Archive / Papers / Pawsey, Sir C. Papers: Box 2


Sir Charles Pawsey, I.C.S., C.S.I., C.I.E., M.C.

Given by Sir Charles Pawsey, Lady Pawsey and Mr M. Pawsey

  1. Pocket file containing: TS paper ‘The mysteries of Manipur’, by Joy Brock; newspaper cuttings and letters on Naga affairs, 1964-65, including results of the Naga elections in 1964; correspondence about Sir Charles’ visit to Nagaland 1964, etc.
  2. Pocket folder containing: Press cuttings and correspondence on Naga affairs 1965, including letters from Brigadier C.E. Lucas Phillips; a paper on the Dzuku Valley hydro-electric scheme; an address on Christmas Day by Rev. Michael Scott, Nagaland Baptist Church, Kohima (1965); and a large number of newspaper cuttings on the Underground Parliament etc. Folio notebook with letters and newspaper cutting on Naga affairs 1966-68, filed in order.