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Sir Charles Pawsey, I.C.S., C.S.I., C.I.E., M.C.

Sir Charles Pawsey, I.C.S. was appointed Assistant Commissioner in Assam in 1919 becoming Director of Land Records in 1932. He was made a Deputy Commissioner in 1935 and was D.C., Naga Hills during the Burma campaigns of 1942 to 1944.

Given by Sir Charles Pawsey, Lady Pawsey and Mr M. Pawsey

  1. TS copy sent by J.P. Mills, Adviser to the Governor of Assam for Tribal Areas and States, to Sir Charles Pawsey, 1 August 1944, of an old file recording the first siege of Kohima, 1879-80. 3 pp.
  2. Notes written by Sir Charles Pawsey for his own information:
    • ‘The Naga problem.’ 1965. 14 pp.
    • ‘The Naga problem continued, 1965-67.’ 19 June 1967. 8 pp.
    • ‘The Naga problem (part 3), June 1967 – November 1968.’ November 1968 (2 copies.)
    • Part 4 – report carried up to the end of 1969. February 1970. Postscript, March 1970. 3 pp. and note.
  3. Pocket file containing papers on early Naga troubles, 1950 etc.; copy of typed memorandum to the D.C. Naga Hills, 24 April 1947:
    • Draft of memorandum on the subject of the status of the Assam Tribal areas vis-à-vis the Constituent Assembly;
    • letter from Sir Andrew Clow to Sir Charles Pawsey, 26 April 1947;
    • letter from Brigadier Steedman to Sir Charles Pawsey 23 March 1953;
    • series of newspaper cuttings relating to the Naga problem – from The Statesman 13 September 1951; Assam Tribune Monday 6 April 1953; Daily Express, Friday 21 September 1956 etc.
  4. Pocket file containing papers on Naga troubles 1956-58: These are mainly newspaper cuttings, placed in order and dated, about the Naga uprising and Indian suppression; interspersed are letters from such people as Sir Keith Cantlie, J.H. Hutton, Gimson, Stephen Laing etc.
  5. Pocket file containing papers on Naga troubles 1959-61: Duplicated paper entitled ‘The fate of the Naga people: an appeal to the world’, by A.Z. Phizo, President, Naga National Council, 1960; newspaper cuttings, with one or two letters.
  6. Naga troubles 1962-63: ‘Letters from J.H. Hutton, George Supplee, Sanka Ao, George Patterson; newspaper cuttings.