Pawsey, C. Papers

Sir Charles Pawsey, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Assam 1919; Director of Land Records 1932; Deputy Commissioner 1935; in Burma campaigns 1942-44.

10 Boxes, 1861-1884 and 1929-1975.

Box 1 – Papers relating to the ‘Naga uprising’, 1959-67 and their origins.

Box 2 – Papers relating to the Naga elections of 1964 and the underground parliament; Dzuku-Valley Hydro Electric Scheme.

Box 3 – World War 2 in Assam (and Kohima in particular); 1960s Naga uprising: repors and news cuttings.

Box 4 – Scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings, photographs and maps relating to the Naga uprising, 1960s.

Box 5 – Papers relating to the early career of Roger H. Pawsey, I.C.S., Fort William, Cuttack, and Furreedpore (Faridpur), 1860s to 1880s.

Box 6 – Cuttings made by R.H. Pawsey, 1870s; Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to J.H. Hutton’s time in Assam; scrapbooks made by Sir C. Pawsey.

Box 7 – Scrapbook about Pawsey’s knighthood, reunion dinners and about military affairs in Assam in 1943; first draft of ‘The Naga Problem’, 1967.

Box 8 – Assorted newspaper cuttings, Assam 1940s.