Archive / Papers / Pawsey, Sir C. Papers: Box 8


Sir Charles Pawsey, I.C.S., C.S.I., C.I.E., M.C.

Given by Sir Charles Pawsey, Lady Pawsey and Mr M. Pawsey

  1. William IV Commission of Major in the East Indies to Captain Hugh Robertson Murray on 10 March 1837. See correspondence from Lady Pawsey, February 1978.
  2. List of Drawings and Paintings bequeathed by Sir Charles Pawsey, I.C.S. to the Archive of the Centre of South Asian Studies, Cambridge:
    • Pen and Ink drawing: A Naga Chief from the Burma side of Patko Range. Initials E.G.M. Pawsey says ‘painted by McCall ? Forest Officer – ? Bombay ? Burma. (But McCall initials are H.H.)
    • A West Angsmi Naga in full dress. Painted by Mrs. Hilda Vickers.
    • Wash and Pencil drawing by Lt. Col. Gordon Borrowman, 1943, of an Eastern Angami, name of Ritze, killed by rebels.
    • Painting by Mrs. Hilda Vickers, of Salumi, an Eastern Angami Naga about 1923.
    • Painting by Mrs. H. Vickers of a (Western) Angami Naga in full dress. n.d.
    • The head of a Western Angami Naga from Khonoma Village, painted by Lt. Colonel Gordon Borrowman.
    • Painting of a Konyak Naga from the Wakching area, painted by Lt. Colonel Gordon Borrowman, 1943.
  3. Line drawing of unknown man’s head. Signed Barasman (?) 1942. 1 ff.
  4. Copy of extract from The Daily Mail 1 May 1944, “White Chief of Kohima Undaunted” from Graham Stanford. 3 ff.
  5. Handwritten note headed: “Administration” on the personnel in Kohima. 1 ff.
  6. Five newspaper cuttings, n.d. pertaining to the days after the Battle at Kohima (1944). 5 ff.
  7. Memorandum to Head Clerk. Request for copies of following articles taken from Press of England and India: The Times; Indian Information 1 September 1944; Asian Publicity Department Unofficial Note 7 September 1944; The Listener 2 September 1944; Assam Publicity Department 16 November 1944, Sir Andrew Clow’s address; Memorial Service on the occasion of the unveiling of the memorial erected and dedicated to the memory of the men of the 2nd Division who fell in the Battle of Kohima and the opening of the Imphal Road 18 November 1944.
  8. Poem “Dedicated to the men of the Naga Hills” a tribute from a B.O.R.; two articles from The Times 29 December 1946; article from The Statesman December 1944. 21 ff.
  9. Article from S.E.A.C. Souvenir (n.d.) headed “The Eastern Fleet rules the Indian Ocean.” 2 ff.
  10. List of those present at the Annual Assam Dinner, London, 6 May 1952.
  11. Newspaper cuttings: The Times 22 December 1943 Civilian Awards in Burma Campaign. Daily Mail 1 May 1944.
  12. Cutting from Daily Mail 2 June 1944 headed “Round Pawsey Sahib’s Bungalow” with photograph of the Deputy Commissioner’s bungalow.
  13. Press cutting (n.d.) headed “Naga headhunters build India’s new defence road”.
  14. Cutting from Jang Ki Khabren 13 August 1944.
  15. Army photographs, with an Indian theme, taken from The Onlooker October 1944.
  16. Two pages showing the different battle fronts and photographs of army in Burma campaign. Unidentified newspaper. n.d.
  17. Pencilled telegram from Stopford H.Q. 33 Corps to Deputy Commissioner
  18. Naga Hills 19 June 1944. Last Naga village liberated. Congratulatory message to Nagas.
  19. Copy of letter from General Slim to Governor Sir A. Clow, of Assam,
  20. 24 June 1944 expressing appreciation of Nagas. Covering letter from Clow to Pawsey.
  21. Copy of reply to No. 17 from Clow to Slim, 26 June 1944.
  22. Memorandum from Main H.Q. 33 Indian Corps. No. 1250/1/G.S.I. (b) dated 22 June 1944. “Civil/Military Intelligence Policy”. Relates to the probable cooperation of the different Naga peoples. 3 ff.
  23. Letter on recruitment to the Assam Regiment, signed by several Nagas to Sir A. Clow, through Pawsey, 31 July 1944. Various grievances and requests.
  24. Copy of letter from four groups of Nagas to the Governor of Assam. Kohima 6 August 1944.
  25. Letter from Inspector General of Police, Assam to Pawsey, 26 August 1944. Acknowledgement of letter on the Assam Rifles.
  26. Letter from Clow to Pawsey, 13 September 1944.
  27. Cutting from The Statesman 13 August 1944.
