

Quinquennial Report on Lady Hardinge Medical College and Hospital for Women and Children, New Delhi, 1939.

  1. Four photographs of Agra Fort, 1934-35.