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Sir Charles Pawsey, I.C.S., C.S.I., C.I.E., M.C.

Given by Sir Charles Pawsey, Lady Pawsey and Mr M. Pawsey

  1. Scrapbook probably belonging to Mr. R.H. Pawsey, I.C.S.  Collector at Faridpur in India from 1861 until his death 1884(?) containing mostly newspaper cuttings and a few letters from Indian servants. Covering the years 1861-1897 approx. Many undated and several loose pages. Random articles but several relating to India, i.e. p.6 The Englishman 12 May 1871. Cutting from The Daily News April 30, 1891 showing plan of Manipur and article on the fighting there. Other subjects such as the Salt Tax, rural police in Bengal, the Siege of Kohima from The Pioneer (Item 193). pp.78, Items 222.
  2. “Diaries of two tours in the unadministered area east of the Naga Hills” by J.H. Hutton from memoirs of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Vol. XI, No. 1, pp. 1-72, printed in 1929 by the Baptist Mission Press, Calcutta. Loose page at back – extract copy from diary marked (A), pp.88.
  3. Copy of Ura Dze, July 1972.
  4. Envelope marked “Naga Connections” containing 7 postcards and cards.
  5. ‘The Mixed Culture of the Naga Tribes’ by J.H. Hutton reprinted from The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Vol. 95, Part 1, 1965, pp.43.
  6. ‘Problems of Reconstruction in the Assam Hills’ Presidential Address for 1945 by J.H. Hutton. Published by The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, pp.7.
  7. Scrapbook containing letters, articles and other items belonging to Sir Charles Pawsey. Letters of congratulations on his receiving the CSI. Letter from Sir Andrew Clow, 5.4.45, Shillong with his comments on Pawsey’s proposed war record of Kohima, “The Naga Tribes in the Tarikh-i-Assam” by J.H. Hutton taken from Professor Surya Kumar Bhuyan Commemoration Volume, pp.66-68, “The Pakistan Army” by a Pakistan Army Officer taken from The British Army Review No.9 September 1959, pp.71-74, two letters from Sir Keith Cantlie written from London 1969 giving a summary of Assam as seen by his daughter Audrey, pp.88-101 mostly newspaper cuttings about Nagaland and various obituaries from 1970-1, pp.105.