  28. Two cuttings from S.E.A.C.
  29. Cutting from Daily Mail 1 May 1944.
  30. Cutting from The Daily Express 12 June 1946.
  31. Cutting from The Berkhamstedian n.d. Relates to fighting around Pawsey’s Kohima bungalow. 2 pp.
  32. Letter from Edward Bennett, chaplain 2. S. Lan. Regiment S.E.A.C. to Pawsey. 25 October 1944.
  33. Letter from Lieutenant-Colonel A.A. Agar H.Q. 2nd Division to Pawsey. 12 November 1944.
  34. Letter from Mrs W.G. Lyons Montgomery, Dorset to Pawsey. 19 November 1944.
  35. Letter from Major General C.G.G. Nicholson, Commander 2nd Division, S.E.A.C. to Pawsey. 21 November 1944. Relates to maintenance of Kohima Memorial.
  36. Copy of letter in answer to No. 32 from Pawsey to Nicholson. 23 November 1944.
  37. Letter from T.B. Alder, Government House, Shillong to Pawsey. 2 December 1944. Relates to Wavell’s visit to Imphal.
  38. From H.Q. 14th Army S.E.A.C. to Pawsey, n.d. Invitation to attend Investiture. 15 December 1944.
  39. Letter from Montagu Stopford, 33rd Indian Corps, S.E.A.C. to Pawsey. 4 December 1944.
  40. Letter from Lieutenant-Colonel A.J. Stocker, Commander lst Battalion The Royal Welsh Fusiliers S.E.A.C. to Pawsey. 12 December 1944. Request for upkeep of their memorial stone on Kukis piquet.
  41. Letter from Lieutenant-General F.W. Messervy, H.Q. 4 Corps, S.E.A.C. to Pawsey. 15 December 1944.
  42. Copy of letter from Pawsey to the General in Command of the 7th Indian Division. December 1944.
  43. Copy of extract from Amrita Bazar Patrika. 16 August 1945. “Jap invasion of India”. 4 ff.
  44. Cutting from Indian Information. 1 September 1944. “Japs expelled from India: human desolation on the Tiddim Road”. 2 pp.
  45. Cutting from The Statesman. 6 March 1948. “The Nagas’ Friend”. On Pawsey.
  46. Cutting from The New York Times. 1 March 1948.
  47. Cutting from The Illustrated London News. 6 January 1945. Sculptures of Naga tribesmen. 2 pp.
  48. Unidentified newspaper cutting. 8 June 1949.
  49. The Illustrated London News. 3 April 1948. Photographs of Mountbatten visiting Nagas.
  50. Cutting from The Statesman. 14 May 1945.
  51. Cutting from The Statesman n.d. Article with photograph by Brigadier H.N. Obbard on “War Cemeteries in India and Pakistan”.
  52. Letter from Mezhur to Pawsey on above article. Kohima 25 June 1949. 1 ff.
  53. Cutting from The Assam Tribune. Ganhati 11 March 1948. Editorial on Naga Head Hunting. 2 pp.
  54. Daily Telegraph. 17 January 1949.
  55. Article taken from The National Review by W.P.G. Maclachlan. “The Kohima Box”. 2 pp.
  56. Letter from Major General C.G.G. Nicholson, H.Q. 2nd Division, S.E.A.C. to Pawsey. 9 May 1945.
  57. Details to all units of Victory Day Parade, Kohima, from H.Q. No. 4 Station Staff, S.E.A.C. 9 May 1945.
  58. Artist’s impression of War Memorial to 2nd Division at Kohima.
  59. Service sheet and newspaper cuttings connected with the unveiling by H.M. the Queen at Westminster Abbey of the Memorial to the Civil Services of the Crown in India, Burma and Ceylon, 1858-1947. 6 March 1958. 6 pp.
  60. The Times 25 May 1950. Obituary of Lord Wavell.
  61. Unidentified newspaper, n.d. Photographs of Naga Festival.
  62. Cutting from The Times 17 September 1955. Obituary of L.S. Amery.
  63. Cutting from The Times. 25 May 1950. Obituary of Lord Wavell.
  64. Letter from Sir Akbar Hydari, Governor of Assam, to Pawsey. 10 September 1947, on the implications of the change in the constitutional position as far as the Excluded Areas were concerned. 2 ff.
  65. Copy of letter to Sir Akbar Hydari from Pawsey. 4 September 1947. 1 ff.
  66. Letter from Sir Akbar Hydari to Pawsey. 26 August 1947, on future administrative arrangements in the Excluded Areas. 1 ff.
  67. Letter from Sir Akbar Hydari to Pawsey. 16 April 1947, on Kevichusa and he reaffirms his intention of abiding by the arrangements stated in the understanding at Kohima. 1 ff.
  68. Copy of letter enclosing No. 67 from J.P. Mills to Pawsey. 1 August 1944.
  69. Copy of extract from “Detailed Report on the Naga Hills Expedition of 1879-80, Chapter II”. 3 ff.
  70. Copy of a report “The Siege of Kohima 1879”. 11 ff.